Well Played, Keri Russell in The Row and Belstaff


Have you been become recently concerned that perhaps Keri Russell was no longer walking around looking awesome in stuff? Annoyingly effortless in items other people (me) would immediately spill her coffee all over? Well-coiffed?

Don’t worry. Everything is absolutely as it should be. Order reigns in the universe. (And those of you who love those shoes she always wears are now aware that they also come in brown.)

[Photo: Getty]

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  1.  Alyssa

    She is perfection in white, and she knows it. And I like the brown shoe with it.

    Meanwhile, in the mortal world, I can’t even where gray without getting a coffee stain on it.

    • Jenz

      Word! You suffer from Magnetis Dirtus like I do. We should form a support group.

    •  Alyssa

      Whoops, that’s supposed to be WEAR. Can I blame the coffee stain?

  2. Maria

    How does she wear those shoes on cobblestone streets? She’s obviously way more coordinated than I will ever be.

  3. emster

    Wait, do those shoes have a plastic band on them? That I don’t like, but otherwise, wowza.

    • Jacquelyn

      They do (I magnified the picture)! How the heck else could those stay on her feet. While the picture was huge I also noticed those shoes are well-worn.

  4. China

    I HATE those stupid shoes and I do not understand WHY she owns them in every color and never wears any others. But other than that, I think she looks freaking awesome.

  5. meggiemoo

    Have had a girl crush on her for forever, but she really charmed me in “Waitress”. If you haven’t seen that, you should.

  6. Nan

    It’s great to see Felicity all grown up, it makes me smile.

  7. Ianadaya

    She truly is a wizard.

    (whispers) and i like those shoes

  8. Elissa Dunn

    Ugh. She looks great. I just love her. I also kind of love the shoes — mostly the color and the shape, not so much the band, but it’s not terribly noticeable here.

  9.  Amy

    I’ve been on Team Keri going back to MMC and Malibu Shores, so I kind of feel like she’s an old friend that I went to school with or something. It does my heart good to see her looking so great and having her career going so well.

  10. Loxy

    Pencil Skirt + Casual Top + Fun Shoes = Success

  11.  ErinS

    Well this isn’t helping my online shopping addiction at all.

  12.  karenfromOK

    She looks fantastic!

  13.  KarenG958

    I love that skirt – but would be terrified to wear it!

  14. Art Eclectic

    I hate zipper skirts. Front, side, back, makes no difference. Exposed zippers will just always look cheap to me, unless they’re on punk rock outfits where looking cheap is an asset.

    The exposed zipper just looks to me like the designer was too bored or sloppy to place it in a proper cover where it doesn’t ruin the line of the item.

  15. val.

    She looks amazing but I still hate the shoes.

    I bought a pair of white shorts for the first time ever this summer, and within twenty minutes of wearing them for the first time, I had a weird black smudge on the front. WTH. This is why I never ever wear white unless it’s a shirt layered under a sweater.

  16. Meh...

    I’m in the minority, but I think this outfit looks boring. Minimalist style can either look chic and classy or just plain lazy and “blah.” This outfit falls in the latter camp. Maybe I don’t find the outfit appealing because the shirt looks like it has been slept in and is wrinkled and to top it off, it’s just a plain/semi-see through white tee? The skirt, however, is absolutely fabulous!

  17. Cristina

    I am not the sort of woman who can casually toss on a tank top and look put-together like Keri Russell. This annoys me.

    • Holly 

      I know. I have a borderline case of “always-rumpled.” I am so jealous of those girls whose hair is tousled instead of messy, or whose clothes are effortless instead of mismatched. (I did make some major inroads when I started buying higher quality clothes-I sometimes wonder if consistent success with effortless dressing is only possible for celebrities who spend $300 on a tank top and $1100 for the skirt.)

  18. TonyG

    I liked this until I noticed it looks like she’s wearing a man’s sleeveless t-shirt, so I can’t give this my full support. I do like the skirt though.

  19. Christy

    The return of our GFY unicorn!!! This pleases me.

  20.  Amy the 2nd

    That funky plastic band on the shoes seems to serve a purpose – it doesn’t break up the long lines of her legs (even though I know she is a tiny person) in photos. If I were wearing them, there would be some serious sweating going on under that band, like those jelly shoes of my misguided youth. I could barely keep them on with all the slipping and sliding! I tip my hat to her for being able to wear ALL of those pieces. She looks amazing.

  21. HelenBackAgain

    I really only like the skirt, but Keri’s working this for all it’s worth, which makes the whole look better than it has any right to.

    Also, I’m amazed how much this area of Berlin looks like a very specific part of Boston’s Cambridge Street, in between Mass. General and City Hall. I swear I think there might even be a jambalaya place there!

    • camille

      That part of Cambridge St doesn’t look quite so run-down, though… it’s not all boarded up and graffiti-ed. I mean, there’s a Whole Foods on that stretch. The yuppies HAVE landed.

      • HelenBackAgain

        I’m talking about a little past that, closer to Bowdoin Station. But yeah, it has been getting an upgrade in recent years… still, this is VERY like.

  22. Jules

    I think she has replaced Diane Lane as my ultimate girl crush.

  23. Jo

    I’m torn between hero-worship and bitter envy.

  24. Eli

    I used to like her but after reading blind-ish items about her cheatin cheating with her costar, it has kind of ruined her for me.

  25. Melissa

    It’s amazing how she has come together. I feel like she is becoming the Diane Lane of her generation, all timeless class with sex appeal for days, and who would have picked that 10 years ago?

    • HelenBackAgain

      Good Lord, Keri Russell and Diane Lane are different generations?

      I am OLD.

  26. Joanie

    fabulosity strikes again!

  27. dkewbe

    Does anyone have thoughts on her support secrets? I’m confounded as to how she seems to not be wearing a bra here and yet seems 100% to be wearing a bra here. This is a major factor in pulling off a white tank top and I have not yet conquered it.

    •  Annie E

      She’s wearing a bra; it’s just a very basic one that is close to the color of her skin. It also helps that the tank, while pretty sheer, is loose, so the bra isn’t obvious or distracting.

      • dkewbe

        But I see no lines!!! No distortion of the very thin fabric of the shirt! (loose though it may be — that does help.) Is it a magical bra? Do you know what kind of magical bra pulls this off??

  28. Early Ashley

    She should send Miriah Kerry a memo on how its done.

  29. Cristina

    I’m really loving this outfit on Keri. It’s a mix between chic and relax.

  30. rachel

    Does anyone know who makes those shoes??? I need every color stat.