Teen Choice Awards Fug Carpet: Jordin Sparks

Did this shrink?

Because she kind of looks like one of the water girls at Auntie Meryl’s Down-Home Square Dancin’ Show and Rodeo, except that all of the other girls are twelve.

[Photo: Getty]

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  1. christine christine

    I’m baffled by the link to Auntie Meryl’s. Where are the square dancers?

    I also that Jordin looked too big for this dress. Not that being big is bad–I myself am a big girl–but the high waist plus the short skirt make it look like a kid’s dress on an adult’s body. Too bad the waist isn’t at her waist.

    • Elle

      She’s definitely not a big girl. She has a gorgeous figure. It’s just that this dress does not do justice to it.

      • Heather

        I wasn’t saying she’s big, at ALL. Promise.

        • sarah

          She is big though – she’s 5’9” or something. Girl has amazing legs and fabulous shoulders, but she’s a tall girl and this doesn’t fit her properly.

        • Peachsiki

          She’s got a great figure but this dress makes her look so wrong. The v is too deep and the hem is too high, it’s just too much skin for anyone.

    • Grace Pheiffer

      I am also confused by the link. Unless you were just subconsciously willing FugNation to send you Mallow Squares.

    • Chasmosaur

      I believe this is what Heather meant to link to.


      However, it’s good to know her taste in snack cookbooks ;)

    • Francesca

      The proportions of the dress just aren’t attractive on her. The high waist and short poufy skirt all give the illusion of someone crammed into their dress. A longer skirt, or one not as full would be an improvement. But that ding dang pigeon toed, girlie, see-how-waifish-my-etsy-dress-is pose drives me bats!

      • hippetyhop

        I totally agree on the pigeon-toed thing – appalling on anyone adult but particularly so on a strapping 5′ 9”er like this. In a dress made for someone about a foot shorter.

  2. Jules

    She is so gorgeous, but what the heck did she do to herself here?

  3. Molly

    This reminds me of when I used to put Barbie clothes on “Barby,” or similarly slightly-larger dolls. It was a bad look on the, too.
    And while I appreciate the link to snacks, I, too, am baffled.

    • Leah

      YES! She looks like Maxi trying to wear Barbie’s teddy. I loved Maxi and her flat feet, but some clothes they just couldn’t share.

  4. Bella

    Pretty girl, ugly dress. And please, stand up straight – no pigeon toes!!!!

  5. filmcricket

    Yeah, this is not the way to show off your new ‘bikini bod’ as the interwebs keep calling it. Get on the horn to Jennifer Hudson and have her take you through the finer points of dressing your new, lovely figure.

  6. Ms. A.

    Its just not flattering.

  7. Crystal

    I hope there’s a bikini under that beach cover up.

  8. vandalfan

    That is not the style of dress to wear with such a voluptuous figure. The skirt does nothing for her hips, and that pattern over each Girl- yikes! So unflattering, yet she almost pulls it off.

    • Mara

      I agree. I think it’s her lovely smile that makes her almost pull this atrocity off.

  9. Sajorina


  10. ML

    I totally get the square dance link-back and was LOL at it. Then again, there are those of us in the Fug Nation Old Folks Sewin’ Circle who actually remember *having* to square dance in the gym during elementary school recess on rainy days.

    Dosey-do, Jordin! Swing yer partner!

  11. McLisa

    Oh yeah! Promenade!

  12. Rubee

    Lovely girl, flawless face but the dress is definitely not age or figure appropiate. The bodice flattens the sisters and it looks as a “recycling” job; meaning someone made it into a halter from a more demure neckline.

  13. esther

    she has a seriously gorgeous smile set in a seriously pretty face.

    almost makes me overlook the seriously unflattering dress.

  14. Lily1214

    She is so good-looking with beautiful long legs. Why is she standing like that?