Project Fugway

Oh, Heidi:

I don’t care how bad it is. Wearing a Snuggie outside the house is NEVER THE ANSWER.

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  1. theotherjennifer

    she’s still clearly in the denial and crying stage of the breakup…soon to be followed by the “FU, Look What You are Missing, stage…”

  2. Leah

    COME ON! I can’t believe you guys voted her out of Fug Madness already.

  3. Andrew S.

    People voted her off early because the last thing she needs at this time is to be in Fug Madness.

    This is actually almost ok. Lose the jacket, cut the dress above the knee & add a simple heel & she could be fine.

  4. Kristen from MA

    I get what you’re saying, but she still looks 1000x hotter than I’ve ever looked. When you’re that gorgeous, it just doesn’t matter.

  5. val.

    I don’t mind this, really, but the shoes kill it. It’s totally something I would wear (minus the shoes) but what’s fine for me looks odd on a celebrity!

    • liz_bee

      I agree! It looks like a comfortable dress until…bam! She kicks you with some orthopedics. I think just about any other pair of shoes (maybe some nice sandal wedges?) would have done this justice. But her hair looks super cute. And also, she’s Heidi Klum. She knows that we will lover her no matter what. AND I DO.

  6. vandalfan

    She takes a limo home from the beach? These celebrities, they are not like you and me.

  7. Carol

    Heidi has not lost her fighting spirit … just hours after being eliminated from Fug Madness 2012, she begins to build her portfolio for Fug Madness 2013. Whatta gal!

  8. Sandra

    That’s the maxi-dress ( a style which I loathe) version of your favorite old worn-so-much-the-fabric-is-now-see-through T-shirt. Which we all wear for comfort once in awhile in the privacy of our own homes. Her adorable kids should swipe this and burn it as soon as Mommy gets home. It would be the kind thing to do.

  9. Lindy

    Awww, poor Heidi. :( She seems like such a sweet person and she looks so sad. Cheer up Heidi, you’re gorgeous, relatively young, insanely rich, not stupid, and you have adorable kids. Plus, your accent is cute. Things will get better.

  10. GentleRanting

    Hey, I like this! It’s comfy. But yes, even Uggs would be better than those things on her feet.

  11. Edith

    Man, it is all-or-nothing with Heidi. Either she’s completely covered and shapeless, or barely covered and tight. But I’ll give her a pass, because she’s mid-divorce, and as noted, she still looks better than we mere mortals ever well. She wants to hide her light under a bushel basket for a while, I’l give her a break.

  12. Girlin

    It’s funny – she just looks like an ordinary person. It’s not hurting my eyes but it does make me wonder whether she has lost a little of her shine with the divorce etc.. It’s all very glum looking…I wonder if she has a pillow in that bag? She looks like she just wants to get home, stick on a bitta Jessica Fletcher and break out the chocolates…..Poor Heidi..we’ve all had those days…right??

  13. amys

    I really like the dress and wish I could pull off horizontal stripes. The rest is fug, but I do like the comfy yet ridiculously expensive look of her dress.

  14. Sajorina

    After looking at this, I can’t believe most people voted for Rooney Mara in the Mara vs Klum Battle for Fug Madness 2012! Rooney would NEVER do this!!!

  15. Kit

    I actually like this – the shoes have to go, but it’s really her lack-o’-spirit that’s killing the outfit. :(

  16. Ranee Singleton

    I think she looks just fine for a woman whose family is breaking up. I have been through it before, so I give her seriously wide latitude.

    Can’t wait to see how she breaks into FU territory.

  17. merve
  18. Robert
  19. Lily1214

    This is HEIDI???