Venice Film Festival Fugs or Fabs: Dakota Fanning


Dakota’s movie is called Night Moves, and that feels apt, as she’s clearly using her side-boob to lose some of those awkward teenage blues.

[Photos: Splash and Getty]


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  1.  Carolina Girl

    The navy blue gown would have been pretty enough on its own. The side-boob and excessive sternum view was unnecessary. Also, whoever is advising Dakota and Elle on their hair color is doing them a disservice. A slightly warmer shade of blonde would do them both a world of good.

  2. Anne

    ANY shade of blonde would be better for Dakota than 50 Shades of Grey. yuck. She didn’t even get a dynamite leading man.

    • Fawn

      It’s Dakota Johnson (Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith’s daughter), not Dakota Fanning who got cast for 50 Shades of Grey. Thank goodness for small favors!

      • Liz Sutherland

        And Charlie Hunnam is a pretty rad choice for that cheeseball book.

        • LoriK

          Eh, Charlie is better than this. When the rumors started about him being in line for the role I really hoped that both he & his agent knew that. Sadly, no.

  3. Anne

    ACK! i should fact check first, vent second

    . it’s Dakota JOHNSON who is making the 50 Shades of Yuck movie. my bad.

    • jean

      I made the EXACT same mistake upon reading that and I felt so relieved it wasn’t her.

    • Erin

      Which is actually great casting (not sure about Charlie Hunnam, but he’s pretty hot). Dakota Johnson was great in “Ben and Kate” and has that pretty-naive thing down quite well.

      Anyhoo…I think the navy dress is absolutely gorgeous, and I love the color!

      • Sarah

        I’ll say one thing for Charlie Hunnam, he does not shy away from the graphic sex scenes, as anyone who remembers his early days in Queer As Folk can vouch…

  4. Mouse

    If she were more well endowed, I’d say NO outright. But…since she’s on the smaller side in the boobal region, this actually looks really classy and nice to me!

    • Caro

      Actually, I think it would better if she had something to fill it out. As it is, it sort of hangs on her.

      • BeanFug

        I’m going to agree with Mouse here. This is one of those dresses that works best on a fine boned lady with little lady pillows. If she were more well endowed, we wouldn’t even be having the discussion if she “still looks classy” even with the hint of side boob. More boobs would definitely throw this over into the less/not classy range.

        Just ask any lady with generous cleavage; many, many dresses/blouses/tops that look classy on most ladies will suddenly look completely “inappropriate” once you pass a certain boobage point. Big boobs sound great until you’re constantly trying to figure out how to dress them in a way that is “business appropriate” without wearing a sack or suddenly looking like you’re ten pounds heavier. It’s not as simple as it sounds. Perhaps you’ve seen a wedding where five bridesmaids are wearing the same dress, four look classy and appropriate, and one poor soul looks like a hooker by no fault of her own, even though her dress is appropriately sized. [sigh]

        I may know from experience.

        • Sajorina

          This DD girl agrees with you 100%, BeanFug!

        •  Cath

          teehee “lady pillows” :)

        • Aria

          I agree with you. And i may have also speak from experience on that bridesmaid gown thing.

        • Claire1

          DD girl here too….
          I can turn a sweet blouse from sweet to Jameson by simply putting it on.
          Hate it!

        • Liviania

          I agree with you. One of the few advantages of being pretty flat is you can show a great deal of boob and still look subtle. (And well-ventilated tops often fit better because there’s less to sag around where your chest isn’t and draw attention to the missing mammaries.)

    •  ErinG

      seconded, Mouse, I love this dress on her – I’m a sucker for navy anyways, but the cut and detailing is just beautiful here! This would also look fab on Diane Kruger.

  5. Karen

    Her decollete is petite enough, and the dress fits so well–and is SO LOVELY–that I am inclined to give her a pass on this one. I think she looks tremendous.

    • erin b

      This — assuming she’s not 16 any more… she’s not, right?

      • Sajorina

        She’s 19!

        • julyol1972

          Which always freaks me out a little, because I clearly remember her in War of the Worlds and my favorite I Am Sam ( both of which she was tremendous in)! I’m glad to just see underarm acreage and not actual boobs – I don’t think my heart could take it. It’s crazy how much she’s grown, but will always be that little girl to me. *Sniff* Don’t judge me:)

          Minor quibble: I just wish she would lower her shoulders when posing, it always throws her posture off slightly.

          • erin b

            Whew. I was liking it, and then I suddenly thought of her in I Am Sam, and I didn’t want to see her boobs. But since she’s all grown up now (*sniff*) that’s my issue, not hers.

  6. Rowynn

    That first dress is beautiful! It does show some skin, but she doesn’t look indecent or over-exposed. I’m sure she’d show at least that much sideboob in a bikini at the beach, and no one would think a thing of it.
    Her shoes in slide #6 are sort of cute, even though I know clear plastic is generally abhorred, and rightly so.

  7. Sajorina

    LOVE all of it! It works on her! The blue dress is GORGEOUS and the sapphire color against her porcelain skin is divine! I think her boobs are just the right size for a dress that revealing because it’s not vulgar! And the sparkly detail on the dress makes it special! Plus, the makeup & jewelry are beautiful! Well Played!!! Also love the ivory dress with the brown pumps; the linen jumpsuit with the interesting sandals; and the cute outfit she traveled in! FAB!

  8. emster

    Agree with much of above. It’s all about fit here — the dress fits amazingly well. Props.

  9. Caro

    Since it’s so low-cut, it looks as though it needs to be hoicked (sp?) up, which I don’t think is the case. It looks saggy, and it fits funny on her chest. I’m not that crazy about the photocall dress even if it weren’t that color–it doesn’t fit properly, it looks like it’s gapping in the front, which is stupid considering how small she is. As for that black baggy pants creation, what can one say?

  10. Sandra

    If you have to ask if something is classy, you already have your answer. This isn’t obscene or anything, but it is screaming for attention.

  11. Tiffany

    I give her points for sticking with her real hair. At this point most other starlets would be rocking a 2 foot weave for sure. The dress? Fine. Maybe I’m desensitized but I’m not clutching my pearls at all.

  12. Bets

    Her toes look dumb in those fug plastic shoes.

  13. Esme

    I love Elie Saab so much–that dress is beautiful, but I wish someone else were wearing it.

  14. A.

    Thank you for the Bob Seger reference, that just made my Monday Morning :-D Also, you two are one of the few people who I would trust to spoof a song I love so much, but I would totally love a cover called “Side Boob.”
    As far as the blue dress, it would be better if it wasn’t showing so much side boob, but because I love the color and the details, I give it a fab. The other outfits, fugs all. Color would be helpful though.

  15. Maria L.

    Sorry, but Dakota is no match for that dress. She just can’t play in that league yet, she lacks the personality and attitude to carry it off. Plus it makes her boobage look very droopy – she is way too young for that.

  16. Audrey Fredericks

    This is side boob done right. Actually I am not crazy about the front cleavage, but overall it works because she falls on the small side, keeping it not flashy, just classy. Now: THAT HAIR COLOR HAS TO GO (!!!!) from both sister’s heads’! It makes them look like ghosts!

  17. Chanandler Bong

    I think the second dress would benefit her by being a colour (I’ll even allow gunmetal, if she is insisting on a neutral) or would benefit as-is from being on someone less fair. The first dress has beautiful handiwork and I am torn on the cut of the top.

  18. Chris P

    I’ll allow the sideboob and cleav. The rest of it is classy/demure enough that she can get away with having a bit of exposure (plus, she’s like, 18 right? #yolo).

    And it’s probably like five billion degrees out. If she can get away with a bit of ventilation, go for it.

    The mere THOUGHT of any Fanning making a 50SoG movie…kind of blows my mind – didn’t Dakota have a part in the Twilight movies? I kind of wish she were starring just for the fact that she’d have been in both the original AND the fanfic adaptation of Twilight. (I am extremely disappointed that they didn’t manage to land K.Stew and R.Pattz for Anastasia and Christian, though. You know they would have gone along with that 4 teh lulz, as it were.)

  19. PB

    Is she old enough to be showing that much side boob? I should say that I have been quite pleased with the restrained manner in which she has comported herself. I don’t think we have seen a single tabloid-worthy story about her during her entire coming of age (assuming that she has actually come of age – in my mind she’s still somewhere in the neighborhood of 12, but I am almost assuredly wrong).

  20. Beth C.

    I think the Navy dress is stunning on her. I think she shows the right about of side boob without it being trashy or gratuitous! In other words, she’s doing side boob right. How many celebs can you say THAT about?

  21. Stefanie

    I LOVE the blue. It’s stunning and doesnt feel like it’s showing her bits off with the open neck and arms. A+

  22. mary lou bethune

    The first dress is so beautiful and would have been more so if it had stuck to the original goal of clothing a lovely teenager. The pants are wonderful but she doesn’t look that happy. I hope she is not getting ready to be stroppy and trollopy. She is too smart and lovely and incredibly talented.

  23. sari

    Hey, if I had 19-year old teenage sideboob still, I’d work it too. She looks great.

  24.  TaraMisu

    Beautiful…. love it. I’m not even offended by the little bit of side boob. The off-white dress though…. I hate the color and the large sticking out pockets. Maybe something in a peach or watermelon color (I’m hungry, can you tell?) fix the pockets and we’re all set.

  25.  HelenBackAgain

    It’s a beautiful dress, but I agree with Maria L. that Fanning lacks the presence (yet, anyway) to carry it. It also looks oddly proportioned to me, which may not be a problem of design, but a clash between cut and body type.

    I agree entirely about the minidress. SO cute, but couldn’t it be made for her in a color?

    The black jumpsuit is a disaster.

    I like how she’s branching out, however. While none of this works, IMO, it’s a nice sampling of different looks that she has now tried in public and knows how she feels wearing. This is such an important step toward developing one’s own style as an adult. So I say “Brava” for that!

    •  HelenBackAgain

      ADDENDUM: Back to the gorgeous deep blue gown… I’m trying to think of people on whom it might work, and I realized that not only are the ones who spring to mind very different physical types (much curvier, though without much bust – Jennifer Lopez and Sandra Bullock, for instance), they’re also in their 40s. So there’s that.

  26. Kris

    It feels like she’s trying to shed some more of her ‘little girl’ image here. However, I approve of the way she’s doing it (at least in the navy dress) – it’s elegant and classic without being as boring as her other two outfits. To paraphrase Pinky and the Brain, she didn’t push it all the way to the edge of the envelope; she did, however, reach the sticky part.

  27. nicolegrr

    I mostly love the dress, but between the extreme cleavage and sideboob, it all looks like it slipped down about 3 inches and needs to be hiked up. I wouldn’t mind the sideboob if the front were at a less attention-seeking level, or vice versa, but together they’re screaming for attention a little too obviously. But the color and details, yes.

  28. Heather G

    The deep blue dress is stunning!!! I agree with the other commenters who said her more modest chest size keeps this from looking too revealing. Plus, the fabric up top looks pretty stationary- it fits well and/or is taped securely- which likewise brings the class level up.

    The envelope dress is awful! It looks like it used to be white but got washed with something grungy and is now permanently the color of dirty socks. Yuck. The structure of the dress (not to mention the wearer’s skin tone) would benefit from being ANY other color.

  29. SharonCville

    I’m willing to give her a pass on the sideboob for the same reasons everyone has stated above: The dress, color and details are gorgeous and she is petite enough that it doesn’t look trashy. I do agree that I’d love to see the whole thing “hoicked” up a bit– might solve some of the sideboob issue and would make the front feel less…. gravitational.

    As for the off-white thing, the style doesn’t do anything for me, but I agree that a bright color would make a HUGE difference! Think turquoise or coral or a bright lemon yellow. That oatmeal color is just draining her, though. I don’t think a color change alone would save the black jumpsuit, but who knows? A good color can salvage a lot of stylistic sins. Picture it in a vivid jade green or even a poppy red. I MIGHT forgive the cut and fit if it were a color that worked.

  30. Lynne

    I’m with the majority here in giving her a pass on the sideboob. She looks gorgeous in that color. Also, I’m totally ashamed of myself but I don’t hate the jumpsuit. I think it’s working.

  31. jean

    And she made this move at the Venice Film Festival. Yeah, we’re paying attention because we like clothing (and attractive people on boats and in sunglasses) but I don’t think this will get much play in People Magazine or other typical American gossip venues. It’s a pretty safe place to try a more adult dress. It’s Europe! What girl doesn’t go crazy in Europe?

    The second dress would have looked great on anyone with darker skin. Maybe it looked cool and breezy in person?

    And I love her hair. So pretty. I don’t care if she needs to help it (and I don’t know if she does bleach it), that is a very pretty color.

  32. anne p.

    Adore the sapphire/lapis gown in all respects! And though I think the bodice portion would fit & look better on a longer torso (with a smidge better-defined waist), that’s really a quibble.

    No problem with the sideboob & cleavage, nor w/r/t her age (if this were Kiernan Shipka, then yeah, but that’s a hell-freezes-over scenario!).

    Would love to see the Fannings in a different blonde. At least they know that a warm/golden tone wouldn’t suit their complexions — just wish they’d try something less pale on the cool spectrum. (I’d also say something about the center-parted dark roots, but I’m DQ’d on account of age … )

    • Dazie

      This! I was just coming here to say this. A little longer in the waist and that blue gown would be perfection.

  33. What what

    “Side Boob” is almost as good as Liz Lemon’s cover, “Working on my night cheese…”

  34. Lor

    I think the main issue with all of her outfits is POSTURE. Stand up straight honey, let the people see you, not your hunched shoulders.

  35. sarah

    Second dress: the colour of the shoes (dark bronze) would’ve been an improvement. Any other darkish colour in the ‘cool’ palette would be good too, like greens and blues.

    The first dress shows how well she wears dark colours. Though it’s a bit much of a dress for such a young woman. Don’t mind the sideboob, it adds some edge.

  36. meggiemoo

    Her hair and makeup aren’t elegant enough here to match the dress…

  37. Catherine

    Night Moves?! Swear to god that was the name of the sleezy strip joint in my college town.

    Come on screenwriters/whoever decides movie titles. Get more creative.

  38. CBD

    LOVE THIS. The one thing is the posture. However, I’ll forgive it for bad tailoring. Any tiny boob’ed girl knows that a low-cut dress likely needs to be shortened at the shoulders. She’s scrunched up around her ears so the gown doesn’t slip off her little bird shoulders. A 1/2 inch alteration would give her a little more piece of mind so she could strike a pose.

  39. Essmi

    The navy dress is cut much too low in the front and under the arms. The deep cut makes it look as if the dress has fallen down because it was too big or the straps too long. Gorgeous dress gone wrong.

  40. LisaT

    Oh, the Bob Seger reference has me cracking up! I think the dress is STUNNING, albeit missing a twee bit of fabric in the chestical region. I agree with Essmi, the cut makes the dress look too large. The beigey-washed out number is yucky. I think it’s shapeless and a bad attempt at origami – kind of like when we used to make book covers out of brown paper grocery bags.

  41. Other Emily

    I love that blue with her gorgeous pale skin. I love that she’s never orange or fake-tanned. She looks lovely. Boobs are just right for a dress like that. Before I had kids, I had the best boobs — A cups and I never wanted to trade them for bigger. (Don’t ask me now — damn kids. TMI, I know, but it’s true.) Anyway i love when a small-busted starlet rocks the figure nature gave her and looks amazing doing it. I think she looks great.

  42. ydm

    She’s made it clear that she’s grown up without pulling a Miley Cyrus. Color me grateful.

  43. Vandalfan

    Stitch up one third of the V neck, and I’ll allow her out of the house.

  44. Jenz

    I love the blue Elie Saab (sp?)!!!

  45. Jenz

    Right. I meant to keep typing. I think it’s actually quite tasteful, side boob and all. It doesn’t look loose so we’re not threatened with boobsplash if she sneezed. Her boobs aren’t hanging down around her waist so there’s some support there… and it really, really brings out her eyes. I think she looks lovely!

  46. Claire1

    I actually love the blue dress and I think it looks great on her….
    however, I think we balk because she’s a Fanning….and she’s still a little girl to many of us….

    If it were on Heather Graham it’d be an entirely different discussion.

  47. Donna

    The blue looks great on her; the ivory is too close a match to the rest of her. I’m not enthralled with the color of her hair, especially with the ivory dress, but I’m willing to put up with that if she’d style it differently. She’s very pretty.

  48. Pamb

    If you can’t do side boob when you are a teenager, when can you do side boob? They’re up, they’re firm (sounds pervy, I know!) better Dakota than someone my age (late 40s). As long as she is 18 (and I think she is) and the rest of the dress is classy (and it is) I say go for it!

  49. emily

    the fit of that dress is perfection and the fabric/embellishment is gorgeous. totally ok with that stretch of skin.

    as for the blah off-white dress that blends in her hair and skin? no thanks. even a pure white would be better.

  50. macy

    She makes everything look so boring. The dress could’ve been a show stopper on ScarJo or Rooney Mara. On Dakota, it’s totally forgettable.

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