The thing is, I don’t think Mariah Carey actually has a style, other than tight tube dresses of varying lengths.

And I don’t think she cares.  I suppose the way Mariah plays it, she ends up being a lot more timeless than the Rihannas and Rita Oras of the world, whose photo albums someday will scream of being a pop culture time capsule. There’s a part of me that respects that a star of her wattage doesn’t bother to play a strenuous styling game (or even really learn red carpet pose science) because she presumably figures her presence is enough — and then there’s a part of me that wishes she’d recruit some insane ball gowns and dazzle and frighten us by dabbling in all the most dire trends, because she is Mariah Carey, dammit, and that should be part of the show. So, Fug Nation, play Fantasy Stylist for Our Lady of the Seventh Octave, right down to picking out her dresses if you so choose. Would you keep it simple and transcend the trends, or would you live it the hell up? What would you do, in her shoes, besides possibly get rid of those shoes?