This Place About to FUG!

Kenneth Cole here seems to be saying, with his eyes, “DON’T BLAME ME FOR THIS ONE.”

But I do blame you, Kenneth, I do.  If there were a fashion version of the Good Samaritan Law, you’d be cited for failing to step in and stop this disaster from happening. YOU’RE STANDING RIGHT THERE.

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Comments (28):

  1. Stefanie

    Am I crazy or does her hair actually not look too bad? Dare I say..CLEAN even?!

  2. Geemee

    This outfit does not help dispel rumors that she is really a man ONE BIT.

  3. K.

    … I like her clutch?

  4. Carolyn

    I think he’s too busy picking his wedgie…

  5. foo

    Ha! I can honestly say this is the first time I’ve seen a bodysuit -or underwear and Tarzan’s top or whatever that is- worn with a cape outside of a comic book. (or superhero movie/comic-con pics) Maybe I’ve led a sheltered life.

    It’s Super $! Unable to leap tall buildings in a single bound; usually unable to wear pants and able to have random green shit in her hair. (or whatever that is)

    I’m also curious to know what KC is hiding behind his back. $500 Kenneth Cole gift certificate? Good for pants only?

  6. Fawn

    I’m with you Stefanie. I’m just pleased to see that she’s clean and not wearing ripped stockings. We’ll get to pants eventually… baby steps.

  7. megs283

    I’m really confused. So she’s not even going to pretend to wear pants? I think even Gaga layers a sheer hankie on top when she’s out and about.

  8. Chris

    Her makeup looks nice, for once! Everything else, just no.

  9. Kris

    God help us all, she’s on the road to buttockial spikes.

    (though I do agree that this is the best her hair and face have ever been)

  10. Cecily

    YUK! (I seem to be reduced to one-words of disgust today)…

  11. CJ

    Granny panties, a cape, hoof shoes and one half-glove that looks like it’s made from bubble wrap. Although there is no visible glitter on her body, I still don’t consider this an improvement. And tell me fellow moms: if your adolescent daughter came home from school with hair looking like that, you would have thought someone mean did it to her. Really. An uncombed, half-teased bird’s nest with green paint streaked through it? My heart would literally stop for 30 seconds as I contemplated how long it would take to clean and comb through that mess.

  12. Lina

    Her feet look like Bambi’s. (The deer, not a euphemism.) And the cut of the hotpants gives the impression of her having gigantic mutant labia. (Oh, god, that’s going to become the next Gaga-esque thing, isn’t it? NOOOES!)

    I suspect KC’s hands behind his back are desperately trying to rip open a sanitary wipe because she’s…touching him.

  13. Chicklet

    I’m sorry, we have to charge Kenneth with being an accessory after the fact. (C’mon, SOMEONE had to say it; we’re at a fashion blog.)

  14. yeahandalso

    Well I really like Kenneth Cole and I really LOVE her video with James Van der Beek.

  15. vandalfan

    She’s wearing black granny panties. Is she going all demure on us? Geez, even Momsen would have worn a thong and shredded fishnets. I wish Ken would grab the cape and whirl it around her waist and fashion her an Awesome Maxi, right before our eyes, like the Toilet Paper Wedding Gown game at a bridal shower.

  16. Another Jill

    I’m SHOCKED, SHOCKED I SAY, to be typing this, but she looks like she’s showered in the last few days and hasn’t had a drink in the past couple of hours!?!?
    I think I may go have a little lie down to compose myself.

  17. bex

    CJ, I regularly came home with that hair in high school. Multicolored, tangled, and full of smoke. If not in high school, when else?

  18. Lily1214

    Oh gracious. Is she his daughter?

  19. Whaaaa?

    I think her, um, hooha is hanging out! I’m not a perv, just curious, so I enlarged that picture and it sure looks like it to me. Gah.

  20. Bambi Anne Dear

    I’ve forgiven Kesha a few things lately but this attention seeker I just can’t.

    I love his shoes but not his pants.

  21. anonymoose

    yeah but, yeah but, yeah but…she looks so demure from shoulders to ankles! not all skeezy like she stepped out of a dumpster. and we see so little skin (besides arms and legs), so really this is a WIN!

    you shoulda seen what she had on first, before the argument they had prior to leaving his studio for the event, during which he forced her to shower and put this on instead! ;-p
    that’s why he looks so exhausted. the mussed punk version of Ellie May Clampett hair was the compromise so they could get out the door!

  22. ashleymads

    I mean come ON! this is K$SHHH!!!!AH we’re talking about. I think she looks pretty good…which, I guess for her, means clean…

  23. Miranda

    Sadly, I actually think this is the best I’ve ever seen her. Like, I can tell she’s a pretty girl in there somewhere who has not recently trekked through a service drain.

  24. Sajorina

    I like Kenneth Cole; I even own some of his shoes and bags, so WHY OH WHY disappoint me like this?

  25. Winona

    Wow… looks like she showered.

  26. Andy

    She gets a “F” for her tucking ability. More tape “gurl”!!!

  27. donna

    shower or not, I am pretty certain ke$ha smells of old chicken soup and you know that’s nasty

  28. Steffie