Fug File: misguided facial hair

A 2012 Fugtrospective: The Year Kellan Lutz Became Hilarious

So, as heartthrobs go, I never really was able to go there with Kellan Lutz. I maybe used to call him Kellan Yutz. I might even have used “Klutz” to name the folder into which I saved all these photos. But then a funny thing happened: Kellan Lutz grew facial hair and became amazing. Intentionally or not — and I suspect not — it gave him this undeniable aura of hilarious mischief. So between that, the amazeballsificence of his Essential Homme cover (you’ll soon see), and his absolutely intentional self-parodying awesomeness on 30 Rock, I am now a staunch believer that the right comedic role would put me on Team Lutz forever. As it is, I’m considering volunteering to be the water girl.

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Fugred Leto

When I saw this picture, at first I thought, “Wait, I know he’s hurt, but shouldn’t Brian Wilson be celebrating with the San Francisco Giants right about now?”

But, hey, it’s Halloween. Maybe he’s at a Go As Your Favorite Topiary party.

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Venice Fug-or-Fine Festival: A Random Assortment of Dudes

Yes, Fug Nation, that IS a collection of stains on Philip Seymour Hoffman’s shirt. Somebody get him a Shout wipe endorsement deal, stat.

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Fugsip Girl

Welcome to this week’s installment of our favorite program, WTF Is Happening On Penn Badgley’s Head, in which we pose the familiar old question: “WTF is happening on Penn Badgley’s head?!?!?!”

It’s a rhetorical question, so it’s a short program.

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Fug World

I can’t believe none of you emailed to tell us that, at some point over the last six months, Adam Lambert here fell under the thrall of the Dark Lord and is now acting as his (extremely UNSUBTLE) emissary on earth. I mean, when he comes up to me at the Whole Foods at some point this summer and offers to trade me a particularly lovely clutch of organic radishes for my eternal soul or whatever, I’d be likely to turn him down ANYWAY, but a heads-up would have been nice.


What Fugs May Come

Congratulations to Robin Williams on his new career.

Robin Williams

He is going to make a great Gorton’s Fisherman.