This is a classic example of the dress wearing the lady, rather than the reverse — a particularly sad case when the woman is a former model, and thus, being noticeable while wearing things was her entire job.

There might be a germ of something pretty here, but I really don’t like how those ruffles drift away like molting feathers so that they both frame and bisect her chest. It’s like Leftie up there is playing peek-a-boob, or batting its lashes at you. Plus, the cut of this whole enterprise is unflattering. Is she confirmed dead on Revenge yet? I can’t remember because that show is up to about 90 percent dreary and about two minutes after it ends I forget that I’ve even watched it.  I forget that I’ve watched it about two minutes after I’ve finished. Anyway, for her sake, I’m hoping we can blame the nefarious hand of Victoria Grayson for this, and/or the vaguely Alias-sounding Initiative. Seriously, I’m surprised they didn’t just call it SD-7.

[Photo: Getty]