The Sarah Silverman Fug

“Have I been in the back pages of Us Weekly lately?” Sarah Silverman wondered. “I don’t think so.  Shit, dude. If I’m not out there mugging for the cameras, HOW WILL I KNOW I’M ALIVE?!?”

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Comments (47):

  1. RosieB

    I love those shoes. But man, she annoys the hell out of me.

  2. liz

    Was it a requirement to wear formal shorts to this Instyle event?

  3. Lina


  4. Gretchen

    Anytime I see her not wearing sloppy shirts and jeans I’m relieved.

  5. Fawn

    Clearly the clothes are wackadoo, but this is the best her face and hair have EVER looked.

  6. Lisa T

    I never understood her appeal or humor. However, her face is quite pretty here.

  7. Christopher G

    It’s Sarah, so comedy must be taken into account, but unless you are a rockette onstage (and even then) I don’t ever want to see shiney thigh controlling pantyhose, and Sarah, you don’t NEED them… gah!

  8. witjunkie

    I realize she’s just being silly here, but I bet, like a lot of people who are known for being funny, she probably deeply desires to be glamorous. Remember those Gap ads she was in a few years back? I remember thinking that then.

  9. Lupe

    Why do comedians always need to do what they think are funny poses. It’s stupid and makes them look like they’re trying too hard.
    I think, without the stockings and with a skirt instead of shorts, this might be cute outfit for the office. For the office, I said.

  10. Libby

    She seems to graduated from her typical 70′s high school student apparel to 70′s Rocky Horror Picture Show enthusiast (just add a ton of make-up and a red wig or top hat).

  11. Anne

    She is mugging a perfect parody of an American Apparel ad, and she is hilarious. She’s amazing and I love her.

  12. Lindy

    She is probably the least funny woman on the planet and her mugging in such an annoying manner isn’t helping matters in the least.

    She’s an attractive woman, so why does she feel the need to dress “funny”?

  13. Feena

    I love her and I love love love those shoes. Go girl.

  14. Zuzzie

    But I looooove her!

  15. Sarky

    anyone who can stand in front a backdrop emblazoned with “In Style’ dressed like she is, posing like she is, either has a brilliant sense of the oxymoronic, or is moronic. Too big a question for this public high school graduate so…ugh!

  16. EmSpeaks

    I second RosieB AND Lupe. Love the shoes, her … not so much. BUT I could see the outfit working for the office if you swapped the shorts for a decent skirt. Minus the mugging, obviously.

  17. Karen

    She is not nearly as all that as she wants us to think she is.

  18. AQ

    Those tights are funny, but not in the ha-ha sense. More in the peculiar sense, or in the OH GOD WHY WHY WHY sense.

  19. Sherri

    I vote for the shoes. The rest can go to recycling.

  20. Chasmosaur

    Don’t like her.

    However, yes to the hair and makeup. Like the shirt. WTF on shorts and hose. Want to love the shoes, but would have loved them better if they weren’t heels.

  21. Caroleena Stantonova

    Get over yourself, Sarah! Albeit, there is not much to get over. I nominate her Queen of the House of Fug.

  22. roser

    She thinks she is so much cooler and more interesting than she is. Ick.

  23. Chicklet

    Trying Too Hard. (See also: Gaga, Lady; Ke-dollar sign-ha.)

  24. Mongerel

    I’m like, all scissors.
    She can keep her shoes on.

  25. TonyG

    Love the funny stockings! Totally made me smile.

  26. vandalfan

    Give her the blue blazer and I’ll take her over Kurger any day.

  27. poppy

    Can’t. Stand. Her.

  28. kindakute

    Sarah Silverman is hilarious. Have you seen Jesus is Magic? The woman is a genius. She can do whatever she wants. This pose is complete satire like everything else she does. I personally love her jeans, sneakers, t-shirt, I don’t give a fuck look she usually rocks. Thank GOD we have woman like Sarah Silverman keeping it real. The haters are too young to understand her work.

  29. Jessica

    We can all disagree without thinking the other doesn’t get it, I think. I personally don’t find her funny, and I’m 36, so….

    I think, for me, this ISN’T keeping it real. I’d argue that almost every woman reading this site right now keeps it real, and few of us would choose to go out in this. It’s totally her prerogative to brand herself this way, but it doesn’t personally appeal to me. BUT! As I always say, it’d be boring if we all agreed, you know?

  30. sophie

    love the outfit.

  31. Jules

    I agree with Anne!
    American Apparel pose!
    Is that going to be a new category on ANTM?

  32. Sajorina

    This outfit and pose may be fug, but I ♥ her stockings!

  33. What's The New Black

    She wore this to an InStyle event?! That’s so ironic. Although I do like the shoes.

  34. snuffy

    I don’t get all the hate, she’s so funny and one of my biggest girl crushes ever!

    I like this outfit in this context… not only is it funny on its own in an American Apparel sense, but it’s almost as if she predicted Diane Kruger’s outfit and wanted to expose formal shorts as the terrible idea they are.

    The shoes really are cute, though.

  35. Aria

    I find her very unfunny too Heather. And this outfit should be killed with fire.

  36. UghManpris

    Yes on the face and the shoes. The pose and the clothes look like satire to me.

  37. Sara Jane

    Jeez people, why all the hating? You don’t have to be a fan, but do you have to be so “urgh CAN’T STAND her”. At least for the sake of this site keep your criticism witty and on topic!
    And clearly the pose is satirical. Fairly sure the clothes are just for shits and giggles.

  38. MJ

    I think she looks cool!

  39. Nicole

    Love the shoes, love the pose, love her, love everything. Well, maybe not the tights. But I’m going to assume they’re a joke and embrace them.

  40. jim doyle

    My eyes! My eyes! She looks better with more clothes on.

  41. Miss Oki

    Ummm… I ordered those tights a week ago from Topshop… yay for me? Feeling distinctly put off now.

  42. wiz

    She’s one of those chicks who IS more than pretty/beautiful enough so you do not believe the self mockery. It comes across as completely self-absorbed. I’m over it.

  43. wiz

    Ring! Ring! It’s the 90s – they want their Granny shoes back.

  44. ChaChaHeels

    Sarah never tries too hard, she knows exactly what she’s doing. She’s hilarious! And she’s very beautiful, too.

  45. Snaggles

    She is totally taking the piss out of all those red carpet twits. A refreshing personality in Hollywood.

  46. Palermo

    I am just seeing this, and I swear to God I thought it was Johnny Weir the skater!

  47. Nicole Kidman

    I LOVE HER. You’re all tired old farts.