Untitled Fug: Legacy Sequel

Did you know they’re making a sequel to Tron: Legacy? Because…no. Is there really anyone in the world (other, perhaps, than Olivia Wilde herself) who is like, “dear lord, please let them make another Tron: Legacy movie!” I feel like even people who liked Tron: Legacy have surely moved on to thinking about other stuff, like….I dunno. Sandwiches?

ANYWAY, of course they’re making another Tron because it’s important that Olivia Wilde continue to be cast in high-budget movies that no one really wants to see, so she can continue to leave the house wearing things like the following:

Seriously, JUST STOP IT. Why are you legs wearing a bed skirt?

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  1. Nanny

    Terribe pants! But I like her jewelry & clutch.

  2. ohsohappy

    Scroll down FUG. She looks quite nice from about the clutch up.

  3. ErinB

    These pants are the fashion equivalent of a humble brag. “I’ve been on the red carpet so much lately, I just wanted to be comfortable this time. So thankful that this barn-sized bed skirt still makes me look super-tiny!”

  4. Michaela

    Goddamnit, this could be decent if it were edited. I have a weakness for crisp khakis and white buttondowns and the accessories are quite excellent.

    What is so bad about looking like a normal human? Not everything has to push the envelope! Olivia Wilde, you are not

  5. Miranda

    Annie Hall gone wrong

  6. qwertygirl

    Please go away for a little while, Olivia.

  7. Rowynn

    Those pants look like they would be really annoying to wear. All that volume around your feet, and you can’t just lift it up like you could a long skirt. But then I’ve never worn anything high-fashion in my life, so what do I know.

  8. Ann

    Well, I’m not ashamed to admit that I LOVE THOSE PANTS!

    • Natalie

      I kind of love them too! I think they need to be a teensy bit shorter, but I think they are pretty chic.

      • Claire1

        As someone who is TIRED TIRED TIRED of the ankle binding horror of “Skinny” pants….I too would adore them if they were of a decent length.
        I, however, think that those slacks with that blouse is just to much. There needs to be a little less material on top to balance out the full legs of the pants.

      • Sarah

        Yes!! I’m so glad someone else likes these pants! Shorter, please, but keep them there!

        Sidenote… Why DO people hate Olivia Wilde? She’s hilarious and fun and interesting unlike half of the celebrity population.

      • Nancy

        I love them, too! And her necklace really dresses up the shirt!

  9. ErinB

    It’s what I imagine Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman wearing to ride horses (and it would answer the requisite question of “What Did Michaela Quinn Do to Annoy the Townspeople THIS WEEK?”).

    • Pia

      I agree; why does she always wear those dumb shirts that look like they belong on a schoolteacher from the Wild West? Ugh–this is a disaster. And talk about being bored!

    • Bonnie Klein

      I immediately thought of Dr. Quinn as well. This is a 19th century riding habit without the jacket. (Please say there is not a jacket!) Unless Olivia rode her horse to the event, there is no reason for this. That said, from the waist up she looks smashing.

    • SaraK

      Hmm, I see this more as what Lady Mary will be wearing once Downton Abbey hits the early 1970s. By which time she will be about 80 and entitled to wear whatever she wants. And of course, she will be sharp as a tack and wouldn’t forget the belt as Ms. Wilde did here. It will be like a totally awesome Golden Girls/Downton mash-up…can’t wait!!

  10.  HelenBackAgain

    Two things went right here: The bracelet(s?) and the clutch.

    The rest is biliously vile, and what’s with that collar? Bizarre.

  11. Annie


    • ¬†HelenBackAgain

      A better question might be, why does Olivia Wilde’s stylist hate her?

  12. Kristina

    Has anyone read “My Education,” by Susan Choi? For some reason, in my brain, Martha is played by Olivia Wilde. Weird.

  13. AnnieB

    She looks fabulous from the clutch up. I know I’m sort of veering into the middle-aged thing but what is it with these “feetless” dresses and pants?? I don’t get it at all. It obscures not only all of the great shoe possibilities but also her great body. It reminds me of a talking tree costume from the Wizard of Oz or something

  14. Jenz

    I actually like Olivia Wilde and I liked Tron (although I saw it in 3D and my eyes watered for HOURS afterward) so I’d love to see another Tron movie. That said… I don’t always get her style choices. These pants would get on my nerves while simply walking.

  15. CopyChic

    Back in the 6th grade, I’d have thought my English teacher pretty cool for wearing this outfit. On, her, I find it wildely irritating.

  16. googler

    Ever since she started dating Jason Sudeikis, all I can see is smug. The Smug Cloud makes this outfit that much worse for me.

  17. SImone

    You are SO RIGHT

  18. Mina

    The stylist was clearly going for Katherine Hepburn but they forgot that Hepburn employed tailor.

  19. Susan

    Hey, that’s MY bedskirt. For real.

  20. Sajorina

    I like this, just hem the pants at the right length! I love her and think she looks beautiful!

    • KatB

      I would love the pants too if they were hemmed correctly…why is that so hard in Hollywood, the rest of the world seems to have no issue with it??? Plus, when your pants have belt loops…it means you are supposed to wear a belt. I think a belt could make this much more interesting.

      • greatwhitenorthchick

        I’m on board with the pants too, with some strategic tailoring, and changing the colour to black.

        Kat, I thought “BELT!”, as well. I think there is a built-in belt, with 2 front loops, but from afar, it does still look like it could use something more substantial.

        As is, this looks has the whiff of Stella McCartney about it….

      • fashiondon't

        Thank you! My thoughts exactly. Put a belt on!!!!

  21. fritanga

    She is so awful. This outfit is like her personality (knowledge of which I’m basing on hearing one really stilted, mannered interview on NPR): overdone, pretentious, and ill-advised.

    Giant palazzo pants do no favors for anyone, girl.

  22. Lily1214

    The outfit would actually look sexy if the pants were hemmed just a bit showing beautiful stilettos. Otherwise, Teacher look.