Well Played, Kate Middleton


Yeah, yeah, yeah: Prince Harry’s in there, too. I’d never forsake you.

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  1. Louise

    They’re totally holding hands in picture 3, you ninny!

  2. Beee

    Aren’t they holding hands in photo 3?
    4 is hilarious, by the way.

    • mary lou bethune

      Yes, they are holding hands and gazing into each others’ eyes, thank you very much indeed. Could they be any more adorable? And Prince Harry is cuter than a box of puppies. The Royal Fam should be lighting candles for Diana every night for saving their dreary royal highneys ….( did you get that?)

  3. Kris M

    1. Kate always looks fantastic, but in that first picture there, she genuinely looks like royalty (it CAN be done without pantyhose!).

    2. I think an addendum to your sunglasses theory should be that everyone looks tougher in AVIATORS!

    • Sandra

      Especially if the one in question actually flies Apache helicopters for a living.

  4. Patricia

    Um, they ARE holding hands in that picture…the hands resting on (…his?) the leg….so cute!

  5. EvieStevie

    Umm… You realize you posted a photo of Kate and Will holding hands, right?

  6. Scully

    Picture #3: aren’t they holding hands there? Or did the sarcasm fly wayyyy over my head on that one?

  7. Dyanna

    They are holding hands in the picture where you speak of them holding hands? Everyone does look better in sunglasses. I’m finally somewhat marginally attracted to Harry (always favored Wills).

  8. Christie

    Hot Damn, Harry.

    • Kristan

      I actually dropped an f-bomb when I saw that thumbnail. Holy hell he looks good.

      • erin

        Seriously, no crap. I will take a photo of him EVERY DAY looking adorable–I’m thisclose to making a Harry photo montage to start my morning, and I’m WAY too old for a photo montage. He is JUST SO HOT. That’s all I can say, every time I see him. So hot!

        Loving The Trio all the way. Lainey Gossip actually has Cathy Cambridge putting her hand on his shoulder at this same event. Oh, to have Harry as a brother-in-law! It’s illegal for them to all be so good looking!

    • kari

      I actually watched the equestrian events on TV just to catch a glimpse of the trio. Let’s just say the two hours were SO worth it when I saw him in those aviators. He is just SO gorgeous.

    • sunsetsnow81


  9. Alia

    They actually ARE holding hands in that photo! No imagination required.

  10. sarah

    I also came to exclaim that Wils and Kate are holding hands!

    And Kate/Catherine isn’t wearing a nude pump!

    And Harry is the hottest little thing ever!

    Every Royal post makes me very happy and exclaim-y!

  11. Sarah

    Totally holding hands and totally cute!

  12. Julia

    They are holding hands in the photo you posted. Their hands are propped on Wills’ thigh.

  13. GFY Heather

    I can’t speak for Jess, but since I know she wrote this while watching the US Men’s gymnastics team wet the bed in VERY DRAMATIC AND UNEXPECTED FASHION, I suspect she was too startled to see through the haze of WTF that we were all feeling at that time.

  14. giggleswick

    They’re holding hands in the pic about holding hands. Just zoom in on the knees. Love it.

  15. Kara

    That first dress is, like, the perfect go-to summer cocktail dress. I want it.

    Yeah, they’re holding hands in the third photo. There seems to be genuine affection between them. There was one photo of their US tour where she was doing an oyster shot, I think, and he was standing behind her gazing at her adoringly/proudly. It was lovely.

  16. Pax

    …but they ARE holding hands in that picture, aren’t they? Am I confused?

  17. Jen

    I think they *are* holding hands in that picture!

  18. Jessica

    Sorry, I was imagining that the pic of them holding hands was them walking for some reason and didn’t even realize I had picked it. SORRY!

  19. giggleswick

    Ugh, none of the comments were showing up when I mentioned the hand holding. Sorry for the redundancy. Still cute though.

  20. Jasmine

    I laughed so hard at picture 4. SO CONFUSED, WHAT IS GOING ON?! Also Harry is rocking those aviators like nobody’s business. Every man looks hotter in aviators. No exception.

    Those two look so happy and cute and loved up, and Duchess looks regal as shit in picture numero uno. Pretend the phrase “regal as shit” is as regal as she looks.

    • Tessa

      Same here – burst out laughing at pic #4 and the caption underneath. Perfect :)

  21. Tracy Hachtel

    Are you ladies being ironic? They are holding hands in the picture you posted!

  22. Tracy L

    I love the Duchess’s hair up–so pretty and look what it does for her face! Still pretty heavy on the eyeliner though.
    And Harry…thank you Jessica!

  23. Pink Coat

    Kate always looks super classy with enviable hair.

    I do see them holding hands in slide 3 though. Did you mean to write that you couldn’t find any OTHER shots of them holding hands?

  24. That One Girl Says

    They ARE holding hands in the 3rd picture! LOOK CLOSELY!! ADORBS.

  25. Alicia

    Look closely in the third pic of Kate and Wills, next to the red baseball cap on William’s knee (!! royals must have no better place to put an unwanted baseball cap than commoners): There is definitely hand-holding happening right there. And it’s adorable.

  26. Alicia

    Whoops, ditto on the “no other comments were showing up when I made my hand-holding comment.” But they are still delightful.

  27. Trace

    I really really wish she’d cut back on the eyeliner.

    • Helen

      I also am sick to death of that crayon-y eyeliner.

      But really, that is the smallest of nitpicks. She looks terrific overall.

    • Bevvie Hedstrom

      She needs a professional. Why she insists on doing her own make-up is beyond me. Her makeup is aging. Too heavy handed.

  28. GFY Heather

    TO ALL FUTURE COMMENTERS ABOUT THE HAND-HOLDING IN PICTURE 3: Please scroll up! Jessica has already answered this. Thanks! Sorry for the caps. Just trying to make this stand out.

  29. Edith

    I love the Widdleton love; thanks for picture 3. They are so lovely together.

  30. Sajorina

    The 1st look is PERFECTION! COVET! Love the jeans+polo+jacket+wedges ensemble! Go ahead and rebel, Kate! Plus, her hair is ALWAYS flawless! Damn it, I may need to move to England! I’m over the moon with Pic #3… They’re in love & have the best time together! ADORE! And, how sexy is Harry? Come on!!!

  31. Stefanie

    Harry! Look what you’re doing to me!? /fanning self

  32. Sarie

    Does no one read any comments before they post, or are they not showing up for others, because almost all of the like 40 comments addressed the hand holding.

    Harry looks amazing. That is all.

    • Kate

      Haha, I know! I visited the site after Jess changed the commentary on that slide so I was VERY confused for a little bit. I don’t even know what the original post said!

  33. Christian

    The dress in the first photo is lovely, I like the color on her even though she wears a lot of greys. But her makeup/spray tan(?) makes her look older than 30.

    • Eli

      Yeah I appreciate she does her own makeup, but I would like to see a professional take hold of her face and give her an age appropriate makeover. She’s attractive and young and doesn’t need to spackle it on (although she’s not as bad as Pippa with the makeup-troweling at least).

  34. Kat

    Dear Harry,



  35. Lisa

    FINALLY AN UPDO! I am waiting for her to sport a beautiful sleek blowout. She has lovely hair, but I tire of the same curled ends….

  36. Sara

    Snoozefest. Doesn’t anyone agree?

  37. Pouncer

    I watched the cross-country portion of eventing yesterday (hurrah for tivo), and the royals looked fantastic in motion while spectating. You could tell they were having a blast witnessing Zara Phillips’s ride.

  38. Joyce

    YAY for the London Olympics! We all get a gold medals in Royal Watching! The Duchess of Cambridge looks so beautiful in the grey dress with her hair up! And a pic of her and Wills holding hands! Swoon!

  39. Cat

    I love the updo– she looks great in pic #1. Or, as the commenter above, “regal as shit,” a phrase which I will endeavor to use more often. Love how adorable Wills and Kate are together in #3. Awwww!

    Harry looks awesome in those sunglasses.

  40. Steph

    I wish Kate would teach a class in well, class. She carries herself so beautifully, and she really does have a joy for her life (really, who wouldn’t?!) I do love how she’s worn those shoes several times, and they’re cute to boot. Her and William- that’s true love. You can’t fake that kind of chemistry.

  41. Minutiae

    That dress in pic #1 is GORGEOUS on her. Love it!

  42. Mahastee

    She does seem lovely and poised and all of those things, but I wish she would take a leaf out of Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy’s Book of [almost] Princess Style, and lay off the makeup. Enough is enough!

    All three of them are so cute. I like to imagine that in their spare time, they solve dastardly mysteries involving jewel thieves and sea caves.

  43. Libby

    From what I can tell in pictures, it looks like Catherine may not have much in the way of eyelashes, and so she compensates with eyeliner to fill in the line so it’s not so obvious. Mission accomplished, because I’m just guessing here.

    Also, I know this is a by-product of growing up in the 80s, but I don’t see it as her troweling on her eye make-up when the first shot was obviously for an evening event. Maybe I was taught wrong, but my understanding is, wear less makeup when out during the day/for work, and feel free to wear more when out for the evening.

  44. Callie

    The aviators are great, but judging by photo 4 I think he needs a prescription in them.

  45. Megan

    Kate and Harry look hot (and OMG, what if THEY had hooked up?!).

  46. Sarah

    I hate her. And by that I mean, she’s gorgeous. All the time.

  47. jk

    She’s looking soo healthy, confident, and radiant here.

  48. Megan

    My aunt firmly believes that Harry is the kind of guy you’d have a torrid love affair with, but you’d never bring home to meet the parents.

    I’m absolutely okay with that. God, he is the Foxy Windsor.

  49. Katharine

    Am I bananas? The first dress, while elegant and tasteful and all those other things, also seems to be very much not a good colour for her. It’s making her tan look very sickly.

  50. sara

    Jessica, can you please do Fug the Leotards? I’m really upset about some of them, and others are fantastic! PRETTY PLEASE?

  51. Not That Molly

    Love them. Love those two crazy kids. But…can I just say that I wish Wills would just shave the rest of his hair off and go full Ed Harris? As a dear friend of mine once said, just groove on your baldness, man.


  52. Fashion Share

    Love this post,thanks for sharing.

  53. LandOfTheTea

    Sorry to repeat if anyone else has mentioned this before, but seriously, lay off Kate about the hose. Here in the UK, not wearing tights is considered very unclassy, unless it is the height of summer (as now). If she were to go to any of her milkshake parlour openings or whatever without tights on and a knee-length skirt, they would be much muttered disapproval from all the old ladies who go along to cheer and curtsy behind metal crash barriers.