Back in the day, we used to get a lot of hysterical mail from fans of people we’d featured on the site, accusing us of being haters because we’re, in the infamous words of the Internet, “JUST JEALOUS!!!11!!?!?!!!!1111.” But the truth is, we were really just featuring whoever it was because we simply hated their outfit — believe me when I say that I have no desire to be, like, Jessica Simpson, and anyway, making fun of someone’s outfit is a TERRIBLE outlet for jealousy. I must prefer egging that person’s house.  However, I freely admit that I am jealous of Diane Kruger:

Let me count the ways:

  1. Running around Paris in June
  2. Including going to a posh-looking party at the Louvre
  3. With Pacey
  4. In a suit
  5. While wearing a totally fabulous mint green gown that could look deeply weird on a lot of people
  6. But which she is rocking.
  7. Also, the hilarity of getting to be in a movie where Nic Cage announces his plan to KIDNAP THE PRESIDENT and then does it with a total minimum of fuss.
  8. So yes, right now, I = JEALOUS. Everyone, GET YOUR EGGS. Meet you at Kruger’s!