Imagine you’re minding your business, just doing whatever it is you do during your off-time (drinking a pumpkin latte and looking at a sweater in the window of The Gap? Standing at the dog park and wondering if you’re ever going to break free of the shackles of Candy Crush? Reading a book about people having romantical problems in olden times with baseball on the background? Being the best damn amateur dominatrix in town? Whatever) and someone GRABS you and holds a knife to your jugular and barks, “QUICK: What do you think Rooney Mara is wearing right now?”

This is basically exactly what you’d say, right?


  • Yes! And I love it...on her. Specifically. (30%, 1,775 Votes)
  • Yes, and I love it. Full stop. (8%, 471 Votes)
  • Maybe. Maybe to everything. Maybe I like it, maybe I don't. I'm secretive. (20%, 1,188 Votes)
  • WHATEVER I'd say, this is HIDEOUS. (35%, 2,090 Votes)
  • I have notes. (7%, 447 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,971

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