Royal Wedding Fug: Chelsy Davy

I’m bummed there are almost no pictures of Chelsy Davy, because when she walked into Westminster Abbey, we both went, “Oh… no.”

Not that it was AWFUL, per se, but the front was really kind of baggy and stodgy and stale, her hair looked rough around the edges, her fascinator was this random lacy disc with a bit of a veil, and her skin is the color of a thoroughbred. Chelsy seems like she could kick my ass, but I will forge ahead undaunted and say that I feel for her, because what Kate Middleton managed to develop in uncanny poise and polish, Chelsy terminally seems to be missing — in the sense that she always looks like she blew in on a slightly sweaty breeze. I decided she’s the European Tara Reid, a.k.a. the girl most likely to show up on E! hosting a show about Mustique’s best bathrooms to vomit in, or Ibiza’s best hangover food, or Majorca’s best beaches to pass out on at odd times of the morning.

I should point out that I’m making complete snap judgments about her, but that’s what happens when you’re pushing into hour 25 of no sleep and you just spent ten minutes shaking your fist at Ann Curry just because she’s there. She’s always there.

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  1. wtfnyc

    Ok, I’ll say it: Chelsy looked TERRIBLE. Lumpy, frumpy, unkempt, cheap and hung over. Add to that how smoking hot the sister of the bride looked (and how Harry seemed to be eyeballing her and/or laughing with her in all the pics they had together), and I say The Sis and The Spare will be an item by right….about…..nowish.

  2. Zuzzie

    He better not marry her, all I can say!
    Such an unsuitable name for a royal as well – see people, this is why you should give kids normal names, you never know :) Catherine Elizabeth is a name fit for a queen, whereas Chantelle (or something) isn’t

  3. smeffers

    Oops…she is from Zimbabwe not Europe!

  4. Jill

    I don’t know anything about “appropriate” or not she may be, but I do know that I don’t have 1/8 of the connections she does. But if I had the opportunity to be there today on Harry’s arm? I’d cash in my 401k to make sure I looked hot. She looks kinda sweaty and hung over, her hair’s a mess, the outfit doesn’t fit right, and the fascinator is not at all fascinating.

  5. Liane

    I hope she doesn’t have her heart set on being a Royal Bride, poor thing, because it isn’t going to happen. The Queen would lose her royal shit if Harry ever married a party girl.

  6. lynsey

    The Royal Frump. She could give Camilla a run for her money.

  7. Annie

    I cannot fathom how Alberta Ferretti let Chelsy leave her studio looking like THAT, thus I must assume that Ms. Davy saw Pippa Middleton’s dress, left in the middle of a fitting – pins and all – and went on an all-night pub crawl.

    I still can’t get over how the teal/aqua fabrics don’t match, or even coordinate very well. She looks so sloppy.

  8. Sarie

    Oh dear. And this is one of the better pictures I’ve seen of her from the wedding.

  9. willa

    Hi Fug Girls,

    You can find a bunch of good shots of her alone in the outfit at the Celebuzz main site–here’s the URL for one of several good shots:

  10. Annie

    Also, and slightly OT, I found it interesting that she was seated early with the other “non-VIPs,” as the folks at the Today Show so tactfully dubbed them. Interesting if she is, indeed, back with Harry – unsurprising if she was invited as part of the Ex-a-Palooza along with William and Catherine’s rando former paramours.

  11. Emily

    As soon as she came on screen, I was looking forward to her GFY entry! Holy hot mess — truly ill-fitting and frumpy. What was she thinking? Why would she do that to her midsection? It honestly looked like it had been stapled down the middle.

  12. Rebecca

    Oh, my. I think your description of her is dead-on. I will forever think of her as a Tara Reid knock-off now.

  13. Lynne

    Bless the girl but she needs some help. She looks like she took approximately 4 minutes to get ready. And that she borrowed that horrible two-piece from an auntie.

  14. Shannon

    OMG. Chelsea looked all kinds of terrible. That suit looks like something you’d pull off the last clearance rack at TJ Maxx, her hair was whack, and the fascinator was a nonentity, especially compared to all of the craziness that was going on up top everyone else’s noggins. I do have one correction, though — Chelsea is from Zimbabwe, not Europe.
    Oh! I read some great gossip — Kate and Chelsea apparently don’t get along, because when Chelsea first met Kate, Kate asked her if she wanted to go shopping and Chelsea rather rudely said no, because “their styles are so different.” Apparently so!

  15. MB

    Thank GOD I am not the only one who can’t stand Ann Curry!

  16. Emily

    In the picture of her in your NYFug post, you can also see that the hem of her skirt is wonky. I believe it’s coming undone.

  17. Mel

    But i think that she’s wearing the same shoes as the woman in the beautiful purple dress/hat in the picture before (beside Canoe lady..)

  18. Stefanie

    From the looks of this hot mess, I might have a chance with Harry. (Just need to go blonde, up my “breeding” and lose some weight. ha. ha.)

  19. Heather

    Yeah, she’s Zimbabwean, but she’s on the EUropean party circuit so I called her European Tara Reid. Maybe I’ll clarify… Thanks!

  20. pinkcheese

    Emily – That pic was where I realized that not only was the whole outfit crappily made and mismatched colorwise, but there’s actually at least one thread hanging from the hem. if I were the designer, I’d be horrified, and denying any involvement in creating the disaster.

  21. pinkcheese

    Emily – That pic was where I realized that not only was the whole outfit poorly made and mismatched colorwise, but there’s actually at least one thread hanging from the hem. if I were the designer, I’d be horrified, and denying any involvement in creating the disaster.

  22. pinkcheese

    Ooops, sorry for the double-post. My machine’s gone wonky!

  23. bethro

    I, too, looked forward to this very entry when I first saw her walk in. I knew you gals were going to have a hissy fit. How could she have gone so horribly wrong? And no one else has mentioned this, but it looks as though the poor girl’s boobs are droopy and tired…something that shouldn’t be happening when you’re at a royal wedding because YOU’RE AT A ROYAL FREAKING WEDDING SO PLEASE CHOOSE A SUITABLE, WORKING BRASSIERE.

    whew. Now I feel better.

  24. Grace

    I have to disagree with Zuzzie @ 2:17…there is the Crown Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece. Chantelle can be acceptable for a European princess, but Chelsy with a “y” or or Makayla or Madison won’t fly.

  25. JanetP

    Ah, Fug Girls. This is why I love you.

  26. Jess

    You finally summed up what I have been thinking about her for quite some time now! At her age she wore a frumpy suit? And it was my understanding it was made just for her. There’s only one other picture of her I’ve seen, and it’s worse because it is a full frontal shot. Why does she look hungover? She probably is!

  27. Tracy

    What a disappointment! There are some not so flattering photos on

  28. yoyoma

    i have been waiting for you ladies to post on her, seriously, since like 5am when i first saw her pictures. horrible! she look like she rolled her as* out of bed and is running late to the freaking royal wedding! looking all a hot mess like she had too many redbulls and vodkas the night before! today of all days is one to get it together chels! now she’s just getting press for all the wrong reasons–yucky suit, bad hair, afterthought blah hat, rather than being in the spot light for being “the next one?” even if QE2′s not gonna stand for ANY of that, this was still a terrible time to not get it together better than she did. the contrasts between her and KM-LoC have never been more stark. epic fail.

    sidenote on the hat: when i heard people call her hat a fascinator, i seriously thought it was just a facetiously awesome way of saying it was kind of lame.

  29. Su-Yin Johns

    as we aussies say: ROUGH AS GUTS. i mean, really? really, you’re going to throw your hat in the ring with kate middleton now? without even brushing your hair or hemming your skirt?
    as soon as i saw her, i thought, ‘fug girls are going to love this!’

  30. K

    I think Chelsea is the young generation Camilla.

  31. Amy

    The Tara Reid comparison is dead on. She looks so cheap.

  32. katie

    she might look trashy, but she’s starting at a law firm soon. so maybe that’s where her and kate really differ- one has/wants a job

  33. Rita

    Obviously she’s fergie and kates Diana…duh

  34. valeria

    Another twit with BARE SHOULDERS at a morning wedding at WESTMINSTER ABBEY for g-d’s sake. WTF???? At least Tara something-something was wearing a beautiful, perfectly fitting inappropriate dress instead of a mis-matched lumpy mess.

  35. betty

    I read where someone described her as “looking like she could be on either end of a 4-day bender” and I thought that was spot on…and funny.

  36. Cat

    Ugh, I saw another picture of her and YUCK. She seriously looked like she had just rolled out of bed and realized she was late to the church. Comparing her to Tara Reid is spot on. Seriously, your boyfriend, A PRINCE ENGLAND is best man at his brother’s wedding (SECOND IN LINE TO THE THRONE) and you can’t even look respectable?! I’m trying not to be judgmental, but I really hope Harry doesn’t marry her.

  37. shruti
  38. Lak

    As an African, we were let down by Chelsy, although her work ethic [nee desire to work ] makes us proud.

    That said, the soon to be bride of Monaco will do us proud…..we hope.

    …but seriously, the full frontal pics of Chelsy looked like she rolled out of bed after an almighty bender, picked up whatever was on the floor and rushed to the church.

  39. sam

    No joke, when I first saw a picture of her, I thought, “Why is LiLo at the wedding.”

    Never a good sign, honey.

  40. Eli

    I’ll say it. She kind of looks like a dude in the face.

  41. Mire

    Come on girls, Chelsy David is African, not European. Plus, she looked baaaaad.

  42. Anne (in Reno)

    Dude, you guys are totally making me root for this poor kid. In my head she is now the troubled underdog/outsider with bad style who just needs a style intervention for the prince to realize she’s really the one. Something in between The Princess Diaries and The Prince and Me.

    And the more you rag on her, the more I am rooting for her makeover/triumph. Possibly because I can also spend hours prepping and primping and then in 10 mins. look like I just rolled out of bed. So my sympathies for this poor girl know no bounds. Although the fact that she is younger than I am and apparently already practicing law doesn’t help her case.

  43. pege

    Attack Chelsy Davy for her clothes not her character which you know nothing about and can know nothing about. She is a young woman who already has a law degree and has practiced in both South Africa and Britain and is reportedly interning at Allen and Overy described as one of the world’s elite law firms. Her father is an unusual man. Read about him here: the entire article not just the inuendo in the beginning.

  44. crystal

    I like Chelsy and everything, but she needs to up her game if she’s trying to land a prince. There is no way HRH is letting her on the royal gravy train as is.

    She looks, I’m sorry to say, like she bought that suit in pieces from two separate department stores, five minutes before the wedding. And then put that fascinator together in the car with her trusty hot glue gun.

  45. Lucy

    Chels looks like a hot mess. According to reports, she had two outfits made – what in the name of holy hell must the spare one have looked like? But she gets respect from me for having a proper job, something La Middleton never got round to in eight years…

  46. JJ

    I agree with Katie and Pege. Chelsy Davy may not have the picture-perfect poise we see out of Catherine, but she is much more applied. They called her “Waity Katie,” not just because they dated for so long without getting engaged, but also because she wasn’t doing anything substantial with her life. She was literally just waiting around to get married. Catherine looks great always, but it takes time and energy to look that fabulous all the time. (I spent a year as an NFL cheerleader, it’s time consuming to look good at all times.)

    Chelsy on the other hand is a lawyer in training, and set to start with a prestigious London law firm. Also, rumor has it, Chelsy is the one calling the shots with the on-again, off-again business. And she’s not so sure she wants to be a royal. Yet, I heard a report yesterday that Harry can’t get enough of her.

    I like Chelsy for her ambition to be something more than just a royal girlfriend. Yeah, she’s a party girl, but many are at that age. Also, so what if she looks tired all the time? Have you been to law school? I have. You ARE tired all the time. You don’t have nearly as much time or energy to invest in your appearance as you would if you were, say, “working” at your family business with time off for extended shopping trips and pilates sessions.

    P.S. Agree that the name Chelsy leaves something to be desired, but you can’t blame her for her parent’s misstep.

  47. Alex

    This is a very unfortunate ensemble. I feel bad for her. I am very surprised that it’s Ferretti! She is usually impeccable in her work and tailoring. And having said what I just said over on the post about Kate’s style – she’s done nothing but wait around to snag her prince for 10 years and doesn’t even really have good style – at least Chelsy has earned her law degree and practiced in Europe and Africa. As for “needing to up her game to snag a prince” (as someone said above), it is entirely possible that she is her own person that happens to be dating Harry, which is more than I can say for Kate who completely transformed herself into the mold of what the royal family and William wanted. Go on with your hot mess, hard-working self, Chelsy!

  48. Julie

    Well, as many have pointed out: Chelsy (ugh, spelling) is African. Still, spot on. Dreadful ensemble and didn’t even look like she had done anything with her hair.

    I’m rooting for Harry/Pippa right now.

  49. Pam

    What’s wrong with the name Chelsy? And while I agree that she doesn’t look that great here, she certainly looks better than Fergie’s evil step sisters. The Tara Reid comment was kind of mean. She is a lawyer. As for the snap judgement excuse, really, do some research. It’s not like she and Harry just met last week.

  50. Veronica

    I think the lack of sleep is making you guys mean. The outfit is too old for her, but the color would’ve looked just fine on a better dress. The hair is a little rough, but not all of us have perfect, shiny hair that never falls out of place, even with hours of work put into it. Of course Kate always looks spot on in comparison – at this point, looking good for the paparazzi is a full time job for her.

    I agree the Tara Reid comment was kind of unfair – I mean, c’mon, the girl IS studying to be a lawyer. Anybody’s who’s done that sort of high-level academica knows how a little fun can go a long way. Besides, she has the rest of her life to be serious. Nobody cared when Tara Reid was twenty-something and partying it up; it was when she was thirty and still behaving like a college freshman that it became problematic. The girl tripped up fashion-wise, but as for “stepping up her game” to snag Harry? I think she’ll done fine with or without him.

  51. Jenny

    Heh. It’s true Ann Curry is always there. And she will ALWAYS be there.

  52. eme

    You know, I think everything from the… let’s say ‘shoulders’ down may be salvageable. Just the neckline, hair, and face need to be changed, in my opinion. (I’m not sure what I’d suggest she do differently with her face, but she just looks over-tanned and plain, like she just came in from a horse-ride or something.)

  53. megs

    Chelsy is unfortunately not very photogenic (she apparently hates photos of herself). Like Princess Ann, she is reportedly much more attractive in person. I thought she looked lovely as she was greeting friends in the Abby – animated, warm and friendly. The outfit was unfortunate – lovely colour on her, but the style and shape all wrong…

    She’s fairly typical of a certain type of southern African girl – enterprising, hard working, hard partying, confident. You just know she won’t panic if charged by a bull elephant or a hoard of mosquitoes :) But she may well panic in the face of a lifetime of charges by the paparazzi and gofugyourself.

  54. KathyRo

    I don’t know about the dress or the hair or the hat because this is the only picture I can find right now. It’s not enough to go on!

    But I do have a comment about the shoes: those tan/taupe/beige pumps seem to be the new It Shoe but I can’t help but wonder if 5 years ago ladies will look back at this wedding ( and other events ) and think “Why did I wear a tan shoe with EVERYTHING?!?”

  55. Cynthia

    Because the nude shoe is supposed you look taller (allegedly).

  56. Rosie

    I like Chelsy, sweaty breeze and all. She seems fun. And I’m not the first to note, but she is Zimbabwean — you should really correct that. Not least because that’s rumored to be a deal-breaker for QEII — apparently Chelsy’s dad has too many lucrative ties to the Mugabe regime for it to be at all appropriate.

  57. Tania

    I had written a very long comment on this outfit, but then I felt sometimes we get too mean on the internet, so this is all I’ll say:
    -Chelsy: you are young, cute and have a lot of money. I’m sure you can look great with just a tiny bit of effort.
    -Alberta Ferretti: this is really not your best creation. Next time you offer somebody a custom-made dress, please supervise the whole process right until they leave home.

  58. schadenfreudelicious

    She looks like she just came from a snog in the bushes, a holy hot mess of bad…you are the date of the hot eligible Prince and that’s the best you can do?…a frumpy mismatch of a outfit hopelessly sad hat and JBF’s hair??…..

  59. Crystal

    The dressing wasn’t a flattering look on her but I don’t think she looked that bad.

    Chelsy may not of the poise and polish Kate has, but in my opinion she has something way more important that Kate lacks…a work ethic. Anyone could probably manage to develop in uncanny poise and polish, if they had an unlimited amount of free time on their hands.

  60. Anita

    She might look like a hot mess but I reckon I’d rather sit next to her at a party than the now Duchess of Cambridge, I’ll bet old Chelsy is a fun chick to be around.

  61. kimmy

    when i tuned in for the wedding, i just saw her head and a smidge of the color of the dress and i didn’t mind it so much, but HOLY HELL! THIS is what you CHOOSE to wear to the royal wedding, when you are the date of a prince and have millionaire parents????!! oh harry, ditch her and come to the US!

  62. UhLisa

    I noticed from sketches that the dress seems to be on backwards too.

  63. Kalena

    Totally agree, Anita. She seems like a smart yet fun-loving girl and I, for one, would like to see a girl like that married into the castle as opposed to the quiet, staid and (let’s face it) boring perfection that William married (only took him 10 years to decide?).

    Although for her sake, I’d rather hope she’s the one who jumps ship and has a marvelous, exciting life all her own, instead of kow-towing to what’s proper or princely, or what her husband and family wants 100% of the time. Didn’t work out so well for last generation’s modern girls. Run, Chels!!!

  64. Joie

    I tend to agree that we seem to be caught up in the royal wedding hoopla and forgetting our girl-power ideals in the process. Sure, Kate looked gorgeous in all her outfits, but it is really so romantic to get a glance or two on your wedding day (that’s all she got — did you see how he took her hand? like a limp fish, not even holding it — yet we all swoon)?

    How about soul-searching, eye-gazing true love? How about a clutch with that kiss? She’s going to be monitored and dissected 24/7 for the rest of her life… a life not really her own any more. I’d say if Chelsy gets cut loose (or better yet, unhooks herself), she should be considered the lucky one. After all, we don’t really believe in kings anymore around her, do we???!

  65. Allie

    Tara Reid comparison??? Thank you kindly. I was searching my mind for just that. I knew her unkempt, scraggily, ridden hard/put away wet appearance reminded me of someone. You are spot on.
    She looked like HELL. Heck, 85 year old Queen Elizabeth looked better and her skin looks younger than this little party girl. Camilla did not thrill me but again – groomed, covered up and age appropriate and not like she was dragged through hedgerows backwards.
    She needed a more flattering dress, BRUSH for her hair and someone who loved her to just give her the once over and fix everything before she ventured out. They did her NO favors.
    World stage as Prince Harry’s gal pal – she could have done so much better. No one that young should have looked that crappy at a Royal Wedding.
    Sad for her.

  66. beth

    I agree that Chelsy’s outfit was no triumph. But I’ve read up on her a bit and I’m liking what I see. Compared to Waity Katie, who was basically a professional girlfriend for 10 years and little else, Chelsy apparently values her independence and her career.