In the wake of Jimmy Buffett’s recent death (and having recently written about Margaritavilla at Sea for Drinks With Broads), I’ve been thinking about the¬†30 Rock where Jenna has a “Margaritaville”-ish hit called “Catching Crabs in Paradise” that garners her a giant group of fans who keep telling people to “unwindulax,” which is a portmanteau of “unwind” and “relax” that I plan to start using IRL, which won’t annoy my loved ones at all. What does this have to do with Emilia’s honestly very good Chanel here? Well, it’s unusual these days to see a Chanel that’s both fancy¬†and chill — and I was trying to think of the right portmanteau for it. A Chillnel? Ugh.

Photos: Reynaud Julien/APS-Medias/ABACA/Shutterstock, Shootpix/ABACA/Shutterstock