Rosie Fugtington-Whiteley

So, this looks pretty standard.

Long green gown, ruffly neck, a shadow of nipple (A Shadow of Nipple, coming soon to Whatever. Nothing to see here, right?

AHOY, MATEY. Run up the Jolly Roger, because we just boarded the HMS Sideboob.

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  1. tigers4us

    At first I thought she forgot to zip up in the back. This must be one extremely uncomfortable dress to wear. It looks like the side seam was left unfinished (maybe it was!). Too bad, because the color & ruffles looked promising.

  2. Stefanie


  3. Vandalfan

    (insert Jolly Green Giant jokes here)

  4. aeb


  5. Joe Dwarf

    Google yourself up “rosie huntington-whiteley halloween” to see just how classy she can get…

    • Helen

      Oh my God I am soooo sorry I did that.

      What I don’t understand: It must have been so terribly uncomfortable!

      Also don’t understand: What she was supposed to be dressed as.

      That Halloween outfit oughta be a Fug Madness candidate, IMO.

  6. glee

    I love the super-smile on her face in the second slide. *SURPRISE* – look, I have boobs under here!!!!

    We knew that, honey. Now, go home and put them away before they get a cold.

  7. Lynne

    “Look at me! I’m a super model! I can wear a satin sack that makes me appear entirely naked from the side! You can’t because you have body fat and stuff. Tee-hee!”

    Wintour save me.

    • mary lou bethune

      So spot on, Lynne… these silly overindulged girl-women who think we all need to keep seeing what they are selling are not as wonderful as they might think. She is weird looking to me and can you imagine her conversation?

  8. Sandra

    Color: 10; Cut: 3

  9. anny

    The thing is … half of humanity can see one or two entire mammaries anytime they want, and often they share those glimpses with their significant others. So why are peekaboo fashions? Not for grownups, surely.

  10. mochaleet

    Her collar reminds me of my dog’s ears when she wakes up from a nap. Half cocked so to speak. She is a ridiculously gorgeous, bionic babe though.

  11. Guerra

    Shes young, gorgeous with an amazing body so why not!!

  12. Kate

    The side boob is really not the main issue with this dress. The whole thing fits horribly, and I honestly prefer the side boob shot to the front shot. If a dress fits this poorly on a girl who’s paid to make clothing items look good, well…

    The color is a fun thought, but this dress needs a whole lot of tailoring and editing = )

    • Helen

      I agree, it just doesn’t fit and it’s unflattering. It makes her look emaciated, which she’s really not at all, just fit and slender. It’s because she’s buried in Far Too Much Fabric, and the side slit gapes unattractively, too.

      It could work, with a lot of work done to it!

  13. Sajorina

    Love the color! Love the ruffles! A little sideboob doesn’t bother me, but that slit goes down to her hip… That’s too much!

  14. Duke Steele

    Hey look. Its Jjason Statham in a dress.

  15. Lily1214

    she looks terrific!