This is Australian actor Jessica McNamee:

She was on Home and Away, which I believe is a legal requirements for all Australian actors, and then she was on a show called Packed to the Rafters, which is about the sexy side of hoarding. Wait. I might have that wrong.  Wikipedia said it actually “revolves around the Rafter family facing work pressures and life issues, whilst also tackling serious social issues.” LIKE HOARDING? I’m sorry. The pun is just RIGHT THERE.  My favorite part of the description of her part on Home and Away — where it appears she revenged herself on a dude by “getting him involved in drag racing,” which feels like a really long con — is that after she died in car crash (irony!), one of her other boyfriends “devoted some of his novel to [her].” But just SOME of it. Much like she has devoted only SOME of this infernal jumpsuit to her upper arms.