I’ve been spending so long trying to figure out what’s happening at the front of Maggie’s dress — I think it’s seaming, although it kind of looks like there’s a flap over her abdomen (in case you REALLY need to scratch your stomach? Sure) — that I barely even noticed Peter Saaaarrrrrrsgaaaaaard’s shirt has drawings all over it. Maybe he got VERY bored in the taxi on the way over:

I am on record as being lukewarm on this length of dress: it’s not QUITE a maxi, but it doesn’t have the balls to be full-on tea-length. Instead, it’s kind of just chilling in limbo, all awkwardly flirting with her ankles but not making a real move. Taking a shine to her calves, but not having the balls to actually go there. It’s frustrating. COMMIT, SKIRT. But leaving this dress’s clear personal and emotional issues aside, I think it kind of works. I approve. YOU’RE WELCOME, MAGGIE.

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