Recent Fugs and Fabs: SWINTON

I hope it doesn’t surprise you to find out that SWINTON owns a variety of fabulously warm and chic-ly shapeless coats. I imagine her home planet is as icy and majestic as her beauty.

[Photo: Fame-Flynet, INF, Getty]

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  1. Rachael

    When SWINTON is starting directly at a camera, I feel like she’s starting INTO MY SOUL, and I get a little nervous. She kind of radiates intensity. Holy hell.

    • Rachael

      *staring, not starting, obviously. I’m typing and proofreading impaired today.

  2. jenelope

    I imagine Swinton’s closet doors are emblazoned with the words “Vous et nul autre.”

  3.  alamedapeg

    In slide 3, I think she may have persuaded a Dothraki king to carry her bags. Actually, he may have volunteered because SWINTON.

    • minacornell

      The Dothraki is actually La Swinton’s paramour. The mind shivers.

      •  KLeewrite

        Are you talking about the actor who played the Dothraki king? Because he’s with Lisa Bonet.

        •  martinipie

          Pretty sure they mean the actual fellow in the photo, who is indeed SWINTON’S gent. Although if Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet ever break up (don’t please!!!) he and SWINTON would be incredible.

          •  KLeewrite

            Oh, there he is! I missed him entirely on first viewing.

            • exwindnsea

              OK,wait. Her paramour walks a couple of feet BEHIND her? Does he always do that? Perhaps he does…She is SWINTON.

  4.  Anna

    Is that befringed outfit in slide 2 from the same collection as the fringed blanket Carte Blanchette wore recently? It seems vaguely familiar…though I don’t like it as well as Cate’s version, sadly.

  5. Edith

    Yes, NO HUMAN ALIVE could look good in #2, and yet – is SWINTON a mere human? Because she looks kind of fabulously post-modern, and as if she is made entirely of golden wheat, and gorgeous. She really is in a strata almost entirely her own (with only Bowie for company). Damn, woman.

    • greatwhitenorthchick

      LOL. Yes, her and Bowie. They inhabit a fashion universe all their own. Whatever “it” is, they have it, were born with it.

      But, pic #2. If you stuffed the coat (maybe with some of that golden wheat), it could almost pass for a sumo wrestlng suit.

    • Bottle Ginger

      I want to BE her, I want to be free to wear anything the mind can conceive, not just stuff that looks good on me!

      And two husbands would be cool, too.

    • RebekahMacd

      Something about that colour in slide 2 makes her skin look particularly luminous and beautiful.

  6.  Ashley

    I feel like this is a good time to mention that I saw Swinton walking around NYC once! Her hair was darker and she was wearing an awesome, super bright colored sweater and carrying an armful of flowers. It was pretty epic.

  7.  LT1

    Let’s just say that like the White Witch (Jadis) that she played in “The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe” maybe she actually is from Charn as well.

    •  M

      But that would mean she’s a horrible person, which hopefully is not true.

      •  LT1

        Hmmm, that’s true. But I guess I can fan whack that part of her horribleness was getting stuck in Narnia (I guess that doesn’t work too well either since Jadis was awful to Diggory and Polly). Maybe just a nice person from Charn who we never meet?

  8.  Miranda

    Fabulous. I think she may be my favorite person in Hollywood. She’s very otherworldly, in a good way. Talented, mysterious, and never boring.

  9.  martinipie

    Can’t wait to see Only Lovers Left Alive. And even though SWINTON is head and shoulders taller than I am, I sometimes delude myself into thinking I, too, can pull off gigantic coats like she does, but only while I am trying them on in a dressing room. The delusion ends there.

  10. TaraMisu

    I am not mad at any of these…. #2 is not her best but she’s SWINTON so…

  11. Laura

    This has probably been discussed at length somewhere else on the site (that I’ve managed to miss despite my unfailing adoration of all things Fugnation)…but is it me, or does Johnny Weir strike you as SWINTON’S younger clone, perhaps a SWINTONETTE? SWINTON-in-training? If only we could hire HIM to carry around SWINTON’s bags…the delicious dopplegangerness of it seems made for Lifetime! or perhaps a re-re-boot of “Freaky Friday” with the two of them?

  12. Ruth

    I need to hear more about this plane ride! How could you keep from being SWINTON-struck during the flight? Did you whisper furtively behind fans and then snap them open and shut and start fanning yourselves when she glanced your way? In all seriousness, please dish!

    •  Steph

      Personally, I feel better about the world knowing that Heather and Jessica have been in the presence of SWINTON. Each post from that point on has been touched by the magical unicorn-like awesomeness that is her.

    • Jessica

      Hah! Yes, it was just like we were extras in Dangerous Liaisons.

      It was easy not to be too Swinton-struck because she was in first class and we were NOT. But she was near us at the gate for a bit and I believe we tweeted frantically about it and then tried to stare at her without her noticing until we boarded. She was on the phone much of the time and she looked fabulous. I must confess I thought, “clearly this plane will arrive safely in New York, as SWINTON will keep it afloat with her magicks.”

  13. annabel

    When and why did Tilda Swinton become SWINTON? I am not complaining, as she is fabulous, but just curious.

  14.  crookedE

    SWINTON is the only person I can think of on whom makeup is actually detrimental to her beauty. She needs no lipstick, no mascara, nothing. She is really an alien being.

  15. Bella

    Fug Girls, has SWINTON ever officially been dubbed the Patron Saint of GFY?

  16. .anne p.

    Swinton rules, no question whatsoever. I just wonder why, being so lean and tall and all, she usually wears her trousers so puddly at the bottom.

    • val.

      If she’s like me, she is probably so tired of pants being too short most of the time, that when she gets some that are slightly too long, it’s like a bonus. Like, hell yes I will wear these pants dragging the ground, and I will celebrate it! Or… That very well could be just me. Heh.

      • RebekahMacd

        That is so me too. I have ruined the bottom of several pairs of jeans that way. According to the shops I can afford over here in the UK, slim people cannot possible be tall so when I find long trousers that also fit my waist I almost dance around the shop with glee.

  17. marylou bethune

    She is just so wonderfully chic and lovely and everyone says how nice she is; who could forget her dancing at Roger Ebert’s wake? She is one for the ages, as he liked to say.

    Does she know how much the GFY nation loves her?

  18. Roz

    She looks postively beautiful in slides 2 and 4. Apparently the side hair is really throwing me off because I cannot stand her alien look normally. I have never been able to worship at the SWINTON shrine, but I may have to!

  19.  HelenBackAgain

    While I have to agree with the “No” on the outfit in #2, I would LOVE to stay at the hotel that has that wallpaper and those pillow shams!

  20. KHS

    Okay, unpopular opinion time part 2: Last week, I think I commented that I didn’t care that much about the royals. Today, I have to confess: I don’t feel any strong feelings about SWINTON. The Fug Girls make me enjoy their posts about her because of what they say and how they say it – I guess I’m just not all that interested in her clothes? She often looks kind of drab to me. I bet she looks pretty amazing and other-worldly in person though. I’m often just “meh” about her pics. Sorry SWINTON fans!! And sorry SWINTON! (If you ARE in fact form another world, I hope you don’t use your mind-power tricks to smite me or something).

    •  HelenBackAgain

      I am totally SWINTON’s slave, but I gave this a thumbs-up for being well said and funny! Hey, we don’t all have to agree, it’s okay!

    • stacey

      I agree. HOwever, everyone else’s Swinton love amuses me greatly, so please don’t stop anyone!

    • KHS

      Thanks to you both! And I totally agree – I love everyone else’s love – so carry on. I mean, some people might not get my love for PACEY, but I hope it at least entertains them. (But seriously…PACEY!)

  21.  charlie09

    So, true story, a friend of mine took a selfie with SWINTON in a hotel bathroom a few days ago when she was here for SXSW. I was genuinely impressed that she had the guts to ask for the photo, because I think I would have just been awestruck and not spoken.

  22. KateA

    I want a remake of Being John Malkovich, except this time Being SWINTON.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      You know, I never thought he was really quite the right person in that role, but I couldn’t figure out who would be. And I chided myself a little for it; I mean, Malkovich is a deservedly lauded actor, whom I respect enormously as an artist!

      But I think you have nailed it. It should’ve been SWINTON all along!

  23. Sophia Loren

    She looks so beautiful getting off that plane. And the skirt and collar in the sheaf of wheat sumo suit are beautiful too.

  24. deee

    How on earth does she look softer and more pretty while wearing giant Warby Parker glasses?

  25. Minutiae

    I want to know when the pics of SWINTON and The Hiddle are going to start surfacing. They need to be photographed looking fabulous at the premieres of this movie, SOON.

    • Claire1

      And……..I…..can’t ……breathe!
      And can Cumberbatch go?….can the three of them take a photo together!…because THAT will be my Christmas card this December!

  26. tigers4us

    Tilda is 53 and looks fabulous! Why? Because she doesn’t give a s*%t about what people think of her fashionwise. She’s smart and talented, and seems to have a great personal life, living with her boyfriend and baby daddy. Hollywood starlets (and even some of the established) can’t hold a candle to her. Tilda rules!

  27.  RachelB

    I love, love, love those glasses on her. *sigh*

    Ah, to be that splendid …

  28. KarenB.

    My favorite is the man merrily toting (presumably) Swinton’s purse in the background in #2. Hee! What a job, right?

  29. daphne

    a small, random piece of trivia re The Great Tilda..

    an interviewer asked her (Swinton!) whether she understood (?!) the buzz about and/or unusual quality of her beauty (an odd question, granted)

    and Swinton replied, simply and emphatically: “no mascara” !

  30.  lanehat

    One of those facebook quizzes recently told me that SWINTON is my fashion icon. I nearly cried tears of joy!!!

  31. Santolina

    La SWINTON, we know you can wear anything and be luminous, but how about something that doesn’t swallow your form so completely? We get the androgynous message, already. Your soft curves are praiseworthy, too.