The Fugpire Diaries

I am falling in love with Katerina Graham. Remember last week, when we linked to a video of her walking us through her wardrobe which opened with, “I’m pretty much always wearing these harem pants”?

Katerina Graham doesn’t lie.

In addition to honesty, and a cracked out wardrobe, I’d like to give her props for being a pretty good actress. In real life, she’s clearly pretty bubbly and high-spirited, while her character on Vampire Diaries, Bonnie, is TOTALLY GLOOMSVILLE (although she might be falling for a hot warlock with an evil dad, and that’s going to get interesting, and, in fairness, I guess she’s bitter that her Grams [of course she's called "Grams," it's -- at least in part -- a Kevin Williamson show. Although I called her Whitley Gilbert. Because she was played by Jasmine Guy, not just randomly] died doing a very difficult spell to help some of the town vampires.).  But Nina Dobrev is getting all the acting props for Vampire Diaries — including from us, and totally fairly, because she rules extra hard — which means poor Katerina, also working her ass off in Georgia, can count on only her harem pants for support.