Pippa Middlefug

You know, I feel for Pippa. It must be INCREDIBLY weird to have become famous first because of who your sister was dating; then because of who your sister was engaged to; then because of what your bum looked like at the wedding; and then suddenly have the tables turn. Obviously she is responsible for her own mistakes — no one forced her to write that party-planning book, nor hang out with that douchelord in France who made the gun gesture at a paparazzo — but the entire thing must be bizarre. It probably feels like, “We loved your butt, but WE HATE YOUR BRAIN,” which would be upsetting even to the calmest of people. Having said all that… this is not a wise choice, and her brain may need to take a nap.

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  1. qwertygirl

    Oh Pippa. Please either hire a stylist and LISTEN TO HER, or develop good taste. I recommend Plan A, because I fear–and I say this as nicely as possible–Plan B may be beyond your capabilities, given everything I’ve seen you wear since…ever.

  2. TaraMisu

    Considering her sister pretty much hits it out of the park every time she leaves the house, you’d think Pip would learn a thing or 2. Or not. I don’t know her.

  3. Gine

    That’s like three dresses in one, and all of them are terrible.

    I usually like her casual wear, but most of her formal outings have been a disaster.

  4.  Angela

    I like elements. But then…it just goes awry.

  5. Tamarin

    I don’t know…I’m not completely hating this…I also didn’t get much sleep last night due to work. To me the detail looks more like peacock feather, which is a pattern I like, and if it were lined in something other than nude (navy, maybe?) I feel like people would be loving it.

    • Holla

      I agree, I don’t hate it. I like the idea of it, but the execution was a bit off for me. I think with a few tweaks it could be great.

    • Gine

      A colored lining would definitely help.

      • Carolyn

        I agree. I would be totally in love with this if it wasn’t transparent.

  6. Jessica

    I feel like one of the other issues is that the styling makes her look about 75.

    • qwertygirl

      Celebitchy said it looked like she borrowed Laura Bush’s jacket. Spot on.

    • greatwhitenorthchick

      Agreed. It’s too Barbara Cartland.

      • Maria L.

        Maybe she is playing homage, after all, Cartland was step-granny to Princess Di.

        I feel like I should hate this more than I do. I just can’t work up any interest in Pippa, regardless of what she wears.

    • patty

      So agree!! I think a lot of the problem is that her hair is aging her YEARS… I mean, not that the dress is good, but I can’t stop looking at her head

    • Claire1

      I can’t tell if it’s the neckline or the hair or the two together….but it’s like someone’s far too old for sheer aunt wore sheer ….and styled it for polyester.

  7. maryse

    that jacket is all wrong for that dress. she might have been better off with a classic overcoat. 2nd of all, her hair makes her look much older than she is.

  8. meggiemoo

    That particular cut of sequin jacket looks like what an elderly lady would wear on a dinner cruise. How did they manage to make sequins look so BORING?

    I agree with others, that the detail on the dress is pretty, if it weren’t black over nude. Maybe another color over a brighter color?

  9. sarah

    Her sister consistently gets so much right and she gets so much wrong. Guess there’s one in every family. …

  10. Edith

    Meh dress, agree blue lining would’ve been cooler, like the deco of it, but hate the styling, etc. I really just came here to say that having crushed desperately on Eric Stoltz for much of the 80s, Nico Jackson is no Eric Stoltz.

    • Lucasta

      I think he looks A LOT like Kevin Rahm (aka Ted Chaogh on Mad Men) who I never noticed before also kinda looks like Eric Stoltz. So, that’s…topical.

  11. Cat

    I don’t hate this– I think it needs tweaks. I too wish it was either cocktail length or that the design had gone all the way down to the floor. But I really do like the neckline.

    • Art Eclectic

      Agreed. The skirt just makes it look like a foundation garment with a veil. Cocktail was the way to go.

  12. BrownEyedBetty

    Put a blonde wig on her and a bigger rack and send her to a Halloween party dressed as Mae West.

    On the upside, at least we can’t see her grannie panties.

  13. VV

    At least she doesn’t look orange, which is a welcome change.

    IMHO, this was her biggest mistake.

  14. greatwhitenorthchick

    Not that I’m a fan or anything but that’s a bad shot of Nico Jackson. He may be a bounder (aren’t so many of the royals/royal-adjacents bounders?), but he’s cuter than this pic suggests.

  15. Alicia

    I didn’t actually hate her until she started writing for Vanity Fair. Her piece on cricket was so shit it made me weep for my adopted homeland.

    The dress I don’t really hate, it just seems like a misguided nod to Gatsby with an extremely aging cardi over the top.

  16. AM

    I really have to disagree. I like the dress, and I always like a sequined jacket (I’m wearing one to tutor reading tonight!). I think she likes appropriate (well, based on her date) and quite nice.

    • Sandra

      Yeah, you’re wearing it to tutor reading. She, on the other hand, is at a formal evening event. It’s all about the context.

      I do like her hair up, just not that particular up.

    • AM

      I’m really not wearing sequins to tutor kids. I’m lucky my clothes are kinda clean.

  17. Chelsea

    Several people have expressed the view that Kate is such a great dresser, and Pippa is terrible or boring. If you look at photos of them from their early 20s (before Kate was officially in the public eye), their styling is pretty similar. Kate supposedly doesn’t have a stylist and doesn’t accept free clothing, but do we REALLY think that she’s still putting her own outfits together while browsing Net-a-Porter and just suddenly got exceptional at it once she married a prince? Seems more likely that she consults with design houses or large department stores and then makes the purchases. It’s basically her job to create goodwill for the monarchy (as well as support charities and drive tourism to the UK), and looking beautiful and happy is a big part of that.

  18. CakesOnAPlane

    For a dress that points straight to her celebrated area, it sure makes said celebrated area look…nonexistent.

  19. Tassie

    I’m just so happy it’s lined

  20. Daenerys

    I think her hair looks gorgeous- very classy, which makes the contrast with the dress even greater. Also – fab earrings!

  21.  TheZulk

    Once I started seeing her as Brunette Amy Sedaris I went cold on her (no offense to Amy Sedaris. But there should only be one.)

  22. Michaela

    The neckline of the dress is lovely. Michelle Williams and her love for crewnecks might want to take note.

    The rest of it….needs work.

  23. Kat

    I can’t believe anyone has anything positive to say about this frock! The whole look is appalling–it’s absolutely hideous! She really does look like an old dowager being shepherded around town by her son. Just horrible all around. Who designed this monstrosity?

  24. cynicalsmirk

    Maybe she’s auditioning for a part in Downton Abbey….that would explain it :)

  25. Katkat

    I don’t think the cardi or the dress are ugly. Actually they’re just not suitable for her. And the more she tries to maintain herself in the media spotlight, the more she looks devoid of any personality… All the contrary to her sister.

  26. Bonnie Klein

    Could the hair and earrings be any dowdier? I swear the Queen herself would reject both as too matronly.

  27. Bambi Anne Dear

    The back view looks like a corset with a dress attached.

  28. Scarlet

    Aw, her book is pretty good:) I got it for my mom and it’s a lot of fun.

  29. Tiffany

    …I like this dress. I feel guilty for it, but it’s the truth.

  30. Holly Hamilton

    She looks fine. Maybe not The Best Ever, by any means, but fine. In other words, not noteworthy. Or fug worthy

  31.  Tamburlaine

    I kind of like this (especially realising that it’s lined, though I agree that it would be far better with a colour). However, I think she needs a bra.

  32. G

    Um, did someone take these pictures while she was lined up for the ladies room? Ugh.

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