So, as heartthrobs go, I never really was able to go there with Kellan Lutz. I maybe used to call him Kellan Yutz. I might even have used “Klutz” to name the folder into which I saved all these photos. But then a funny thing happened: Kellan Lutz grew facial hair and became amazing. Intentionally or not — and I suspect not — it gave him this undeniable aura of hilarious mischief. So between that, the amazeballsificence of his Essential Homme cover (you’ll soon see), and his absolutely intentional self-parodying awesomeness on 30 Rock, I am now a staunch believer that the right comedic role would put me on Team Lutz forever. As it is, I’m considering volunteering to be the water girl.

[Photos: Getty, Jessica’s iPhone]