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Oh, Chloe. I am so glad you’re back on TV — thank you, Mindy Kaling! — and therefore out and about and looking like a disheveled modern dance instructor:

Her interpretive dance about the existential angst experienced when you begin to wonder whether or not your city is ACTUALLY sorting the recycling from the trash is a sight to behold. Will no one think of the newsprint?!?

[Photo: Getty]

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  1. goldfish

    In the eighties, I used to wait tables in shoes that looked identical to hers. And it wasn’t even a nice place.

  2. Mary

    ok, seriously, was the dress code ‘no make-up’? there are a few exceptions, but rarely have I seen so wan and washed out a collection of celebrity shots!

  3. Maria L.

    I have come to the conclusion that she is a vampire and cannot see her reflection in a mirror. It’s the only sensible explanation for her wardrobe.

  4. Helen

    This is like she decided to go as her character from Portlandia.

    Which is totally possible. That could be exactly what happened!

    The Sev is getting to be one of my favorite whack-a-doodle cuckoos.

    • Rowynn

      If I was the type of person to use such colorful metaphors, I’d say that The Sev here looks like the dogs have had her under the porch.

      • Helen


        • Rowynn

          I think it’s something they say in the south – meant to indicate someone is disheveled and upset. Much like a cat would be if the dogs had chased it under the porch and roughed it up a little.

  5. Bella

    Obviously, she is miffed at not being Fug Madness Queen and therefore, trying all the harder for next year’s title. There is no other explanation for her sartorial suicide.

  6. Carol

    It’s hard to hang curtains properly … but one should never just give up and hang the curtains on oneself.

  7. Courtney

    I actually think this looks good on her.

  8. Miss Louise

    Weirdly, the worst thing about this for me is that metallic Alice band holding back her hair: it screams of no effort. The outfit, for some reason I can’t explain, works on her. But then again, it’s Chloe. She just seems like a really fun person, so I’m always inclined to let her off the hook, probably unfairly.

  9. dee cee

    Code name.. double skirt sooty..

  10. ok

    Can we discuss how ugly Rodarte’s clothes are? That Zoe Saldana belly-dancer get-up was also Rodarte and also ugly. The Fanning Sisters wear a lot of their clothes, and they are also, often enough, very ugly clothes.

    Stella and Marchesa often get a lot of hate, almost always deserved. I want Rodarte to start shouldering some responsibility for fugliness.

  11. Cora

    “Look, I had to leave the house I woke up in REAL EARLY, okay, and I COULDN’T FIND my makeup bag or the other sleeve, okay??? OKAY???”

  12. Lily1214

    . . . and no makeup, hm?

  13.  Vandalfan

    I am in love, however, with her giant, pink gold, barbed wire jewelry.