Well, there’s absolutely no doubt that this PICTURE is adorable:

How cute are those kids? The one is all, “oooh, pretty castle,” and the other is all, “FLOWER WREATH!” There’s likewise no doubt that Pippa was an excellent Tiny Attendant Wrangler, and there’s only slightly less doubt that Prince Harry looked at her and thought, “DAMN. I might break me off a piece of that later today.”

And that therefore leads us to our question: is this too sexy for a wedding, especially a Royal one? Is it too bridal? Is it too white? Is it just TOO TOO?

DO DO weigh in:

  • I loved it! (65%, 21,450 Votes)
  • I loved it, but not for this particular event. (8%, 2,731 Votes)
  • I loved it...if SHE were the bride. At a more casual event. (19%, 6,401 Votes)
  • Whatevs. (5%, 1,625 Votes)
  • I can't really recommend this. (3%, 997 Votes)

Total Voters: 33,204

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