Well Played, Emme Anthony


“Hola, lovers. Do you see my baby? Ay, no, not that one; the child. She is my sun; she is la luna; she is el mundo. And she is also proof that I would be a very loving stepmother to those Obamalettes. Which, since he STOOD ME UP at the fundraiser the other night because he is watching Election or whatever, is apparently something I need to tell him some other way.”

[Photos: Splash, Fame/Flynet]

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  1. Sandra

    Who takes a pre-schooler to a fashion show? She’s not an accessory, poor little thing. Of course she was bored senseless. The average attention span for a kid that age is 10-15 minutes. La Lopez seems have decided to wear her negligee to the show in preference to actual day-wear. As for amusing oneself with a much younger lover, so what? Guys do it all the time.

    • tigers4us

      Totally agree with you, Sandra. JLo creates her own publicity tableaux. This one is the “Look at me, aren’t I the perfect madonna?”. That being said, I do covet the black shoes.

      Heather, I hope you’ll be writing the JLo dialogues for a looong time. Hilarious!

  2. mshesterp

    Oh Heather, you are a jewel.

    Is it just me, or is Casper a little…creepy? Strange? the way he has his left hand in a clenched fist in the first shot. I don’t know, maybe he’s pretending the other Lopez-Anthony spawn is holding that hand. There’s something off-putting about him, vaguely thuggish. I know, I’m being so judge-y today.

    JLo is so pretty, but she just always seems to try SO hard. She actually looks really fun and youthful with her face in that first shot. She always looks so diva and frankly a little silly. That white dress needs about 3 inches. Shoes are awesome.

    • mary lou bethune

      Every one on the front row is creepy except Jennifer who is always lovely, even if a bit inappropriate in her dress at times. Why bring the poor marc child to the boring fashion show? Poor wee thing. MSHETERP is right- J just tries too hard.

    • Megan

      Yes, I agree. I don’t like him, either, and I can’t really put my finger on why.

  3. AE Mom

    Lopez’s white dress on the first shot is cute, but way too short.

    Little Emme is adorbs, but her last name is Muniz, not Anthony.

  4. Eliza Bennett

    those shoes. I won’t be able to concentrate the rest of the day. Jlo really is gorgeousgorgeousgorgeous. I want her shoes and her genes and the white lace dress so I can put it over the leather pencil skirt it was obviously meant to go with.

  5. LibraryChick

    In the first picture I couldn’t figure out why the right foot on Ms. Lopez (our left) had a very prominent ankle bone. Then I realized the neutral part of her ankle bracelet or shoe strap was playing tricks on me. I am definitely on Team Go Up a Size for the pink dress. I liked the gray/silvery shoes from the pink outfit, especially since it didn’t play provide a strange optical illusion as the black pair had.

  6. Carolina Girl

    Emme is adorable and J.Lo is beautiful. Casper, not so much of either. I kind of agree with a previous poster that I also find him somewhat thuggish and a bit off putting. And what the hell is up with the dark sunglasses inside the building? He’s such a poser.

  7. vandalfan

    Emme is utterly adorable, but should have been going to a tea party in that fancy hotel, for about 20 minutes tops, poor thing.

    Casper does not look like a friendly ghost. He looks like an out of place, average, thuggish teenage boy, and should be dating some high school senior. It’s as creepy as when a 60 year old man takes up with a playboy bunny of nineteen.

  8. Francesca

    I think J.Lo’s surprised look is because she actually remembered she had a daughter. Can’t wait to see the look on her face when she realizes she has a boy, too. Or, boy TWO.

  9. aeb

    that last pic commentary is gold, heather. GOLD. booty cape? your booty is a wonderland?!
    that’s why i read this blog.

    • Kristen B

      Seriously, aeb. “Also, do you love that my booty is wearing a cape? It IS like a superhero. ”

      I DIED. In a good way.

  10. qwertygirl

    I can’t stand this woman, and never could. She looks like an ass dragging that teenager around with her. I feel for her children–she’ll dump this guy and run through 8 or 10 guys who are also twenty years younger than she is and her poor children won’t know if they should get attached to them, or if she’s just using them so she has someone to show up places with so people don’t think she’s pathetic (hint: she is both using them, and pathetic).

  11. Miercoles

    La Lopez is so hot. Baby girl at a fashion show, not so much. Loser bf with shades on? Definitely not. I heard Kayne wasn’t even wearing shades in the show. If you are a back-up dancer who is out-douching Kanye West…ouch. Like, what? He’s so important he has to keep his eyes covered???

  12. greatwhitenorthchick

    Not that I have any great like for the new boytoy (a cross between Vin Diesel and Jon Cryer), but I would be wearing shades, too. With all the paparazzi and attention, shades give you at least a little bit of privacy.

    As for Her Overexposedness, yawn.

  13. Amy

    I think “Your Booty is like Wonder Man” is the greatest thing I’ve ever read on this site.

  14. Caroleena Stantonova

    J.Lo is boring me, as always. When she finishes off Casper, I’ll take ‘im! I appreciate his intensity.

  15. Eva Marie

    When your 4 year old’s skirt is longer than yours it is time to rethink your fashion choices.

  16. pidget

    JLo is so, so pretty. Bringing a little kid to a long, boring fashion show – not a good plan. Boyfriend, yes, thuggish and perhaps very temporary.

    More importantly – Pretend JLo/Hola Lovers – Comedy Gold!

  17. blah

    I like how her shoes have padlocks on them so she can take them of and not worry about them being stolen

  18. Guerra

    I like that she dresses her girl as a real little girl – so pretty!

  19. Elle

    The kid is an accessory. Junior from the hood is an accessory. And the fact that she dresses herself as though she were a teenager doesn’t make her a teen ager. Chill, Jennifer, chill.

  20. youknowwho

    I died at –> “Sometimes children get bored. In one case, they hug their mamas and try not to scream, and in others, they perform sign language at someone sitting across from them and maybe try to get somebody’s phone number.”

    I died even more at –> “Relax, lovers, I am not performing a patented Marc ‘snack attack’ on mi hija preciosa.”

    OMG, that was WONDERFUL. JLO looks terrific, loving her shoes in a big way. Her child is cuter than a button. Sunglasses indoors, all the better to stare at other women’s boob, I say. (In slide seven, his ‘package’ looks like a pufferfish.)

  21. Lily1214

    La Lopez’s lace skirt is too short. Otherwise, she looks good.