VMAs Fug WTFpet: Erin Wasson Strikes Again

Erin Wasson is BACK. On several levels.

To paraphrase a Fug National on Twitter, there is more fabric on her head than on her rump. If it helps, her nipples are not hanging out… biut the rest of her is, so be warned:

She looks like she’s sauntering around the deck of a sex yacht anchored off the coast of St. Tropez, serving champagne to grey-haired businessmen in bathrobes who’ve paid handsomely to have them removed every twenty minutes. Credit to her for giving some major face on top of this absurdity, but… I mean, I guess if she WANTS to be known as Erin NothingOn in perpetuity, then she’s really scoring an ace here.

[Photos: Getty, WENN]

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Comments (30):

  1.  Carolina Girl

    Think of the children, Erin. PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!!!

  2.  Emma

    She always looks sort of…greasy. I want to hose her down, shampoo her hair, rinse and REPEAT, then wrap her in an army blanket, which would be the best thing she’s worn in years.

  3. mue

    So she looks Egyptian today. Give her a few more rolls in the wrap, and she can star in the next The Mummy movie.

  4. Scully

    I fear this means something terrible about me, but I actually don’t find this offensive. I’ve been so desensitized over time that this “outfit” seems shockingly tame. Is this ugly? Lord, yes. But there is a cute bathing suit somewhere there and, well, *shrug*.

    •  Emma

      This “cute bathing suit”…it’s wrapped around her hair, right?

    •  HelenBackAgain

      If worn as the bathing suit that it really is, I would like the undergarment very much.

      And at least it isn’t a thong.

  5. I

    At least she’s keeping her ears warm???

  6. Brenna

    You know, I know most relationships with Leo don’t last very long, but seeing her outfits, I can see why hers lasted even shorter than normal. Tacky, tacky, tacky even for the VMAs

  7. Jenz

    Just because you got it, Erin, don’t mean we want to see it 24-7!!

  8. Nat

    I love the fact that this…ehm…”dress” is supposed to be couture (really! I’m not joking!)
    Bless you, fashion world.

  9. Kris M

    I feel like in the last picture she is trying to flip the double bird to everyone, but can’t quite remember which fingers and how to do it on both hands.

    • Laucie

      No one is cutting her off in traffic, or letting a dog poop on her lawn. She was actually invited to a big deal event. AND she willingly stopped to pose for the photogs. So who is she so pissed off at, that she needs to give us the finger?

      • nobody much

        this. Really people, that’s your best pose that will make people want to hire you?
        (for whatever it is you do, I have no idea if this woman has any talent at all)

  10. Electric Landlady

    Holy cow, now you mention her hands, her fingers are like ET’s.

    • justine

      That’s the first thing I noticed, except I thought “Skeksis” from The Dark Crystal. Maybe because they also wear dark ugly robes with holes in them?

  11. HKS

    Honestly, based on past looks, I expected MUCH much worse in the front. I mean, this is terrible, but at least all of her bits are covered up.

  12.  HelenBackAgain

    You know, I’ve seen so many pictures of this woman now, and I have no idea what her face looks like. She eclipses it with every outfit.

  13.  Stefanie

    I saw Snoop Dogg in concert this weekend (in CO where weed is legal no less) and Im worried all that second hand “smoke” in air has fried my brain because I actually don’t hate this. Her nipples, vag and ass crack are covered. If anything this feels modest for Erin. Plus I actually really like the drapey rouchey thing happening. Id even go as far to say the first shot is almost “pretty”.

  14. Trace

    I’m just curious as to how her outfit looks like she’s wearing boyshorts underneath it from the back but a thong from the front. How did she do it??

  15. lakin

    …looks like she’s sauntering around the deck of a sex yacht anchored off the coast of St. Tropez, serving champagne to grey-haired businessmen in bathrobes who’ve paid handsomely to have them removed every twenty minutes..

    The businessmen want their robes removed every twenty minutes? Who would have thought they had such stamina!!

  16. MelissaW

    Only she would wear a see-through dress with a turban. (Though a do have to say, from the back it looks like a really sexy bikini cover-up – from the front, eh, no)

  17. kittenmittens

    I just find this boring. Transparent black with underwear/swimsuit under it. I’ve seen a lot of this, it’s not even all that provocative at this point.

  18. Vandalfan

    Apparently, we’re seeing all her talent and all that she has to offer.

  19. Melinda

    She just tries SO HARD. I’m embarrassed for her.

  20.  sarky

    She’s one feather headress away from a Cher retrosepctive. Although IMHO one Cher is plenty thanks Luv.

  21. Claire1

    I always have to wonder what happened in the past to make someone who looks like that , with that body, feel the need to try that hard.
    I mean C’MON!
    It’s kind of sad really….

  22. Lily1214

    She KNEW this whatever-it-is didn’t look good when she looked in the mirror. Maybe that’s why she’s flipping everyone off.

  23. Chris P

    Please. She’s not Erin NothingOn, she’s Erin Wassoff.

    Also, was the theme of this year’s VMA’s Fug All-Stars? I mean, a Fuggity Kane (featuring Fugbrey O’Fug) reunion, this, AND whatever the hell Fugley Fugrus (nee Fuggah Fugtana) was doing? And Grimes and 2 Chainz showing up in the same outfit (which will probably be the only time I ever mention Grimes and 2 Chainz in the same sentence)?