Rita Fugga

The march to a Fug Madness berth continues apace.

[Photos: WENN]

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  1. casey

    Really, who wears pointy-toed heels with a sweat suit?

  2. Stefanie

    But isn’t Rita always reheated Rhianna?

    • julyol1972

      Right??? She doesn’t seem to have her own identity at all. Everything always seems to be “reheated Rihanna” or “Rihanna adjacent”.

  3. erin

    i honestly can’t believe i’m about to type this, but i don’t mind the first or third looks, at all.

    I do wish the white shoes in the first one weren’t wedges, but I think the suit looks kind-of slouchy cool and meshes well with her projected personality… and i wish the ombre wasn’t brownish yellow, but i think that second suit is working for me too, if the ombre was a dark blue or something, i’d be all about it.

    i must have hit my head on something.

  4. Katty McNiley Ripley

    Girl, is trying harder to make a fug-name by herself…

    In pic 1 she’s wearing the t-shirt as an ode to Cara Delevigne who is dating Rita (confirmed by her), so it’s kindda of sweet to show somw support for her model girlfriend when she’s walking the Burberry show… But I Really, REALLY hate those Burberry shoes with all my forces. White is the worst color, but even in the ads they are as Fug, as Fug can be. They belong in a clearence rack in a 80′s department store, jESUS!

    • Bottle Ginger

      Seriously, DO these C-listers try to make a Fug Name for themselves?

      Are they trying to win Fug Madness? I mean, it’s free publicity.

  5. Aurora

    I think you’re being too harsh. Aside from the last one ( sweatpants what!?) I would classify these as unfug it up. Plus that black and gold coat is awesome!

    • julyol1972

      Her clothes by themselves are usually beautiful if not at least interesting. She however, doesn’t seem to have the style savvy to pull them together. It’s as if she’s trying to find her identity but doesn’t quite know who she is yet, nor does she really have the style savvy to “make it work”. Say what you will about Rihanna but she would have killed in the second look, especially with her long, lean body.

  6. Jenny

    I’m still not entirely sure who this girl is or what she does.

  7. PinkieBling

    I think she would be so cute if she went back to her natural hair color.

  8. Egg

    WAYYY to harsh, she is cute! You gave Vanessa Hudgens almost a pass on that hideous dress she was wearing but are hating on Rita! I love the first look, and the black and gold coat and dress is great on her. Why no love?

  9. PinkieBling

    That is NOT to say that she doesn’t also need a skilled stylist, because DAMN.

  10. natalye

    She kind of looks like Kimber Henry from Nit/Tuck in that first shot with the blue suit and her hair slicked.

  11. Sallie T

    I kind of like her wackiness. She doesn’t seem to take it too seriously.

  12. barbara

    I think her face looks very Beyonce-like in the first two pics. Not surprising given that Jay Z was a mentor. However, she needs mentoring on her fashion sense.

  13. Fat Desdemona

    I have no clue who this woman is. However, I am not impressed with her hair and makeup. Combined, they make her look like an overpowdered corpse.

  14. Tiffany

    I am so tired of the Cara Delevigne-ness that is going on. I feel like I am being force fed. Enough!

  15. Lily

    Why are her roots NEVER properly dyed? Is that a ‘look’? GAH!

  16. mary lou bethune

    Who is she? WArmed over Riahanna seems right…

  17. AMS

    I was *so* close on the black and gold cape thing, until I looked down and saw the CalTrans orange pedicure peeking through the endless gladiator sandals. It was a heartbreaker of a scrolldown fug, because she was pulling it off from her head to about her hips!

  18. thalia

    Your comment on slide 1 is spot on…. have seen her interviewed saying that her suit is a mens Burberry suit that her stylist was wearing. She decided to make them swap 5 mins before they left….

    PS – thats not me defending her

  19. h² fashion

    I completely agree with the comments above, she just looks too much and tries to act too much like Rihanna.


  20. cutebutnerdy

    Why is she dressed like a Golden Girl? Seriously, my gram gram wore an outfit identical to the yellow one to chair aerobics every week.

  21. ErinE

    Every time I see her I think “Beyonce is blonde!” Anyone else?!

  22. Amanda

    Okay, maybe I am behind the times here, but other that a hot mess that I enjoy reading about here on GFY, who the hell is Rita Ora? Should I know about her?

  23. Vi

    Does this poor girl even OWN a mirror???? I think not!

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