ROYAL. WEDDING. EDITION. Thanks for tweeting it and commenting with us all night, Fug Nation. It was sincerely some of the best fun we’ve had in the seven years we’ve been running this site. Now, go have some wedding cake, already! And while you nosh:

Read our live-blog, if you didn’t LIVE IT already! (This web-site you’re already reading)

– Don’t you want to know what the Queen served for lunch today? Hint: A LOT (Official Royal Wedding site)

– Here’s a picture of the Royal Wedding Cake. I’m hungry. (the Official Royal Flickr)

– Check out the awesome suite Kate Middleton stayed in before she had to start going by Catherine. (Daily Mail)

– This priest did cartwheels down the aisle at Westminster Abbey, after everyone had left. We love him. (Slate)

– How cute are they, driving from Buckingham Palace to Clarence House in Charles’s vintage Aston Martin, with LEARNER signs and a vanity plate? (BBC)

Becks apparently posted a video on his Facebook about how stoked he was to be going to the wedding – he certainly looked it! Adorable. (Lainey)

– Katy Perry is wearing fingernails with Wills and Kate all over them. (Styleite)

– Kate Middleton looked mad relaxed last night. Bonus: I want those wedges. (Celebitchy)

– Anarchists? Not on Scotland Yard’s watch today. (The Guardian)

Here’s some juicy gossip, all of it surely untrue, complied from all the many many many unauthorized books about the happy couple. (The Cut)

– InStyle rounds up some Fun Facts about The Event. (In Style)

Karl Lagerfeld likes the dress! (Styleite)

– But you REALLY want to read Simon Doonan’s take on it, which is all the more exquisite because I know he clearly wrote it in about an hour after no sleep. (Slate)