Happy 10th Anniversary of The O.C, guys! I hope you all enjoyed our coverage. As a reminder, we brought you a look back at Peter Gallagher’s eyebrows, of the hotness of cagefighter Ben McKenzie, the wacktacular ensembles of Misha Barton, the cuteness that is Rachel Bilson, and everything that is Samaire Armstrong. STILL need stuff to read?

– We took a look back at Sharon Stone’s wardrobe over the years. YOU GUYS. IT WAS CRAZY. (The Cut)

– Yeah, you’re going to want to read about what Grantland calls “the most incredible photo shoot in U.S. soccer history.” Not for the reasons you think you’re going to want to read about it, though. Just trust me. (Grantland)

– Harper’s Bazaar took a look back at Princess Beatrice’s fashion, in honor of her 25th birthday. (Harper’s Bazaar)

– And Fashionista brings us the Banana Republic/Issa/Kate Middleton collaboration. (Fashionista)

– You will LOVE these watercolor portraits of fictional heroines. (Refinery29)

– Vulture’s coverage of the 10th anniversary of The O.C. has been awesome. They actually did a look back at all the lower-third promos that FOX ran during season one. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen the logo for COPS plastered across Barton’s cleav. (Vulture)

– They also did an O.C Superfan Quiz and IT IS HARD. (Vulture)

The full trailer of Naomi Watt’s Diana is here. Obviously, I am going to see it, but I have to agree that this trailer makes it look a bit Lifetime. (Lainey)

– Pajiba is so right that the title of the Sharknado sequel is AWFUL. Their suggestions are way funnier. (Pajiba)

– No big, just pictures of Tom Hiddleston hanging out with Cookie Monster. (Celebitchy)

– Remember the best ad of 2012? Yes, you do: THE WORLD TURNS. AND WE TURN WITH IT. Anyway, I think Christy Turlington and CK are trying to out-Brad Brad Pitt and Chanel. (People Stylewatch)

– Do I need to tell you any more than the title of this piece on The Hairpin: STONE COLD JANE AUSTEN. (The Hairpin)

– You saw the Stephen Colbert “Get Lucky” routine, yes? YES? (HuffPo)

– Virgin Atlantic is featuring live stand-up comedians and musicians on some of their flights in the UK. I love Virgin, but I can’t imagine anything worse than being stuck in the middle of an in-air stand-up comedy set or unwanted concert that I literally CANNOT ESCAPE. What if I just want to take a nap, you guys?! (Time)

- Also, just for fun: