The Fug Song

I can only pray that she also got this in white for the wedding.

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  1. flitzy

    I am so sick of this dress and every damned variation of it that has been around since the 90′s.

  2. margaret

    If you stare at it a while it becomes a black vase with a pair of black sunglasses on top.

  3. LG

    If only it hadn’t had a cutout! But also: it is June. T.Lo’s recent observation that the starlets have been dressing really funereally this summer kinda rings true here. Whither the floral sundress? Whither fun colors?

    (However, credit where it’s due: her haircut is fantastic right now.)

    • Billie

      I think Elizabeth Banks stole them for all of her recent appearances. That girl has been wearing every color under the sun!

    • Alderene

      In her defence, she was at a function in Australia, where it is currently winter. Her hair looks cute, though.

  4. PegMN

    I am so happy about her hair. It’s absolutely wonderful that the extensions are gone.

    • Tracy L

      Peg–I agree! She looks younger without all that stupid fake hair. Her natural colour is probably better than this, but it sure is an improvement. He makeup is better, too.

  5. Nanc in Ashland

    Oh she so needs to go back to her real hair color. She looks like an old Jenny McCarthy from the neck up.

    • Kat

      Actually, Jenny McCarthy probably wore that dress on Singled Out at one point, sooo… maybe she’s just really early for Halloween and this is her JMcC costume?!

  6. Leah

    Looks like she forgot to put on her dress, grabbed a shrug and ran out the door.

  7. Beth

    I can only pray that Chris Hemsworth becomes an ordained minister and officiates the wedding in full costume as Thor.

    Whether or not Miley wears that dress in white is entirely up to her. I demand Thor.

  8. Steph

    She forgot to pu an actual dress over her Spanx.

  9. Beth

    Why do I think that dress was just an excuse to pull the boob necklace out the jewelry box again?

    • McLisa


    • Dazie

      I was just coming here to comment on that. UNDERBOOB. NECKLACE. Those words don’t even make sense together, and yet- there they are.

  10. Trace

    You know what? You only have a small window of life where you can wear stuff like this. Regardless of how much I LIKE the dress, she does look great in it.

  11. vandalfan

    With the midriff cutout AND long sleeves, just, why? Fill in the cut out and she’d look a million times better.

  12. Eliza Bennett

    I’m just so exhausted by this. I need a nap.

  13. Chasmosaur

    She seems to be getting another use out of her breast chain.

  14. Jill

    She’s definitely in shape for a dress like this. And her hair does look pretty good.

    In the pics I saw with Liam standing next to her….all I can see is his face in “The Last Song” fug the fromage. It looks exactly the same as that screen shot that was repeatedly and hilariously included!!!

  15. Kristan

    I actually kind of like it… Look, it’s not my ideal, but it’s not really all that slutty, and I’d much rather her wear this at 19 than 49. (Or even 39. Might be better at 29, but there’s no telling if she’ll stay in the limelight that long, so I can’t blame her for doing it now.)

  16. Laucie

    Mickey Mouse called. He wants his ears back.

  17. Other Emily

    Great, happy face, amazing bod, much improved hair. Terrible dress. Terrible boob chain. Miley, I know you have a hard time with this, but you can do better. Keep trying.

  18. CSmith

    Seconds before exciting the car Liam pulled her dress down over her bra and exclaimed, “yea that’s better”.

  19. Stefanie

    I might be so tired my eyes are crossing (or I could be drunk, who really knows at this point) but I LIKE THIS. *ducks the rotten fruit*

  20. Libby

    Is that all a dress, or did she put on an open-back dress backwards with her black push-up bra exposed? I’m confused…
    But, hey, her hair looks great, and she’s been looking fit and happy lately.

  21. Miss Louise

    from this angle the shoes have a strangely orthopedic look to them. And thanks to margaret above, all I can see now is boob sunglasses. But it’s true her hair is much better without those tragic extensions.

    • amanda

      I agree with everyone that her dress is horrible, but I cannot agree that her hair is anything short of atrocious. The extensions were kinda trashy looking, but at least they looked healthier than this! Her hair looks fried – no shine, no body, no life – and to top it off it’s cut in a TERRIBLE “mom” style that is completely wrong for her face! She needs a darker hair color and some long layers STAT!

      As an aside, I never thought I’d get so worked up about anything related to Miley Cyrus that I’d need to use more than one exclaimation mark to properly convey my feelings.

  22. Helen

    1999 Britney seems like an odd aspiration.

  23. Liz985

    Agreed — totally sick of the bandage dress in all its incarnations. That said, I’m sure she’s dressing a bit for her gorgeous 20-year old fiancĂ©. As someone posted previously, the window for this look is small and I’m gonna let her have this one because it could have been much worse.

  24. Shelly

    I saw this picture and thought she looked great,,20607563_21179037,00.html#21179007
    But seeing a full view of the dress has revised my opinion

  25. CJG

    We get it; you’re not a kid anymore. Do you have to wear something from the Spanx catalog as a dress to prove it?

    And the boob necklace has to be THE tackiest item of jewelry I have ever seen in my life. Seriously, if Fredericks of Hollywood made jewelry (hmm….I don’t know…maybe they do), it would be this wraparound-your-boobs number.

  26. mary lou bethune

    She is pretty tacky but I wonder what she sees for her future? I just cannot imagine she has much talent for the long haul. Her father doesn’t have a lot of talent and he is still around, so who knows…

  27. Natalie

    i actually like this. its cute and not too risque due to the long sleeves. love the shoes and her highlights and with all the problems bras can cause (see the 5 million slideshows titled Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions) Miley was smart to wear a bra as her top. sorry jessica, but i completely and wholeheartedly disagree with you on this one.

  28. Fat Desdemona

    I believe that she actually looks great except for the bra aspect. She looks mature, but still young and beautiful. I do wish she was wearing some colorful shoes or accessories, though. It’s a bit bleak with all black.

    But, hell, the Fug Nation knows she’s looked so very much worse.

  29. The Fugger

    I would make an off-white joke, but that would just be mean.

    That said, although that is pretty flattering, it still has a window to her diaphragm. I’m just hoping that it’s a metaphor as to how she feels about becoming the future Mrs. Hemsworth.

  30. witjunkie

    I like this too. The fit is great and while I’d prefer it without the cutout, the bra top does fit her perfectly, boobs aren’t falling over and out, or floating half an inch behind the cups. Looks like she’s dialed back the fake bake, too. She looks good.

  31. Guerra

    Yeah I really like this, I’d wear it! I think she looks great!

  32. Mahastee

    It’s like a variation on 1940′s swimwear. Which is fine if you’re doing a song & dance number by the pool with lots of male gymnasts in trunks… But not so much for out & about with your new fiancee, and NEVER with that godawful body necklace.

  33. GigiNYC

    I gotta be honest–I don’t hate this. While it’s certainly not the most elegant dress I’ve seen, it fits her like a glove and her boobs look great. Like someone else wrote above, you’re only young once. She’s 19, has a totally bangin’ body, and she’s worth millions. Why not flaunt it while you’ve still got it?

  34. gab

    She is young enough to pull this off. Give the kid a break!

  35. Suzie

    The dress is almost there for me…wish it didn’t have the cut out. So a B- for me.

  36. Anne

    I love it and think it looks great on her, and suspect that if Gwyneth Paltrow were wearing it, the comments would be all raves… It’s a little ’90s, yes, but I still think it works, on her.

  37. Joanna

    Ok, so the bandage dress is a little old…I still think she looks great in this outfit. Clean and polished but not elderly. I like it!

  38. Ms. A.

    Female escort status.

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