Recent Mostly Well Played, Jessica Chastain


This time, I got you a Dan Stevens cameo and everything.

[Photos: WENN]

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  1. April

    I do love that first dress, but once I clicked to the next slide & saw how freaking amazing she looked in that sexy blue, I agree 100% with you. Sleek all the way!

  2. ceecee

    I too would be happy to stand next to Cousin Matthew, like forever.

  3. Steph

    And once again, the theory that “everyone looks great in sunglasses” has been proven. (Is it “great” or “better”? Either way.)

  4. Sonya

    That blue dress is to die for – she is so pretty and so fierce, in both that and in the coat and sunglasses!

  5. MelissaW

    love, love, love that blue dress – such a great color/cut on her.

    And bonus Dan Stevens!! *swoons*

  6. mary lou bethune

    The pants outfit is one of the most stylish I have seen on anyone. She looks great in clothes in general unlike so many but you are right about the lacy one and Cousin Matthew!
    Emma Stone and one or two others always look stylish and lovely. Jennifer Lawrence, too.
    Well, maybe I am mistaking true talent for style ? IF you have one, you have the other?
    That leaves KSTewart out, The Fannings in, Naomi WAtts in, Beyonce always in, MIrren, in, and so on….

  7. Rebecca

    Forget Chastain, I’m drooling over Cousin Matthew and those sideburns!! Growr!!!

    • Ailatan

      Those sidies are serious business! He must be doing some other period drama.
      I recently rewatched Sense & Sensibility (2008) and he’s SO good in it, much, much better than Grant.

  8. HOOVER19

    I was at the premiere with that first dress and she looked INCREDIBLE stunning and crazy… though I wish she would never part her hair in the middle of her head.

  9. Sandra

    She is so, so pretty. And yes, the sleek is much better all around.

  10. Rayna

    OK, the electric blue IS pretty, well, electrifying, but can’t a girl wear lace once in a while? Especially as she looks so smashing in it.

    AND she and Cousin Matthew are gorgeous together!

    • Leeann

      Totally agree with this! I thought she looked beautiful in all three outfits.

  11. Corriner

    She is seriously WORKING IT in that blue dress photo.

    And Cousin Matthew, I missed you!

  12. Carrick

    I have become a big fan of GFY and enjoy your great writing about all the red carpet pictures. Something you’ve never mentioned that strikes me almost every time is that almost NONE of these beautiful women know how to place their feet for a full-length photograph. The toes-and-heels together with an aspirin between your knees just does not photograph well.

  13. Eli

    I love love her makeup in the first picture. The dress is nice too, although the platforms on her shoes look kind of ridiculous. And Cousin Matthew…rrrowl. I have to say, ladies, if you have not seen the version of Sense and Sensibility where he plays Edward from a few years back, you are missing out. As much as I love the Emma Thompson version, I like the other version a leeeetle more because of a. Dan Stevens and b. the actors are more age appropriate for their roles.

  14. Caroleena Stantonova

    I’ll take Door #2. Ravishing!

  15. Sajorina

    OMG!!! I’m IN LOVE… Dresses = YES! 2nd pair of shoes = YES! Coats = YES! Pants = YES! Bag, Jewelry & Sunglasses = YES! Hair & Makeup = YES! I don’t know who Cousin Matthew is, but YES! Love her & everything she’s wearing! Every time I see Chastain, I think “I want to be her”, but then I remember I already want to be Gwen Stefani! FAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Faye

    I looooove that look in #2. Sexy in a very classy way, which is hard to pull off, especially amongst the denizens of Hollywood. I also appreciate that Jessica Chastain almost always smiles, even in random pap pics. Obviously she’s not obligated to, but it does make a refreshing change from most celeb pictures.

    And finally, as much as I love Downton Abbey, why can I not get on board with the Dan Stevens love? He’s a good actor, but there’s something weak-chinned and wishy-washy about him to me, and I don’t see him as having the charisma to be leading man material. But then again, I’m the wierdo who actually thought Lady Mary was better suited to the evil capitalist fiance from last season :) .

    • calli

      No, you are not the only weirdo. I cannot say whether it’s the actor or the role, but Cousin Matthew is not my cup of tea. Sir Richard, who had no illusions about Mary, but wanted her anyway appealed to me more.

  17. Elle

    Black coat and cigarette pants-smashing.

  18. Kit

    Okay, I agree that she looks sexy and sleek in that blue dress but somehow it doesn’t feel like “her”, whereas, I think she looks AMAZING in that first one and very comfortable and at home in it. And I love the stage door look.

  19. Mia

    The first look is definitely my least favorite, but I think my biggest problem with it is that ridiculous necklace! Blech.