SAG Awards Fug Carpet: Morena Baccarin

Won’t someone please help this beautiful woman dress herself?

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. Miriam

    “Rising from the depths of a moldy bog” = Perfect. I don’t get the shaved back of her hair either. Maybe being so gorgeous, none of it matters.

  2. Jen

    When Firefly was brutally canned and the cast were nicking souvenirs from the set, Morena clearly should have taken Inara’s wardrobe…

    • Chasmosaur

      Or at least Shawna Trpcic’s number on speed dial.

    • sacchrainkiss

      I think this every time I see her, she needs to watch Firefly and take notes on everything her character wore. Indian and Chinese inspired pieces, red and gold and jewel tones. She looked amazing in that show, I would love to see her look amazing again.

  3. maryse

    the last dress looks like a 9th grade prom dress.

  4. Stefanie

    Ive come to the conclusion this lady is one of those beautiful people who honestly doesnt have good taste. She’s proven it so many times. She just doesnt. End of story.

  5. Sara

    She is so gorgeous and dresses like she is crazy. I don’t get it.

    After these string of awards show appearances, I’m beginning to agree that she just has strange, not-so-good taste.

    • glee

      Gorgeous and crazy are not mutually exclusive. Evidence: most of Hollywood.

  6. Art Eclectic

    I love that flowy fabric of the skirt, too bad it wasn’t deployed in a better design instead of being grafted onto that black monstrosity.

    • Anita

      Oh, good, it’s not just me. I actually love the print and agree that properly deployed, it could have been spectacular. This, however, is a miss.

      I also LOVE her shaved back hairline. THAT’s how you do edgy, rather than dying your entire head some unflattering color not found in nature (Hello, Kelly Osbourne!) I think the effect is stunning.

      • One of the Leahs

        I’m totally with you on the fabric, maybe not so much on the hair.

    • Popcouver

      Love the color and print. I wish it was just a high waisted skirt that wrapped fully around instead of the peekaboo front.

  7. Katie

    Everything from the waist up looks great. I love her hair!

  8. princessroxana

    I think Morena is still channeling her ‘Companion’ Character, Inara Sera, from ‘Firefly. Or maybe Adria from ‘Stargate SG-1′ she’s got their shall we say ‘otherworldly’ fashion sense.

  9. Tiffany

    She is sooooooo incredibly beautiful. Why does she always wear such ugly dresses, is she self sabatoging? It seems like she puts effort into fugging herself up.

  10. krat

    I love both the dress and the hair from the first outfit. My only complaint is the shoe, which is a minor glitch. I know this is unpopular, but I think it’s magnificent on her.

  11. Ida


    (is all I ever think when I see her)

    .. but I seriously hate the first dress.

  12. witjunkie

    The back is pretty; the front looks like it was cut from the back of a tuxedo jacket.

  13. Joemama

    Didn’t you ladies call this in the Gaultier slide show? I don’t know if this is via Jean Paul, but it should be…Who knew it would be Morena to whip out the crazy before Lady Gaga?

    • Sajorina

      This dress is by Basil Soda, which is one of her favorite designers to wear… Sadly!

  14. Victoria

    Nathan. We need Nathan Fillion STAT. Captain Tightpants would save her.

  15. brookemopolitan

    Oh my god, Morena… let me style you. You don’t even have to pay me. Just adopt me as the 10th crew member of Serenity and we can call it even, because your current stylist clearly hates you.

  16. Tamburlaine

    The back is gorgeous – I love that green print – but the front is just terrible.