Well Played, Amanda Seyfried


I love this.

Okay. Rewind. I both love this, and I feel like it kind of looks like it’s made of the material you can buy at Papyrus to wrap the gift you bought for your aunt, the vegan ceramicist who really loves whales. It might, in fact, be entirely composed of packing material. Grape-flavored packing material, no less. And yet…it appeals to me.  It’s possible that I just want to lovingly wrap some fragile items in delicious, jelly-flavored outfits, but….that also makes no sense, so I must actually like it.

How do you feel? Imagine it with a nice smear of peanut butter….

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  1. Lina

    She looks great and she wears burgundy really really well, but I’m not entirely sold on the shoes.

  2. Fuh Ugh

    First Rashida Jones, now this? Fugs, you are TRIPPIN’ today.

  3. Cassie

    I think overall she’s got decent style, and I think she’s pretty, but girl does not know how to stand on the red carpet. She always has her legs going every which way, and it’s super distracting and awkward.

  4. Styrch

    I think she looks great! That is an awesome dress and the color is perfect for her. But I agree with Lina – I’m not digging the shoes.

  5. Sam

    Lina’s right. The dress and the jewelry are cute, the shoes sort of ruin it for me.

  6. Peggy

    Color is good, the fit on the arms and sleeves is completely wacky and disconcerting, and the shoes are terrible. So close, but no cigar. Still, she’s selling it pretty hard. She looks like she likes this, and that goes a long way.

  7. Jamie

    The dress is screaming for a peep toe in a complimentary jewel tone. The clunky nude leather pump is too casual for the outfit… and kind of reminding me of peanut butter, now that you mention it.

  8. Breda

    Love the color and actually the whole dress, but it looks like it doesn’t fit her and also her hair is terrible. Darling! You have such pretty hair! Why are you doing this to it? This is what mine looks like when I wake up in the morning, even down to the wonky waves!

  9. Samantha

    I love her shoes! Nude is always in fashion. Where are they from fug girls??

  10. Ang

    This is an almost for me. Maybe with a belt? And yes, different shoes.

  11. Queen of Sheba

    NO. Not only is it wrapping material, it’s unflattering wrapping material–droopy and shapeless.

  12. Svahnna

    Love the shoes, don’t really love the dress (wonky sleeves said it all) and really don’t understand the necklace. Or is it two necklaces and one is crooked?

  13. Billie

    No. No No. She looks like a post partum mother .. saggy boobs and the dress makes her look super poochy. This is a total miss.

  14. psyche

    Love the colour and material and I dont mind that the fit is a bit wonky. Not everything has to be super-defined to be flattering. She still looks like a tiny girl here. If the dress was tight we would be wondering if she was street-walking later.

    Covet the necklace

  15. Evalyn

    I like the color and the shoes, but the whole thing has a droopy look, including her hair. Sister needs pants.

  16. anon

    I love it – the necklace is really unusual with the dress. Also – she always wears her hair long – I like it like this – reminds me of ScarJo at the Oscars. Shoes aren’t bad – but I don’t love them either

  17. Lori

    Not loving this. I do like the color and the fabric, but the skirt seems a bit too short and the top sort of saggy and shapeless. I think there’s excess fabric bunching up at her armpits and above her boobs.

  18. Bella

    I like the dress but think it needs a few inches in length. Not crazy about the necklace with it. I’d like to see long, rope pearls in a retro sort of way. And definitely different shoes. Or boots.

  19. JanetP

    “your aunt, the vegan ceramicist who really loves whales”

    You kill me.

    Love the dress.

  20. elle

    lovely girl/shapeless dress. use/not every red carped event calls for a gown, however the dress looks like a Target sale rack mark-down by way of an upholstery shop.

    I opine she should keep shoes and neck bling and begin again.

  21. Molly

    If the sleeves weren’t so puffy and UNHEMMED I might be able to deal with this.

  22. Molly

    I love the concept, but I think the fabric is making her boob look weird, or maybe that’s the angle and the lighting. I think, mostly, she looks awesome because SHE likes it! I love the color, the cut, the accessories, and the makeup. The hair looks like what I used to do to my hair in middle school to drive my mother crazy. I can hear it now …”Get that hair out of your FACE!”

  23. 'Mela

    Girl, close your legs. What is with these girls posing like their airing it out. Gross.

  24. Ines

    issey miyake?

    love it! even if the shoes arn’t the best choice.

  25. vandalfan

    She needs a comb, a belt, and at least three more inches at the hem! Lordy! (Clutching pearls)

  26. Candy

    I’m going against the majority here & saying I love the shoes. I want them. I’m down with the entire look except the way the top of the dress fits. That’s my only issue.

    Also, can we give the girl a hand for going with her natural skin color? No orange fake tan! Yay!

  27. Jen

    Ahhh, Amanda. See what happens when you where a dress as it was intended rather than backwards. Lovely.

  28. Lynnie

    Four words: Foot canoes. Bad hair.

  29. Lizzarda

    The dress is too short! I felt the same way about the white one. And why is she standing like she’s trying to do the splits? Keep it in your pants, please.

  30. geemee

    Why is no one talking about the fact that Amanda has apparently STOPPED EATING? She’s on the cover of some mag with a goose in her lap and shoes three sizes too big on her feet (I am not making it up and I predict the cover will be on this site), looking like she’s been nibbling on air sandwiches. This dress doesn’t fit because she probably lost 10 pounds since she last tried it on. Love the dress, love the shoes, but I don’t love them together. Am confused by the necklace situation.

  31. Jerika Coleman

    It’s a pretty colour, at least. But everything about the fierceness that is Amanda Seyfried is better than this. Especially her hair. I envy her hair, but not right now. The length of the dress doesn’t bother me at all, but the fit is so strange.

  32. toothy

    Sorry, but i have to do this. It’s ceramist, not ceramacist.

  33. Corriner

    Needs a belt for sure, but the BEST I’ve seen from her in a while…LOVE the colour! NO MORE BEIGE!

  34. avidbeader

    That’s a gorgeous color and I think the cut is inspired when paired with the horizontal stripe. I think it’s her stance that is making it droop just a little.

    And it needs three more inches of skirt.

    Not totally sold on the shoes – I like the style of them but they need color.

  35. ninaveneno

    the shoes should be a different color and she should be wearing tights… really, you don’t show that much leg at a somewhat formal event at night! it clashes with everything and makes the outfit veer into vulgarity.

  36. Dazie

    She looks like Kate Hudson here. Does she always look like Kate Hudson? Maybe I missed it.

  37. witjunkie

    I think the shoes are adorable, with something ELSE. I guess she’s trying to not look too matchy matchy, with the result that she looks slapped together with whatever she could find at her vegan aunt’s house. But I love the dress, love the color, love the different silhouette.

  38. Diana

    Still looking forward to these obscenely short dresses going out of style. She’s a pretty girl but seems to be skin and bones here…

  39. Bonnie

    Not a fan of the shoes.
    Not a huge fan of hers. (Except for “Mean Girls.” I love “Mean Girls.”)
    And contrary to what my Cosmo issue says, she does not have lush lashes.
    BUT, I love this dress.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  40. Moi

    Plunk me squarely in the “too short” camp, too. If that makes me sound like my mom, so be it.

  41. Jessica

    Ceramist and ceramicist are both correct, according to my dictionary. When I took ceramics, my teacher always called herself a ceramicist. Different strokes!

  42. daphne

    i love amanda’s dress. looks like anyone can wear it. i dunno about the shoes though, i think she could have paired it with a pair that has a punch of color to sophisticate the look. :)

  43. daphne

    i love amanda’s dress. looks like anyone can wear it. i dunno about the shoes though, i think she could have paired it with a pair that has a punch of color to sophisticate the look.


  44. Livia

    I think Amanda and Rashida both look great. It’s good to see them are out in dresses that are not strapless micro-minis, a peculiar form of fashion victimhood.

  45. filmcricket

    I love what I can see of it, but I’m worried about what the back looks like, given that she doesn’t appear to be wearing a bra. I also really hope she doesn’t get any thinner. Honey, go back and look at the end of Veronica Mars, S1. Remember the bikini scene? That is what you want to go for – at least for another 2 or 3 years.

  46. fritanga

    The color is great, but it still looks like something my mother used to run up for us on the sewing machine. Plus I am annoyed by Seyfried because she admitted she rejected Alexander Skarsgard because she was hung up on Dominic Cooper. Uh, WHAT. That’s like saying you’d rather have a bag of crisps than OMG ALEXANDER SKARSGARD.

  47. miwome

    I would love the whole look if her hair was sleek. The dress has a slouchiness to it that combines with the “undone” hair to create a general feel of sloppiness. That same slouch would be very chic with sleeker hair, as that would help create the feeling that the look was actually done on purpose.

  48. Popcouver

    this reminds me of this dress that she wore last year that was arguably backwards…. it kind of looks backwards also! unless it only looks backwards because of that time she wore a dress backwards…


    now backwards has no meaning. hmm.

  49. NYCGirl

    I love the color, but the fit is really not flattering.

  50. mcpickle

    For me its a case of lots of individually nice thigs coming together to be somehow not 100%nice.
    To wit- hair is nice, but not with necklace.
    Necklace is nice, but not with neckline of dress.
    shoes are stylistically nice (if a bit meh) but not that colour with that dress- even if nude shoes do lengthen your legs & blah blah, why do people have to wear them even if they don’t compliment their outfit- no point in having non stumpy legs if the overal effect is bleer.

    70% nice, 30%not nice is my final offer

  51. Sara

    It does make me want a peanut butter and jam sandwich.

  52. Colleen

    I love the shoes! I’m so sick of peep toes and Minnie Mouse platforms. These are cute and fit the vibe of the dress…sort of casual chic. I have such a girl crush on Amanda!

  53. Adriana

    Thank you Geemee. I do think that she chose this dress to detract from her extreme thinness. I think the dress is cute but it suffers from meh styling.

  54. Jen Miller

    I want to throw a hoagie at her.

  55. Sally

    What?! Jessica knows my aunt? What a world!

  56. jerkygirl

    From the top: sloppy hair, pretty necklace, cute dress, but it’s too short, she herself admits to eating only seeds for lunch and stuff, WHAT IS THE POINT OF “NUDE” SHOES OH HOW I HATE THEM no matter how cute the style is.

  57. gryt

    She looks GREAT!! I love that kind of sleeve (kimono?), I love the color of the dress, I REALLY covet her shoes. Also? Major plus for the lack of spray-on tan.

  58. InfamousQBert

    i love it, but the 80 year old jewish grandmother in me is screaming “pull your hair back! you have such a pretty face!”

  59. InfamousQBert

    @Cassie: “girl does not know how to stand on the red carpet. She always has her legs going every which way, and it’s super distracting and awkward.”

    i have to disagree. i find it really refreshing that she stands like a normal person would. i get so sick of the starlet leg cross thing. i want someone to come out and stand in the superhero stance – legs wide, arms on hips, PROUD to be there. this is getting closer.

  60. Zandra

    I think I’m in the minority here, but apart from the color, I don’t like much about this look. Unflattering, boxy, too-short dress, and the shoes are ick; those ankle straps remind me of yellowing latex surgical tubing.

  61. Elizabeth

    I think it’s great. Love the color and covet the necklace (necklaces?). I like the shoes and think they make her legs look extra long. I also applaud her lack of spray tan.

  62. Lola

    Great color, but the fabric has too much body (it’s corrugated) and is so stiff around the arms and buckles oddly below her breasts. It fits like a sandwich board.

  63. sal

    I think the color says “I want nothing to do with this movie..that I starred in..Harvey Weinstein, please call me, now’s a good time, I’m not busy at all..” Sure, blood red would’ve looked stupid but black or white against the red carpet would have looked striking and movie-appropriate.

  64. exquisite red

    Wow. I have to say, I absolutely love everything about this, despite all the little negative comments. It looks SO EASY! And ditto to the person above for the props on the lack of fake orange tan. I actually don’t think it’s too short – we’ve seen much shorter on this site. Her girl parts aren’t showing, and the nude shoes give it the illusion that it’s shorter than it is. And not everything has to be form-fitting. Seriously, she makes this look so easy that I’d like to think that I could pull it off. Except I might not be able to, haha. Well played, Amanda!


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  66. alisha

    I think your fugdar is waaaaay out with this one! It looks craptacular.
    It doesn’t flatter her figure, not to mention maker her look like she has grandma boobs.
    The colour is nice on her. The shoes are… Bleh.

    It could be better with a tapered waist, fitted shoulders and turquoise shoes.