It was nice hearing that somebody is wearing Rodarte; for a show that always gets a lot of attention (and is a tough invitation to finagle), I find that you don’t see much Rodarte on the red carpet anymore.

And this is a nice one — the bodice is cool, although I feel like I’ve seen a version of it before (but then again, on some level, I’m sure we’ve seen versions of all of these before). My potential beef is with the skirt, though. There is something delicate and lovely about it, yes, but it’s also perhaps a touch too tablecloth-y for me, to the point where all that at the bottom is detracting rather than enhancing. The edginess of the of the top is enough that even a simple, non-lacy white skirt might have been more appealing. So, Fug Nation: Did Olivia Pope nail it out of the gate, or does she need you to be her fixers?

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  • NAILED IT. (52%, 2,564 Votes)
  • Needs me. (20%, 1,010 Votes)
  • Needs something new (28%, 1,395 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,969

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