SAG Awards Unfug or Fab Carpet: Kerry Washington


It was nice hearing that somebody is wearing Rodarte; for a show that always gets a lot of attention (and is a tough invitation to finagle), I find that you don’t see much Rodarte on the red carpet anymore.

And this is a nice one — the bodice is cool, although I feel like I’ve seen a version of it before (but then again, on some level, I’m sure we’ve seen versions of all of these before). My potential beef is with the skirt, though. There is something delicate and lovely about it, yes, but it’s also perhaps a touch too tablecloth-y for me, to the point where all that at the bottom is detracting rather than enhancing. The edginess of the of the top is enough that even a simple, non-lacy white skirt might have been more appealing. So, Fug Nation: Did Olivia Pope nail it out of the gate, or does she need you to be her fixers?

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Comments (22):

  1. Sandra

    A unicorn used the bottom of that skirt for a handkerchief.

  2. sk

    You forgot to show the back of the dress, where it looked like she balled up Grandma’s antique lace curtains and stapled them in ruffles to her butt

    • I Pick Pretty

      This, exactly. The pooping lace back of that skirt (apologies for that highly technical phrase) takes this from “pretty good, if not amazing” to a scrolldown fug.

  3. Kerry Jarvis Moore

    I thought she nailed it… until I read this post. Now all I can see is a tablecloth that’s smooth on the top and beautiful on the sides. LOL

  4. Tamburlaine

    The skirt is a bit 70s wedding gown for that lovely structural bodice. A plain skirt, or one where the hem was embellished similarly to the bodice would have gone much better. Not digging the hair, either, but otherwise, she looks lovely.

  5. Kristina

    Everything looks like Hathaway’s white globes? Emmy’s? whatever that awards show was? dress to me, these days.

  6. Sylvia

    I really, really, really love the bodice. But now all I see is tablecloth, so I couldn’t give her a “nailed it.” Damn your powers of persuasion.

  7. Ghanimatrix

    The top is Rodarte, the bottom is Gunne Sax circa 1980.

  8. Susan

    I love this and think Kerry looks beautiful. This is such a win. Absolutely smashing, i can’t imagine changing anything.

  9. glee

    I think this was one of the most interesting and beutiful dresses at SAG.

    For the record, I hate Fashion Police – and am complelled to watch it, and I can’t believe that Giuliana or Kelly have a right to say anything negative about other people’s fashion senses given their own Golden Globe travesties.

  10. Erin

    It reminds me a lot of the Versace dress January Jones wore to the 2009 Emmys: I liked January’s more.

  11. Ellen

    I think this, as well as Kerry, is divine.

  12. filmcricket

    The top is angelic dominatrix, the bottom is Miss Havisham. It’s like they ran out of material for both so they stuck ‘em together. It’s the most Frankendressish gown that wasn’t obviously supposed to be that I’ve ever seen. Get rid of the skirt and do almost anything else.

  13. Helen

    Oooo, fab. This is gorgeous without being overwhelming; it’s just equally gorgeous to Kerry herself. Perfection.

  14. Lynne

    I agree, Susan. I think this whole look is gorgeous.

    • G

      I think it WOULD be gorgeous in any other color. The white is the problem. A good clear pastel or a strong dark color would have made this absolutely stunning.

  15. Vandalfan

    She looks like a napkin half hanging out of a very fancy napkin ring.

  16. Laura

    Makes me think of a less cray-cray (both on the part of the dress, and the celeb) version of this:

  17. Other Emily

    I kind of like the top, but the bottom is just too much. And the back is atrocious. Also, I really think she was at her most beautiful in “Save the Last Dance” where she played the dude’s sister. Her hair and her fuller body looked amazing. She looks a little sucked-in to me these days, although still a beautiful lady.

  18. Caro

    Ugh; the two pieces don’t even go together. FAIL.