Call me crazy, but this dress makes Naomie Harris’ torso look like an evil robot.

Wherever she is, Ashanti just started frothing with blind jealousy.

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  1. Erin

    Good lord. Possible unfugging – get rid of the weird beige and chop that sucker off at the knee and….I still don’t think I’d like it.

  2. terri

    Oh, maybe not evil, just misunderstood. Like a Tim Burton hero.

    • Willow

      It is totally the heroine in a Tim Burton film about questionable prom dresses, which is his interpretation of Carrie.

      I may have just talked myself into actually wanting this to become a thing.

  3. Rowynn

    I think all these see-through skirts are being designed by an evil robot.

  4. Vandalfan

    It’s Bender’s face in her bosom. Rarely is a sheer black overlay NOT the worst part of an outfit, but here ya go.

  5. Corrina

    Bless her heart, she wore her dress inside out….

  6. Rachell

    @Vandalfan, I see Sexy Dalek. Which makes me wonder, did anyone try that for Halloween this year?

  7. marie

    this girl is obssessed with see-through dresses!

  8. emily

    More like sleepy vampire with overbite fabric fangs.

  9. Elaine

    the worst part about this dress (besides… all of the dress) is the fact that her hair looks beautiful, i love her makeup (that dark berry lipstick is so pretty!) and her manicure… but i couldn’t even notice that because i was too busy shuddering over this horrible dress!

  10. Lion

    It’s a brave choice. And somehow I am not against it. But the lipstick is wrong, with this dress – too Halloween-y.

  11. Esme


  12. Rose

    My first thought was that, if this atrocity had sleeves, Florence Welch would probably wear it.

    File under: things that are interesting in theory but awful in reality.

  13. Helen

    I looked at this, went away, came back, looked at it again, lathered, rinsed and repeated a few times…

    And it DOES look like an evil robot, and it DOES look Halloween-y, and… it’s growing on me.

    If I just view it as a deliberate costume (whether it was, or not), it’s a lot of fun!

  14. Gill

    The whole trend of see-through floor-length overlay over a short skirt (or less) really needs to stop. It’s just bizarre and largely unflattering.

    Naomie was luminous in the stage production of Frankenstein without makeup–I don’t think the heavy lipstick works on her. I don’t know if the dress can be salvaged.

  15. Lily1214

    What is this again??

  16. gigi

    fix: take some scissors to the shear parts so it’s more short cocktail-ish / and lose the hideous weave! her natural [-looking, if that was a weave too] curls were awesome!

  17. Hannah

    Anyone else see a Star Wars Stormtrooper instead of an evil robot?