Teen Choice Awards Well Played: Lea Michele


Well, this had to be the ultimate bittersweet night for Lea Michele. She won for best actress in a comedy, and Glee won, and it was her first public appearance since Cory Monteith died, and… it is so hard to face doing something, knowing exactly what everyone will be thinking and wanting to ask, and suspecting you will cry your way through the night.

But Lea looked gorgeous — that dress is extremely cute — and in fact the other two ladies behind her look nice also (I wonder if the three of them intentionally color-coordinated)(and then there’s Kevin McHale, whose shorts with socks/tights/whatever I can’t even talk about right now but suffice to say unless Cory Monteith once told him, “BELIEVE IN THE SHORTS, DUDE,” then I really don’t get why he couldn’t just wear freaking pants). Lea has worn a lot of that darker bright pink before; perhaps it’s like her sartorial Happy Place. Good for her for pulling it together, making a classy tribute to her boyfriend, and doing him and herself proud. What they’re doing at work right now must be unimaginably hard, and I’m glad they get to show up today feeling like everything they did with Cory really was appreciated.

I don’t have anything funny or snarky to add. Sometimes you just have to hug it out, not fug it out.

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  1. Kristan

    “Sometimes you just have to hug it out, not fug it out.”


  2. Rose

    Serious points to Lea Michele (and really that entire cast, which – as an avid disliker of Glee – is not something I ever thought I would say) for being classy and composed throughout this whole ordeal. The fact that Lea looks adorable is just the icing on the cake here.

  3. ErinE

    I absolutely love her dress, and it was a nice moment! Who is behind her in blue?

  4. LoriK

    Unless Cory also told McHale that shoelaces bummed him out then McHale should have also put dang laces in his stupid shoes while he was trading in those shorts for a pair of pants.

    But yeah, credit to all the Glee folks for handing a very difficult thing very well.

  5.  TaraMisu

    I haven’t watched her acceptance speech, I would blubber all over my keyboard I’m sure. I’m not a huge Glee fan but this has to be horrible for the entire cast.

    • Renee

      I don’t watch the show but I totally sobbed watching her tribute to Cory. Very moving.

  6. qwertygirl

    She looks very cute. I like that dress. Big hug to her.

  7. Stefanie

    I don’t even watch Glee but her speech had me in tears.

  8. Jessie Lewis

    Lea looked amazing, and she said all the right things. I hope she gets all the hugs she wants. I wish the best to all of them as they grieve however works best for each of them.

  9. Julia

    Another who doesn’t watch Glee, but I saw a clip of Lea’s speech and I am so sad for them all. Regardless of the perks, money and access fame provide one, I cannot imagine the pain of living this kind of grief in the public eye. They are all in my thoughts as they move through the painful times ahead.

  10.  BabyBaloo

    I for one, do watch Glee (yeah I know, it never recovered its humor, nor its charm but yeah, I stuck with it), and so I hope that they handle this with honor and dignity in the show…

    Cannot imagine grieving with everyone watching, speculating, gossiping about it… argh
    It’s a good thing that Naya didn’t join them on stage, I saw what she was wearing on another website…. yikes! her + McHale would have made me cringe, well, McHale IS doing that very well all on his own already…

    • DK

      I’m pretty sure she was on stage for the group cast win. She was wearing a black leather bra top and leggings, right? At least she didn’t come back for Lea’s acceptance.

      •  BabyBaloo

        Indeed! however, I can only remember, as you put it, the leather bra top **shudders**
        (which I guess we will be seeing later today as it was made of fug!!!)

    • Carrie

      Naya wasn’t on stage for this because it was the rest of the original Glee Club that went with her, sans Chris Colfer who wasn’t in attendance.

  11. maryse

    she is too young to have her heart broken like this.

  12. Carrie Ann

    I happened to turn on the TCAs right as Glee won, so I watched their speech and then was shocked when Lea came out. Then I cried a lot. She looked beautiful, and communicated her love for Cory and her gratitude for the support very well. I’ve not been a big fan of hers in the past, but that moment really turned me around. I’m so sad for all of them.

  13. SPJava

    I’m not a fan of Glee or Lea but as the saying goes you wouldn’t wish this on your worse enemy. Strength & support to all of them.

    • HelenBackAgain

      I wouldn’t even wish it on my worst enemy. Kudos to them all for getting through it so well, and so together, and even looking nice while doing so.

  14. Gary Davidson

    I continue to be appalled at the FUGLY outfits on the men in these photos, Kevin McHale looks like an overgrown child, idiotic, I am surprised that these women don’t say something like ” Kevvie I will NOT be seen with you unless you dress like an adult”

  15. Terri Watson

    My daughter lost the love of her life in a car accident and at about the same age. You grieve, you heal a bit, you move on, but you never get over it. Big hugs to Lea! She looked adorbs. I’m sure she has a terrific support group.

    • Jessica

      Oh goodness, huge hugs to your daughter. It’s so hard. I’ve been through some slightly similar stuff and it’s truly….just very hard indeed. My heart breaks for all these people. Tell everyone you love them while you’ve got them, I guess, is all any of us can do.

  16. gwenie

    As someone who lost her sister last year to the very similar circumstances, I can say with certainty that the pain is immense. Hugs to Lea for handling this with such grace. You look absolutely lovely.

    To the Fug Gurls: My sis and I read your blog religiously. Many days we would email each other our favorite lines from your posts while at work, just so we could get through the day. Though I no longer have that, I still read your blog, as it brings me such wonderful memories of spending time with my best friend. No one quite got the awesomeness of the Golden Girls and Dynasty quite like you ladies(both our favorites). Pretty much what I want to say is THANK YOU. For your snark, your wit, and your love of sparkles.

    • Jessica

      Oh my gosh, thank YOU. That’s a such a lovely compliment. I am so truly TRULY sorry about your sister. Both Heather and I have sisters, and I can’t imagine what you must be going through. Huge HUGE hugs to you from us and from, I’m sure, Fug Nation.

  17. Katie

    I’m surprised at how respectful everyone’s comments are. Well her attire was pretty “safe”, compared to some of her previous choices.

    I have nothing but deep respect for her. My sister is going through the same thing as Cory Monteith, and I know that fear of getting the phone call she got a couple weeks ago. You just have to hold onto what time you have left with your loved ones, and hope they can pull through.

  18. kim B

    Well played fug people and fug commentators, I thought I was at the wrong place for a moment :).
    Anyway the speech was lovely and she looked adorable I would have to assume it would being pretty in pink could only make you feel a little better.

  19. jean

    I think I’m going to watch Stephen Colbert dance again. But nice comments and that’s because Jessica and Heather set the right tone.

  20. Penny

    Where’s a LIKE button when you need one? I’d like to LIKE everything above, and yes I too think I might go watch Stephen Colbert dance again. One cannot get too much of that video.

  21. Patent

    Her speech genuinely moved me and she looked utterly adorable. I’ve always been a fan of hers because she’s wonderfully talented and entertaining, but her strength of character has truly impressed me. I truly feel for her and Cory’s family and what they must be going through.

  22. Sajorina

    She looked so beautiful, even though she’s obviously heartbroken! The dress and shoes are gorgeous! She was so natural that her sincerity shined through! I know what is like to loose a loved one in same circumstances as Lea, and the rest of the cast, and I teared up during her speech! I just know that Cory was smiling and beaming with pride from above! ♥

  23. JanB

    She was sweet and her dress is sweet. Rooting for her.