Shine Fug Like a Diamond

Dear Rihanna,

When we said LOOK INTO PANTS, we didn’t mean PANTS PLURAL.

[Photos: PacCoastNews]

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  1. maryse

    two pairs of jeans and yet not enough pants to cover her butt crack. whatever.

  2. mwk

    This is going to end up with Beiber wearing four pairs of trousers.

    Waistlines at mid thigh, knee, mid shin and ankles.

    • Kat

      As long as he could be convinced to wearing a pair at the waist, I would applaud any number of pairs worn at once.

      • Helen

        I’m so glad I’m not alone in having gone immediately to the dreaded mental Bieber Place.

    • sasa

      I SO want to see someone sporting tiny little pants that have a waistline at the ankles! lol Perhaps ladies could wear them over jumpsuits…

  3. qwertygirl

    Looks asde, wouldn’t this just make a trip to the ladies room that much more complicated? Who needs that?

    • Megs

      This actually makes jumpsuits seem easy.

      • Steph

        Oh, those jumpsuits. Snaps should just “go there”, youknowwhatImean?

        • Louise

          Sometimes my husband wears jogging bottoms around the house then puts on jeans over the top to go outside because he’s LAYZEE. I’m gonna show him this and perhaps he’ll stop

    • AmandaD

      Wearing two pairs of jeans at once just seems incredibly uncomfortable. And heavy.

  4. LG

    This reminds me of Criss-Cross wearing their pants backwards in the 80′s. But even more dumb. And now I am old.

    • Janie

      No, you would be old if you remembered that they spelled their name Kriss Kross and now had the lyrics of “Jump” in your head. Now get off my lawn, whippersnapper!

  5. cathy

    oh, rihanna… she just needs a sassy gay friend to make her look at her life and look at her choices

  6. KMG

    I…..I……I don’t understand. Between this and Beiber’s and Chastain’s pants – WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE WORLD? Is there some some of pants curse going on?

  7. Megs

    What kind of sorcery is this that she can wear two pairs of pants at the same time and still seem too naked?

  8. Kat

    Is this some sort of wedgie insurance???

  9. Cat

    My first thought was that Bieber is going to run out and copy this asap. Why?!?! I just can’t.

  10. Corrine Engelgau

    I don’t understand why people feel the need to constantly try to reinvent every type of clothing. It’s okay to just wear pants that are pants, that are just one pair of pants.

    • Corrine Engelgau

      I do really like her makeup though.

      • Sandala

        Seriously, she looks beautiful. Also obsessed with those shoes. Take away one pair of pants and she looks great.

  11. Stefanie


    I just want to make a sign to all these types (Rhihanna, Bieber, Gaga, N.Manjijkshdfs) that says “WE GET. YOU’RE SPECIAL. NOW STOP DRESSING LIKE A DUMBASS.”

  12. Erin

    She’s a never-nude.

  13. Adrienne

    Not that I’m defending these hideous jeans, but they’re actually part of a collection Rihanna “designed” for River Island, and are actually just one pair. Behold:

    • Miriam

      Rats! They are out of stock!

      • Olivia

        I was just about to post this after reading them on It’s a travesty that now we have to see them out and about. What is the world coming to?!?

    • Trina

      And they’re sold out!

    • Betty

      Thank you for that link! Not only are these “double jeans” there – but a selection of other amazing Rihanna designs including a “hooded utility jumpsuit” and a “denim dungaree crop-top”. It’s like visiting another time and space dimension…on another planet…

      I am perplexed, but entertained.

      • Amy

        Not to mention the thigh split sweat maxi skirt, those are some words I would not have expected to hear in the same sentence

        • Janie

          No, “sheer overall maxi dress”!!! Did she design with a random word generator?!?!

    • Mary

      excellent, thank you! I was wondering why ‘we’ were so sure this was two pairs of paints. I’ve seen similar double-waisted jeans in Singapore (just wait, you’ll HATE them!!), and looking at her leg-line IN the pants, it didn’t look muffled enough to be double layered denim.

  14. Alma

    These double pants are so stupid and yet…I think she pulls them off? I need to lay down now

  15. AM

    See, I thought they were one pair with two waist bands as the above post says. The are still really dumb and hideous (and I really try to look for the good in all clothes– like at least they’re clean, they cover the body, flattering color, etc.) but these are the worst of the worst!

  16. Trina

    This is ugly, but I can’t hate it. Mostly because it makes me laugh.

  17. Claire1

    Why is it that these young women have NO idea how to get in and out of cars! They either fly out with their legs spread or they crawl in with their butts sticking out!
    Ladies…. all of those lunges and chair squats can be put to practical use…. Turn, face the cameras, smile, sit yourself down, lock your knees and pivot yourself into the car. Let someone close the door for you and you scoot in….
    And if it’s too tall… you put the outside leg up onto the floorboard first…. and still…smile over your shoulder…. then all they’ll get is a nice little hip and over the shoulder grin.
    I spend my days covered in snot, glue, and glitter….and I still know how to enter the car like a lady.

    • Helen

      And it’s so much EASIER that way, too! I don’t understand why so few seem to be taught this anymore.

  18. Sajorina

    This is the last straw… I’M DONE WITH HER!

  19. ohmygodGO

    It’s cold enough to wear a coat w/a fur lined hood…and those shoes?! oh, the ‘pants’? I can’t even…

  20. Candace

    This is actually one pair of pants– it’s from Rhianna’s own line at River Island. And according to this article, they’re already sold out. Weep for humanity.

    • Jodi

      The great thing is that you’ll be able to pick up a pair in a thrift shop in about a month.

  21. Lyg

    The last slide title said it best:


  22. Karen

    Someone should fix her up with Bieber.

  23. theotherjennifer

    “I have a smoking hot bod, let me pork it up with double the denim” – yah ok. Double waistlines are no one’s friend.

  24. lindsay

    perhaps it’s because washed out denim is too casual for her?

  25. Morgan

    Every time I refresh today, it’s PANTS WHAT…

  26. Andrew S.

    YO DAWG – we heard you like Jeans…..

  27. Chrissy

    This is just to get attention. Free publicity.

  28. regina

    Those jeans are awesome! They’re like jeans on crack. Me wanties.

    • Helen

      >>They’re like jeans on crack.<<

      You must be looking at that last picture.

  29. Maria

    Definitely hanging out with the Biebs too much, there, RiRi. First 2 watches, the 2 pairs of jeans…whats next? Double Bra? One set of cups in the front, one in the back? Good God. What is wrong with the young people these days?

  30. biddy

    This sort of thing is why I enjoy looking at photos of Kate Middleton. It’s so irritating to see all these young women in the public eye who are blessed with beauty and all the money and time in the world to look good. They can buy the nicest clothes in the world. Looking good is part of their profession. And this is what they give us to look at.

    And then there’s Kate: Stepping out in attractive, appropriate clothing for every occasion. What a concept. I’m sure she knows how to get in and out of a car without sticking her butt in the air, too.

    • Cassandra

      You do realize that these women don’t OWE you anything, right? Not even nice clothes. They are just out doing their thing in clothes they like. If you like them as well, great! If not, great! I agree with you that she looks ridiculous right here (see also: almost always), but something about your comment bothers me. I think it’s the “and this is what they give us to look at” part. It reeks of entitlement that you are not privy too.

  31. Ivelina
  32. Amanda

    It is actually one pair of pants made to look like two from her new clothing line. There is a whole article about how bad it looks on Yahoo today.

  33. Jodi

    You know, I have made 2013 “The Year without a Kardashian.” I refuse to click on links, listen to “news” reports – anything that has any member of the K family remotely involved I skip right over.

    It was a good lifestyle change – my skin seems firmer, my hair is shiny, and I have more energy! I feel so good in fact that I am adding Rhianna to the “pass on it” list. Nothing that she does is remotely interesting, in fact, much of what she does is destructive. Not worth the time.

    • Marilu Bree

      Did you ever know that you’re my hero?

      You’re everything I wish I could be.

      • Jodi

        Oh Marilu thank you, thank you, thank you for joining me in The Year Without a Kardashian. As they are everywhere, we are left with no other choice but to skip off to watch Bill O’Reilly, a place even the family K won’t go.

  34. Erin

    Her pants remind of the ones Jason Biggs’ character has in the movie Loser. His mom wants him to be fashionable, so she sews a pair of boxers to the waistband of the jeans that way he has the look everyone else is wearing, but without actually worrying about his pants falling off.

    And I looked at the rest of her line for River Island. I can’t even…Who is buying this horrific crap?

  35. EM

    Please don’t let this become the trend of 2013.

  36. ErinE

    Even if you can get past the pants (unlikely), she still looks like this photo was taken in 1996. The 90s were basically one huge fashion mistake. Not even a fun, bright, bubbly mistake like the 80s.

  37. Vandalfan

    And they are just plain bad jeans, too. The uppers are bleached Mom Jeans with a high waist, and the lowers look like cheap knockoffs of Levi 501′s.

  38. Poppy

    I totally had a pair of jeans like this in the 80′s that I bought at Express back in the day when they played French mix-tapes and carried clothes that they themselves didn’t make. They were great to wear with the double length belts that were popular.

    • Kristin

      I remember the French mix tapes at Express! I never bought double-waist jeans, but I did rock a distressed leather duster with linebacker shoulder pads.

  39. Rina

    I love how she’s ‘designed’ straight skirts with denim shirts PRE-TIED around the waist. If it gets cold outside, can you detach those suckers to add a shirt layer to your overall tank top?

  40. beth

    Hate to break it to you but these are actually one pair of jeans.
    The most concerning part is that they are from her own line for River Island in the UK (and inexplicably sold out)

  41. Katia Malarsky

    It’s bad enough that she designed these herself (and that they’re sold out online already). Although I guess we should give her props for actually wearing her own clothes?

    I do wonder why she would create so many two-in-one garments though, rather than just styling them in insane ways… she’s got this one too:

    Wouldn’t you want to see both the skirt and the shirt, and then convince people it’s cool to wear them together in such a way?

  42. Cecily

    That’s ridiculous!

  43. Nancy

    What strikes me most about this, besides from the ugly pants, is that she has a bodyguard. The irony of it all.