Deauville Film Festival Fugs and Fabs: Cate Blanchett


Cate’s latest batch from Europe’s seemingly endless round of film festivals is wonderful terrible amazing. It comes in like a lamb, but goes out like a lion — in the sense that I’m scared her dress might eat her.

[Photos: Getty, Splash]

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  1.  Vandalfan

    With the picnic tablecloth dress, you could use all the fabric to make a cocktail length sheath and matching 3/4 length sleeve swing coat.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      Heh. There might even be enough left over, after that, for a shoulder throw to wear with a plain black strapless!

      Hey, that might be cute…

      • Vandalfan

        I was thinking matching luggage, or an umbrella and matching outfit for a little Chihuahua.

  2. Anita

    The first dress would be gorgeous in an actual color. The full view of the Spirograph (google it, young ‘uns) dress literally made “Oh my God!” out loud, and not in a good way.

    • Tar Heel Gal

      Ha! Great description, those thingies do indeed look like Spirograph art stuck on a black king size bedspread!! And to complete that wacky look, she’s wearing red and black striped Wicked Witch shoes?!

  3. Anita

    That should be “literally made me say”, but you knew that.

    • Anita

      And that ^^^ should have been a reply to my previous post, not a separate entry. And now I’m off to pray for an edit function.

  4. Erica R

    I love thelast pic. It looks like she showed up really early to the celebrity horse race.

    • Mouse

      OMG – I thought that too! Are those…corrals for the celebs?

      •  HelenBackAgain

        They ARE.

        This photo entry from the annals of “Being Famous Must Be Very Weird Sometimes.”

    • Gaëlle

      These are beach cabins along the famous promenade “Les Planches” in Deauville, France.

      • witjunkie

        Oh, I’m so glad someone knew where she was. Thank you for telling us! I have never been to that famous beach promenade, and now I won’t be happy until I do.

    •  ErinG

      I just hope they make the men wear heels as well to even out the odds in the race… assuming, of course, that its a footrace and not celebs racing their eponymous greyhounds? haha

  5. Lisa

    Do not like the first dress at all. Bleh. The second one is just ridiculous, but I like it better than the first. I will just concentrate on her face, which looks splendid.

    • G

      It’s such a dreary color and the neckline looks very uncomfortable. Itchy.

  6. daphne

    uh oh. I have to confess something embarrassing, because only a Tolkien nut could know this !

    the crazybig dress looks like it’s covered with Silmarillion heraldic devices ! !!
    (just ‘Google Image’ those 3 words..)

    so the Galadriel in Cate couldn’t resist ! is the only explanation (-:

    • Maria L.

      Actually, the first dress makes me think of what Galadriel would be wearing today on the red carpet while she was holding mind conversations with Gandalf and the other celebrities.

      Love the hair and face on the first outfit. The second is just ridiculous. I hope all the praise we lavish on her does not have her thinking she can do no wrong in the sartorial arena, because Cate dear, that’s just not the case.

  7. Anne

    I like the Spirograph dress. I do. It’s like the part of the Nutcracker where a character comes on stage in an overwheming skirt but it has children under it. I like to think she was sheltering a bevy of tots with pinwheels, but they got stage fright and wouldn’t make their entrance. really, I like it. i’m not kidding.

    • Annie E

      Yes, I love that dress!

      • julyol1972

        Thank God, me three! I just knew when I came to this site, the second dress would be a marmite dress (strong feelings either way). I’ve seen several pics of it and she was so regal and graceful in it that I had to come down strongly on the side of “love it”. Kate and Swinton just have that thing that allows them to wear stuff mere mortals would look ridiculous in.

        And can we talk about her fabulous head space. I mean, look at those cheekbones, they’re a freakin work of art.

        The last pic is what you expect her to be like in Venice, just chicn and moviestar coolness personified!

        • pidget

          This is exactly how I was feeling. CB and Swinton aren’t normal humans for me. They project so much mature confidence and have such regal poise (and razor cheekbones) that they sail away with whatever mad drapery they want. I would rather the world was full of this crazy bonkery than safe/boring, teasingly slutty or wanly frumpy celeb dresses. I love that they BRING it.

        • Tess 

          Marmite dress!

  8. Sandra

    She always gets to wear that face, so she pretty much always wins. But these clothes don’t do her justice.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      Agreed, except for the photocall trouser outfit. That one, I like. It has a nice, easy glamour about it, and the shoes are so stunning I want to mount them on a floating shelf as works of art.

  9. emster

    I think the length of the first dress is all wrong for her, coming off as both costume-y and twee. The second dress is just dumb, unless she’s trying to sneak some people in who don’t have tickets. Her face though, always a win. Going to go moisturize now.

  10. Jenny

    The black Spirograph drees was in one of your Paris runway slideshows, though I can’t remember which one. I guess I know what I’ll be doing for the next hour.

    • Jenny

      Actually it only took a moment to find the right slides how. It was Dior F/W 2013-2014

  11. Amanda In Austin

    So many questions about that last photo… What are those stalls with celebs names on them? Inquiring minds want to know!

  12. Sajorina

    Ok, LOVE the 1st dress! The detail in it is amazing and it fits her beautifully! I love the color and length of it with the shoes! And did you notice that she’s wearing two different earrings? That’s MY kind of girl! I love it! The 2nd dress is AWESOME! I remember loving it when you put it in one of the Fashion Week slideshows and I’m so glad she got to wear it! Also de detail that went into making it is incredible and it’s beautiful! In the last Pic, she couldn’t look better… COVET her SHOES! Plus, her head always, ALWAYS, looks good! FAB!!!

  13. Eliza Bennett

    That second dress looks like she’s proudly displaying all the crazy merit badges she got at SWINTON summer camp.

    • Ailatan

      To me it looks like something a granny might crochet to display proudly on her setee, and yet I still like it.

  14. Roz

    I defended the spider dress, but this spirograph dress–no. As someone who quilts and sews, I don’t like the lack of effort that went into it. It’s just two giant pieces of materal sewn together. Or maybe one with armholes and a neckhole. BLECH!

  15.  AM

    The first dress is my 1990 wedding dress, except it was two pieces with a drop waist and more ivory. I’ve been planning on donating my dress because I thought it was “dated,” and let’s face it, it’s not as if I’ll wear it again, but here it is! I liked my dress, so I like this, but yeah, a color, even white would have been nice. I also like the black circle one, although maybe just a touch less fabric?

  16.  HelenBackAgain

    I think the first dress is lovely, but in this color, not on Blanchett. Or, if it’s going to be on Blanchett, in a real color. Either one.

    The Spirograph dress would make a fun basement-sofa throw, and there’s enough of it, too. The fabric might work as a spare minidress on Chloë Sevigny… the cut here is a sleeveless Slanket. And “sleeveless Slanket” being an oxymoron should’ve been enough to tell the designer to stop right there!

    But that photocall outfit, that is elegance personified. Classic, Hepburn-easy, beautiful.

  17. jean

    But she looks so happy in it! I have trouble knocking her for a dress where she looks so happy. She’s swinging it around, playing with it like a little girl. I wonder if her kids picked it out. Children can be dangerous.

    Heather have you ever allowed your boys to dress you?

  18. Carol

    Love the first dress …. just adore it. I am okay with pale lace in this incarnation.

    The other dress, however, looks like it has mini Amish-barn evil-eye decorations on it … just silly. Cate’s style pendulum swung way over to FUG on that one.

  19. danny

    I think she’s actually wearing a patterned tent.

  20. Jenz

    OMGOMG… I have been looking for the afghan my grandmother made for YEARS!!! Cate found it!!!

  21. Melinda

    I’ll say this for her – she will never roll out an endless series of mermaid-bandage-halter dresses with beige hooves.

  22. Bambi Anne Dear

    I think both dresses look amazing. Cate, like Swinton, wears art as opposed to fashion IMO. That first dress, looks to me like she’s wearing a feeling rather than art even. She’s so elegant and unpretentious that there’s no sense of the wannabe. And as she’s no conventional beauty this type of dressing suits her so well.

  23. nobody much

    as much as I’m over the nude colorless dress, I think it looks great on her.

  24. VW

    The first dress seems a wee bit Miss Haversham’s wedding to me, and as for the second, she looks like an overachieving Girl Scout who made her mom sew ALL her badges on her dress.

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