Fug File: Fug Madness 2012

Fug Madness 2012: One Fugging Winner, One Fugging Moment

This one was an adventure. Fug Madness has never had a final game so close; barely even a regular game so close (we have to reach back to the epic Peldon vs. Sevigny in 2008). All day, the lead swung wildly back and forth. Countless people Tweeted us to say their vote was the only one breaking a tie. Three votes here, twenty votes there, then one, then seven, then fifty, then eighty the other way. Picture it, Sophia Petrillo-style:

9 a.m. Monday. Polls open. Vanessa jumps out to a tiny lead; Lindsay quickly closes the gap.
10:30 a.m. We get our first tweets — of too many to count — from somebody whose vote broke an absolute deadlock. Diet Coke time.
2 p.m
. For the first time all day, the polling software’s rounding mechanism breaks its 50-50 claim (even though you can see by vote count who’s ahead) and gives Lilo a 51-49 edge, at which point I declare to Jessica that LiLo has it in the bag, that there is no coming back for Hudgens. We toast with some Diet Coke.
5 p.m. Hudgens comes back.
6 p.m. The lead changes six times in a ten-minute span. More Diet Coke.
9 p.m. One girl leaps out again to a 100-plus vote lead. I am out of Diet Coke.
2:30 a.m. Tuesday. With polls closing in roughly seven hours, the current leader is finally up by well more than 200 votes — the largest margin of the day. Voting had slowed down; history suggested it would be insurmountable. And so our glorious in-house editor puts the finishing touches on this year’s “One Fugging Moment” montage, proclaiming that person the victor, and I set it to upload to YouTube while we slept.
7 a.m. Last night’s leader is still up by more than 150 votes, 51 percent to 49 percent. I embed the video in our winner post and set it to go live at 10 a.m.
9:15 a.m. My in-house editor leaves for his out-of-house editing job and asks flippantly, “Did you ever check the poll results?” I say, “Yeah, we’re fine,” and then grab my phone on a whim and dial them up anew. And they’ve changed. For good. The polls are closed. I go buy a Diet Coke.

In two hours and fifteen minutes, there was a 300-vote swing. We were about half an hour away from our own GFY “Dewey Defeats Truman” moment… and we stupidly, tiredly, optimistically (or pessimistically, given who I was rooting for) hadn’t cut a backup. So that’s why this post is late. Day jobs wait for no man, and our editor is no exception.

But we’re here now. And we have a winner. Whose fug reigned (barely) supreme?

allez fugsine


Fug Madness 2012: The Final Game

In the post for last season’s One Fugging Moment montage, Heather wrote, “Vanessa Hudgens, your destiny may await.” Hudgens, that knock at the door you just heard is destiny, and she’s finally here. But you’re going to have to go through Lindsay Lohan to get to her.

PS: Voting is only open from now, until 9:00am on April 3, Pacific time, so VOTE NOW.

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Fug Madness 2012: Your Finalists

I think you guys are going to like this one. Presenting, your Fug Madness Final Two, imagined together in a badly Photoshopped portrait I like to call, “Ugh Madness: Yikes Is The New Clean”:



Both these ladies proved that sometimes — our bracket titled be damned — the power of two names bests having only one. Vanessa Hudgens got her toughest test yet from Ke$ha, but nonetheless topped her with a 55 percent ovation from the masses; LiLo, for her part, didn’t need much help dispatching Robyn, as she managed to cull 65 percent of the vote. And now that these two are in the final game, even though I didn’t predict it, suddenly it feels like destiny.



Fug Madness Final Four: Game Two



Is it too mean if I say that is this Fug Madness run represents some of the best success Lilo has had all year? TOO LATE.

Let’s do this:

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Fug Madness 2012, Final Four: Game One


In their own ways, both these ladies are Cinderellas — Ke$ha because of how far she’s come on such a small repertoire this year, and Vanessa because she surprised us all with that late push for a high seed, and the subsequent research that proved she’d been off her rocket for longer than we realized. I mean, if you’d asked me in September if Vanessa Hudgens would even have been eligible, I’d have been like, “Eh. Maybe? I don’t know.” What a difference some pants can make.

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Fug Madness 2012: Final Four Preview

Well, well. The supposed favorites are gone, leaving a No. 3 seed as the highest-ranked member of our Final Four. Also, interestingly, each game is a first name/last name versus a mono-moniker. I am not sure I know where y’all are going to go with this — you’ve surprised me with several of your picks this year already — but one thing I know for sure: This year’s “One Fugging Moment” montage is going to be SOLID.

The bracket claimed again that we’d spread out the games across Thursday and Friday, but we’re going to do them both Thursday instead, so that we can leave polls open a bit longer in advance of Monday’s final game and really give people a chance to vote the hell out of it. On whom will you be voting? VOILA:



Vanessa showed Kourtney Kardashian who’s boss, dominating her the way K.Kard has steamrolled people the rest of the way: A full 67 percent of you thought Hudge’s fug was stronger, and voted her into the Final Four. She’ll face up against the unbelievably tough Ke$ha, who bounced Nicki Minaj by snagging 53 percent of the vote. Ke$ha hasn’t had a contest that wasn’t a squeaker; conversely, Vanessa hasn’t beaten anyone with less than 63 percent so far (their full roads to the Final Four are after the jump, with the updated bracket).


who’s in the other game?