Okay, so this is admittedly INSANE. I feel like this was most recently spotted on the ersatz Natalie Portman character in a self-distributed movie with a surprisingly high wardrobe budget called Super Sexy Star Wars. That being said, I always appreciate China Chow for bringing it. She never looks boring AND she never looks tacky, which means — as far as I am concerned — I can just enjoy her without clutching my pearls and fearing for the Future of Humanity. I appreciate it when people are willing to crawl out on the ledge of sartorial crazy and manage to do it with tipping over into the Vat of Sleazy.

What do you think?

  • I legit love this. Period. (10%, 483 Votes)
  • I am delighted that SHE wore this but I personally would never under any circumstances are you kidding me? (48%, 2,236 Votes)
  • This is terrible. Period. (38%, 1,788 Votes)
  • I have notes. (3%, 159 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,667

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