Well Played, Jodie Foster


This isn’t the most MIND-BLOWING outfit that ever happened. But she sure looks great in it.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. Fawn

    Ditto on the face. Plus, whatever she is doing to her body, I should also be doing.

  2. Abbe

    I think what she is doing is to have about 3% body fat.

    • Carolyn

      Yes, I saw her once in Hawaii, she is unbelievably tiny.

      • Kristin

        Yet she somehow doesn’t suffer from the “face or body” dilemma that can strike in middle age – she is lean, but not haggard, and doesn’t look Botoxed; truly aging gracefully. I think it has to do with her bone structure and beautiful eyes.

  3. Miranda

    I love this woman. Add her to the list of child stars that didn’t go off the deep end.

  4. ines

    woa, she looks soo goood

  5. Sandra

    In that first slide it looks like the dress exactly matches her eyes. I shall now slither away and die of envy.

  6. Brenna

    She looks phenomenal. The color is amazing, the fit is fantastic, and she looks happy. Lovely.

  7. Carrie

    Fab all around. Classy, lovely, and insanely flattering.

  8. christine christine

    *sigh* We should all be so blessed!

  9. Sasha

    Fan. Tastic.

  10. Sophia Loren

    Here, here!!

    And shouldn’t SJP be copying this eye make-up? Glam, but not goofy.

  11. Danielle

    Jessica – Can’t you all EVER just say something looks good and leave it at that? Call a spade a spade and just shut it? She looks hella fabulous. PERIOD. And I’d even say that color IS mind-blowing on her.

    Also: kitten heels have their place.

    •  jen

      FTR: I’m pretty sure “well played” is all about saying things look good and leaving it at that. Plus if our beloved leaders always left it “at that,” it wouldn’t be much of a blog, now would it?

    • Claire1

      Goodness gracious. I don’t think I’ve ever read someone react so negatively to something with which they agree.

      • Heather

        It would be mighty boring if we just said, “Looks good,” and then published a post. Boring for US, certainly, and boring for the folks who aren’t hate-reading us; also, frankly, we still care too much about our jobs to punt like that. We’re chatty! Can’t help it.

        However, please refrain from telling people to shut it. Doesn’t matter if it’s us or anyone else. If you directed that at another commenter, we’d be saying the same thing. Thanks!

        Now if you will excuse me, my it is gonna get shut now.

        • Guerra

          I hate kitten heels.

        • Danielle

          Seriously? You’re offended? Also, I didn’t tell anyone to “shut it”. I asked if you ever could…there’s a difference.

          Have you ever read the comments on The Cut? How do you make it through all THAT if my comment offended you?

          Also, it would be a great blog if once in a while you said “she looks so good, I’m wordless.” I just think you guys are at a point where you’re trying way too hard to pick people’s clothes apart. As a long-time reader, I just don’t enjoy your writing anymore.

          • KB

            If you don’t enjoy it, you don’t need to read it. No one is forcing you, you aren’t paying for it, what’s the problem?

            And while she does look great in this outfit, it’s hardly so show-stopping as to leave one speechless.

            For the commenter talking about her eyes and the dress matching exactly, my eyes are bluish-greenish (more blue) and will change color depending on what I’m wearing in the blue/green color families.

          • Sajorina

            Goodbye, Danielle! You won’t be missed!

          • HKS

            Hey Danielle,

            Could you please go away? Note, I am not asking you to go away. I’m just asking if you could. Thanks.

  12. mrbruno

    She looks terrif!

  13. Nanny

    She looks awesome here. She doesn’t usually go with something so form fitting and now I have to wonder why?

  14.  jen

    Wow, her eyes are REALLY blue.

  15. Claire1

    I’m so in love with that dress.
    Granted I would not do it the justice she does…..but that wouldn’t stop me.

  16.  amys

    Love it all. Her makeup, lipstick especially, is amazing. Go Jodie!

  17. Bella

    She looks great. Fabulous color on her.

  18.  TaraMisu

    Yep. I love this on her, she looks fab!

  19. Christy

    YES YES YES! Well done, Ms. Foster! I don’t think I’ve ever seen her hair look bouncier or shinier. Blue is definitely her color. Granted the dress does look a bit like something Jessica Pearson would wear on SUITS. But, I happen to think that they are the best dressed TV show this summer.

  20. Carol

    In defense of kitten heels: As some of us age, wear and tear on knees and bunions mean that kitten heels provide a welcome option to (relatively) pain-free style … that said, Jodie looks amazing … I love the shoes and everything else she’s wearing

  21. Eirwen

    Wow! Amazing at 50!

  22. Fifie

    Ya know, it’s not impossible to look good over 50. “We’re not dead yet.”, to paraphrase Monty Python.

    I have a similar figure to Jodie’s and I am just saying it can be done. Kudos to her for looking so good especially after having a couple of kids.

  23. Patti

    Love Love Love….

  24. Jasmine

    Love everything about this, including sentiments on kitten heels. COMMIT TO HEIGHT OR BE FLATS. That was literally what I felt going into this year: I’d like to see kitten heels cease to be.

    • Aria

      Agree totally! I am on board with heels, whether they be chunky, stilletto or wedges, and I also loooove a good pair of flats. But kitten heels, blah.

      Also, Love Jodie, she looks Fantastic!

  25. emmtev

    She directed an episode of “Orange Is the New Black” and it was fantastic. She has much to celebrate and looks good doing it!

  26.  Mochaleet

    She is the ideal of how to age gracefully, similar to my mama. Nothing puffy or bloated on that face! Re: kitten heels, I always always trip on them, so agreed, nix ‘em! And seriously, where’d she get that dress?

  27. Helena

    She looks great. Hopefully she won’t end up on Fashion Police, so we can avoid another of Joan Rivers’s un-funny lesbian jokes. I admit that show is a total guilty pleasure for me (and I find it interesting to compare what the Fug Girls like and what the FP crew like, which are occasionally completely opposite) and JR is sometimes actually very funny, but not when she resorts to the twelve-per-show vagina references and the ubiquitous hey-Jodie-Foster-is-a-lesbian material.

  28. mandiann

    I waffle on the kitten heel sometimes they DO seem ridiculous. On the other hand, sometimes it’s nice to have the option to have a wee bit of height in a shoe you’re not worried about falling off of. Regardless, as someone sliding toward 50 much faster than I’d like, I hope to look half as good then as she does now.

  29. fiatluxury

    short list of Ladies Who Can Do No Wrong (99x of 100):
    1. Cate Blanchette
    2. Helen Mirren
    3. SWINTON
    4. Jodi Foster

    Thanks for repping the US of A, Jodi.

  30. Moi

    She has always had really good hair, but this is just terrific. If ever there were a walking ad for having a hair stylist on call at all times, it’s this cut and style.

  31. SKGD

    Sigh, I would want to be just like Jodie Foster when I grow up except I am a year older than she is. Gorgeous face, body, and dress, and best of all what a great smile! And for my take on kitten heels – they almost seem more wobbly (wobblier?) than a higher heel but are not as flattering so why bother?

  32. jean

    I’ve never thought her of as sexy and I still don’t, but I can see her as a future Helen Mirren, kind of sassy and confident with the younger crowd. I also liked how she disappeared after her weirdness at the Golden Globes.

  33. Sajorina

    LOVE! She looks AMAZING and the dress is FABULOUS! I think that’s HER color and I love that she paired with great jewelry & metallic shoes! I really wish that dress was in my closet right now!

  34. Christine

    Nope, nope, NOPE. Don’t care what any of you say, kitten heels rock. For those of us who are already tall (5’9″ here), they are the perfect compromise between a flat and a high heel. They keep the ends of your pants off the ground, give your leg a little lift, give some sex appeal. Kitten heels FOREVER!

    •  HelenBackAgain

      I’m petite, and I like them too. My build is very muscular (just genes), and kitten heels really flatter a curvy calf. The lines work together.

      •  CremeBrulee

        Team Kitten Heel! My BF is about a 1/2 inch shorter than I am, and while he is pretty cool with it, I prefer not to *tower* over him. Flats can really ruin the look of some outfits – what’s wrong with choosing just a little heel?

        • HelenBackAgain


          They’re great for wearing outfits that look best with a little heel, while not towering over cute boyfriends, too!

    • Mary McCutchen Pate

      Also team Kitten Heel! They’re perfect when you’ve got some great jeans that are just an inch too long, and you don’t want to wear taller heels (cause then they’d be too short), or flats (cause, too long).

      Besides, if you’re on your feet a lot, it’s a perfect compromise between cute and comfy.

      • LB

        I’m on the team as well. As a 5’10″ girl, the giant heels of today make me tower over most people and even a little over my 6’2″ husband. I prefer a lesser heel so I’m not feeling like a giraffe or an amazon woman.

  35. Sylvie

    What she’s doing to her face is called “being filthy rich.” I mean, it’s not like poor people can’t eat super fresh, healthy food, or use expensive creams and lotions, or visit skin care professionals … oh wait. But I love Jodie Foster, always have.

    • Art Eclectic

      It isn’t “expensive creams and lotions”. One of the dirty secrets of the skin industry is that all those ingredients are regulated – you’re getting same ingredients in Olay products as you are in $120 an ounce designer products.

      Water, eating right, exercise, staying out of the sun, judicious use of peels, and moisturizers will all help your skin without spending a fortune on designer products. Good genes, which Jodi has an abundance of, don’t come from a bottle.

      • HelenBackAgain

        This is not so true as it used to be. Actual treatments, such as Strivectin (the only one that comes to mind off the top of my head), the occasional peel, and regular facials, do in fact work. They keep the skin smooth, even-toned, and much younger-looking. There are also some very effective treatments for under-eye circles.

        These things are not simple moisturizers; they have active medicinal ingredients. The advent of all of them is really pretty recent, and most of the best treatments have to be prescribed.

        It’s absolutely true that much of the reason Foster looks great is sheer luck on her part, but I expect she also sees a dermatologist regularly and maintains her skin with care. Skin that good deserves it! And it isn’t cheap.

  36. Guerra

    I want to look exactly like that at 50. Exactly!

  37.  HelenBackAgain

    Gorgeous. Everything went right here! Hair, makeup, fit, color… fabulous.

  38. SPJava

    We’re the same age and though next to her I look like the most unflattering “before” picture and probably always have I’ve always adored, I still adore her, there’s nothing about her I don’t adore. I think that says it.

  39. anonymoose

    A smile is the best face lift!

  40. Fifie

    Why are kitten heels called kitten heels, anyway?

    • HelenBackAgain

      It is a little-known fact that kitten heels will, in fact, produce kittens if fed after midnight or allowed to get wet. So be prepared with food, pet dishes, and a litterbox, just in case you and your kitten heels get caught in the rain! You will wake up the next day to an adorable baby cat.

    •  Elbyem

      Kitten heels were originally designed for tween aged girls in the 50′s to wear on special occasions. Real adult women’s’ heels were considered inappropriate because they were a) hard to walk in – stilettos were in fashion then, and b) too darn sexy. They were training wheel shoes, so youngsters could get used to wearing high heels. I had a pair in the 60′s, when I was seven – neon patent green! And I still love them.

  41. anon-y-mouse

    She wore a similar color when she won an Oscar (I think it was for Silence of the Lambs), but it was one of my favorite gowns on her. She’s a classy lady.