Royal Weddingpalooza: Well Played, Princes Harry and Wills

Well, we can’t let the girls have all the fun, right?

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  1. Ranee

    And they are also wearing spurs! Le Sigh.

  2. Betsy

    Harry in carriage with children = billions of ovaries exploding the world ’round.

  3. Sandra

    Nice to see the two Sandhurst grads striding in perfect unison. As for Harry, I think there’s going to be a line of women with tickets outside that closet and a timekeeper to wrangle them all. Because…….DAY-UM that’s one prime hunk of British beef!

  4. Anne B

    Re the photos of the princes: The one in red gets the girl. The one in black has the fun. Repeat.

    Love love love looooovve that little blond kid with the gloves in the carriage. OH MY HEART. <3

  5. Sgk

    Well Played, Princes Harry and Wills

    In the 1st photograph, it should read altar not alter.

  6. Perry

    That photo of the top of the prince’s heads pretty much confirms that Harry is the genetic lucky boy. Prince William has hardly any hair on his head, while Harry has a full head of the stuff.

  7. Hux

    That banner ad at the top is making it impossible to view the site. It’s slowing everything down and popping down at the exact wrong times, as I’m trying to click through, and making me click the wrong links. Please help!

  8. Lynnie

    I was actually wondering why William was NOT watching Kate process up the aisle. Against the rules, somehow?

  9. Jeanie

    @Betsy – So true!!

    Call me, Harry!

  10. Lori

    Because I am a dirty old lady, I am kind of stuck on the “wholly unarmed” sword slings, because that just sounds like a euphemism that Harry, in particular, would likely happily disprove.

  11. vandalfan

    Those have got to be the widest stripes I’ve ever seen on dress trousers. And I, too, was surprised that Wills didn’t at least get to turn sideways to scope his bride as she came down the aisle.

  12. Lynnie

    Yeah, revise my comment to say “down the aisle.” Fathers walk their daughters DOWN the aisle, not up.

  13. PK

    I think what Harry was saying to William at the altar was “Ha ha, I get to look and you don’t! Na-na-na-na-naaa!” or “Wow, she looks totally hideous. HAHAHA! Kidding, ya geezer.” ; )

  14. mwk

    Harry, as a serving Captain in the British Army, could almost certainly have carried a sword if he wanted to. Then again, he’s occasionally also a racist, Nazi uniform wearing drunken tit, so they might not want to let him out in public armed.

    William, as a Flight Lieutenant (currently outranked by his brother because Army always outranks Air Force (god knows how their ceremonial positions weigh in (royal order of precedence will also play a part at some point))), also could have been armed if he wanted. I suppose it’s just not the done thing at a wedding..

  15. Emily

    I love that these brothers obviously love each other and are close and that everyone involved in this wedding seemed to be having some fun (like it should be!!). The princes couldn’t be more adorable together, and both Harry and Pippa did exactly what siblings are supposed to do at weddings — keep the bride/groom’s spirits up and keep it from being overwhelming. Awesome.

  16. Liz

    Okay, they both look fantastic and incredibly happy, but am I the only person who really wants Harry to STAND UP STRAIGHT, for the love of god?

  17. Evalyn

    I think the Royal Brothers were my favorite part of this shindig. Also, Harry and Pippa were a great second team, and the day belonged to the bride and groom.

  18. Mark├ęta

    “Harry is wearing enough rope that he could create an escape ladder to get everyone out of Westminster Abbey in a pinch, in case of fire.”
    Ha, or maybe if Kate tried to pull a Runaway Bride, he could have lasso-ed her back. Harry looks so buff in the uniform, definitely a showstealer!

  19. Rebecca

    I said it in another post, but I think my favorite part of the whole wedding was Harry peeking back at Kate and giving William the play-by-play. That was just about the cutest thing ever. Except for Harry in the carriage with the kiddos, of course.

    I just love these boys. Their mother would be so proud of what amazing men they’ve grown into.

  20. Lina

    Ay, god. Okay, speaking to the clothes, not the boys…what on earth ARE these dress uniforms? They’re straight out of 1600s Prussia! All they need are giant hats with exuberant feather plumes and chin straps. Could the Queen not have requested a redesign for the 21st century?

  21. Su-Yin Johns

    as if harry wasn’t adorable enough throughout the ceremony (did you see him wipe a tear after the vows?!), when he went past with the kidlets you could almost hear the panties exploding. dude is going to need that sword to fight women off after this.

  22. witjunkie

    Here’s what I noticed: On the balcony, the Queen in her rays of yellow suddenly made perfect sense when standing next to the mens’ and boys’ uniforms. She looked fabulous with all those gold accent pieces surrounding her.

    Also – that blonde little boy was In The Moment. He really was just squeezing the juice out of every wonderful bite of that experience. I love seeing that.

  23. A

    I’m not quite sure why we’re all oohing and aahing over a ranga punk who dressed in a Nazi uniform and tired to pass it off as a bit of fun and called a man a ‘Paki’ and a ‘raghead’. Surely, in they eyes of most people that would negate his supposed good looks?
    But, no, strangely, we seem to have decided that he is a delicious “bad boy” character and are waxing lyrical about how proud his deceased mother would have been of him. I think not.

  24. Jenna Horko

    Did anyone else see it on the balcony when the littlest flower girl (the one on the right in the last photo) was picked up by Prince Charles. He held her up and tickled her little tummy, and I just melted into “Awwww”. Of course, if one of his sons had done it? OMG.

  25. Cristina

    The thing is though, Harry and Will slouched throughout the ENTIRE day. They don’t have the posture, of the generation before.

  26. Stephanie

    Jenna, that flower girl that Prince Charles picked up is Camilla’s granddaughter, so being her step-grandfather it makes sense that he’d feel comfortable enough to pick her up. It’s nice to see him acting like a normal grandpa and not a stuffy royal for a change.

    William will always be my favorite, but they both looked very handsome and seemed to truly be enjoying themselves.

  27. SarahSimone

    Lemme at that ginger prince! I am so in love with Harry.

  28. Bambi Anne Dear

    Harry walks turned out. Just like a ballet dancer. See pic 4.

  29. Tina

    @Liz, I agree. I was thinking that military men ought to be able to stand up straight at the very least.

    And yes, it was incredibly thoughtless and stupid of Harry to wear that uniform. But Charles handled it well, he was furious and sent both of them to visit Auschwitz afterwards (they chose their costumes together and William didn’t say anything to Harry about it). And Harry has served his country bravely and honourably in Afghanistan and wants to go again. So I’m not ready to write him off completely.