Well Played, Emma Stone

At least these two are finally getting to blow off some steam.

[Photos: Splash, Getty, FameFlynet, INF]

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  1. Anna Svahn

    Her shoes seems too big, especially in #3. But she is well dressed in all the shots except for the weird cross dress. That just doesn’t work at all. Loving them as a couple, must say.

  2. Kate

    1.) everything in picture #5 must be mine. I shall make it so.

    2.) I love how giddy the girl next to Emma looks (even though it only shows half her face) in picture #3. Also, whatever Andrew is doing with his face in the same picture.

  3. mary lou bethune

    Emma is so perfectly pretty; could anyone be having a better moment under the sun?
    He ‘s pretty adorable, too.

  4. Willow

    I actually like her hair in these photos, she suits blonde with a more casual look but for some reason when it’s styled up for a red carpet it just looks off.

  5. TaraMisu

    I must have those black shoes!!! I think she looks cute in all of these except that blue dress. The color is awesome on her but the waistX is weird.

  6. Hannah

    I demand her trench, the jeans in the trench coat photo, the shoes in the trench coat photo, the hair in the trench coat photo, the skin in the trench coat photo . . . .

  7. Adu

    That first photo? I die. How adorable and sweet and cute they are! Hate them. Also, can’t wait to see Spider-Man. Good job publicity team, I’m sold!

  8. sarah

    she looks so great in all these pics/outfits except for that sad blue/lavender dress! it’s so matronly!! i guess i’ll let her slide this time though since all the other outfits were so fantastic. i need that trench.

  9. sarah

    I’m motivated to see Spider Man primarily because I want it to be a success for these two. What is wrong with me?

    • Glee

      Nothing – you are human. Their PR team is genius. I would donate one of them a kidney if asked. I love them that much.

  10. Amy

    The dumpster strikes again!

  11. ringthing

    They are so cute. It’s like looking at photos of puppies and trying to think of words besides cute & adorable and you just can’t. That blue dress looks weird on the runway model too; I think it’s just an awkward style. Great color, tho.

  12. Susan

    “Emma went casual for their day with a charitable organization” Yes she did, but why oh why would you wear Chanel flats?

    • megs283

      Because she’s a millionaire? I sure as heck would!

    • Popcouver

      At least they’re worn in – you can tell she wears them plenty from the bottoms.
      LOVE those jeans— also love that she’s “pulling a Kate” and wearing them twice.

  13. Maisie

    OMIGOD, you are SO right about Ann Curry! But instead of wanting to punch my TV set, I made (so glad to be able to use the past tense!) a dive for my mute button. Never have I been so glad to see someone get the boot, as you say. She was just AWFUL as a co-host, especially on the heels of the inestimable Meredith Vieria. It wasn’t just Curry’s incessant gravitas; it was also her lacking any sense of irony, her inability to read a script (I don’t think she ever made it through a single sentence without flubbing a word; I have long suspected the woman desperately needs reading glasses but is too friggin’ vain to wear them), and her insensitivity bordering on callousness when interviewing someone who had just endured a horrific tragedy. (“Tell us how you feel about losing your child,” she would ask. “How the fuck do you THINK I feel, you insensitive ass?!” I always prayed for the person to respond.) Looking forward to the Savannah Guthrie era.

    • Jules

      Ditto to every single thing you said. I stopped watching with the Curry took over. So glad she is leaving. The beginning of the end for me was the horrible interview she did with the Crocodile Hunter’s adorable daughter shortly after his death. It was so insensitive and awful and the poor little thing almost burst into tears on the spot. My mouth was literally hanging open in horror. And then today I read that she admits some things needed tweaking but she wasn’t given enough time to do so. LADY, YOU’VE BEEN ON THE SHOW FOR 15 YEARS. THAT’S FORFREAKINGEVER IN TV LAND. Good riddance, Curry, good riddance.

  14. conor

    i can’t lie… i’m getting a little fatigued of these two. i will be relieved when this press tour is over.

    that said emma looks flawless (blue dress excepting) and that trench is pretty amazing.

  15. Leah

    I almost can’t believe my eyes are seeing that blue dress with the peter pan collar. It is SO ugly. Emma looks like she looted Violet Beauregarde’s closet after Violet exploded.

  16. Karen G

    I want those shoes!

  17. Kate

    She is adorable! I can’t get over how much she looks like Jennifer Morrison with the blonde hair.

  18. fritanga

    1) I’ve never noticed how much Gotye resembles Garfield. And those jeans are great.

    2) I hope to God Stone plays Annie Fang in Nicole Kidman’s film version of The Family Fang. She’d be so freaking perfect. She’d be adorable with that Jean Seberg haircut.

    3) Stone looks fabulous in all these photos, even in the X dress. It’s also the first time I’ve really appreciated the blonde.

  19. bex

    she’s perfect and i want to be her. she makes me wish i could keep porcelain skin in the summer instead of my irish redness. i need the trench outfit or i will perish.
    also i wish andrew garfield looked less like my ex so i could enjoy him

  20. CJ

    I saw her walking down the street the other day in NYC. She’s so cute.

  21. TereLiz

    Love the color of the X dress on her, so fab, but I can’t see the shape of it working on anyone. Maybe Alexa Chung, lol.

    Amazing trench, and DAYUM, I wish I could afford those Lanvin pumps. The Chanel flats, too. And those shades while we’re at it. ;)

  22. vandalfan

    It is a shame about the blue sailor dress. The detail just looks like she’s twisted up her skirt getting out of a car, and we see that’s not a problem in the last photo.

    I adore Ann Curry, and the exotic locals she gamely treaded, and am displeased with the turn morning TV has taken away from serious news (Tom Brokaw, Barbara Walters, Hugh Downs) and to frivolity. And Ann wore the most exquisite clothing, did you not notice? Two days ago she had an orange dress and pink shoes to die for. She’s my hero. * sigh * Back my rocking chair on the porch.

  23. gin_in_teacups

    I fancy his pants too…if you know what I mean. Anyway, they are TOO cute. I love them together. Stay together kids. You make me believe in love.

  24. Liz

    I’m adoring Andrew and his glorious plaid. He looks so great in it all!

  25. Donna

    I want the sunglasses she wears with the black dress. I MUST have them. Not the ones on her face, but the exact same ones.

  26. Anna

    Im very disappointed with them (mainly with her) after i got to watch a little interview they were giving to our entertainment channel here in Germany. So conceit, talking about how she has no desire to answer questions about Superman. Duh, thats what you are here for. We understand you are tired, but thats your job for Gods sake! The same was at the the premier in Berlin – very sad:( but they dresses are perfect on her, thats for sure!

  27. Cath

    Erm, Anna… ‘talking about how she has no desire to answer questions about Superman…’

    Spot the mistake here; I’m not surprised they didn’t want to talk about Superman, that’s another movie. Another superhero.

    Anyway, Emma looks great, so does Mr. Garfield!

  28. Lillibet

    Such a gorgeous couple – I love ‘em. And the blue pipecleaner specs are a stroke of genius.

  29. Rebekah

    HOW is she so adorable. And he is too! My word. I don’t say this often, but… that is one cute couple.

  30. Em

    Adorbs! But no mean words about my girl Ann, who was the only bright spot on that ridiculous show.

  31. Marie

    Emma’s x-dress in pic #3 looks like an extra arm is hugging her. It’s creepy. Other than that, she is adorable! I wish she goes back to being a redhead though..

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