Fug File: Dior

High Fugshion: Christian Dior Couture 2014

I think Dior might be LISTENING, y’all. Because a few of these are actually TOTALLY REASONABLE, at least in (runway) theory. And then some of them remain awful, but hey, progress. As ever, for the full show, click here.

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Couture Week Fugs and Fabs: Christian Dior

Jennifer Lawrence said at the SAGs that she and Dior are working on something vintage for the Oscars. So, safe bet that she won’t show up in anything hot off these presses, but let’s shop for her anyway. Or Marion, or Natalie, or Nicole, or any of the other Dior hounds. Assuming there’s anything worth snagging. It’s a fairly limited palette, with some dreamy ideas and some batshit ones. DIVE IN WITH ME.

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Fugging Fire

Well, we’re back to Dior. My comment about the runway look was “I think there’s a vaccine for that.” Jennifer should’ve taken it.

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Fugs and Fabs: The Dior/Guggenheim Event

Remember when I couldn’t figure out why Natalie Portman’s face looked slightly different? Well, I saw a before-and-after in Us Weekly (I think) about how she changed the arch of her eyebrows, and I think that really is what I was noticing. Never let it be said that print magazines have nothing left to teach us.

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Thor: The Dark Fugld

Natalie had been on a great run with Dior, but sadly, the ride goeth before a fall.

She could not have picked a more unflattering lampshade. Maybe she’s terribly bored now that both Kerry Washington and Drew Barrymore are officially pregnant, so she’s trying to stir up more Uterine Secret mumblings for the sake of the bloggers. You are so thoughtful, Natalie. We didn’t get you anything. But I have a few t-shirts that might look better than your top; one of them has George Michael on it. From the Wham days. I’m open to sharing.

Let’s also discuss this:

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Well Played, Natalie Portman

In a twist that shocks no one, Natalie Portman went with Dior again for the French Thor 2: Bonjthor premiere.

And it’s very, very pretty. She and Nicole Kidman — I’m still on a contact high just from rediscovering that Cannes photo from May — really know how to shop the Dior offerings. I also like that the shoes have a whiff of the ballroom about them, as if she might soon be swept away by her balletic plus-one and then vigorously paso doble’d and dipped.

Oh, and because I love you:

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