Paris Fugshion Week: Grab Bag, part 3

I know YSL is going by Saint Laurent now, but that seems so crazy to me. It’s YSL, people. It will always be YSL. I hate change. Also included: John Galliano, which is being run by someone else now, and I’m sure that person spends much of his day being like, “I KNOW I KNOW, but I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT WHOLE THING.”

[Photos: Getty; full shows for (Y)SL and Galliano are on The Cut]

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  1. Mrs. Ditter

    Wow. I feel really…out of touch.

  2. LoriK

    I freely admit that I’m not the most clued-in person when it comes to getting fashion, but the collections this year are ugly, right? I’m not just imagining that, am I? Is ugly the new black or something?

    • Katty McNiley Ripley

      I was thinking the same thing… I guess fug is IN next season!

      • Jessica

        There was a general agreement that (Y)SL was HELLA TERRIBLE this year.

        • maryse

          the real YSL would have been outraged that this is what has happened to his brand.

          • nicole

            I guess this is what happens when you lose the “y” As in “why?”

  3. Sam

    “Forever Wet Topic Shop & M”

    Gold, Jerry. Gold.

    • Sajorina

      I’m adding it to the list of possible band names because it’s AWESOME!

  4. Stefanie

    Are babydoll dresses really coming back in? Because I wore babydoll dresses in the 80s…when I WAS A BABY. And then when they showed back up in the 90s I wasn’t old enough, I believe my mom told me she didnt want me giving out Lolita vibes. (Thanks mom. I get it now.) And now Im too old for them.

    Then again, isnt anyone over the age of 4 too old for babydoll dresses?

    • LT1

      Man, I lived in babydoll dresses in ’92–with bike shorts underneath I was as comfortable at work as if I was wearing a t-shirt and shorts–so I have no problem with that style coming back (although of course I’m way too old for them now) but they are not, in any way, high fashion and that whole show was a rip-off.

      Meanwhile, I’d totally wear that blue sweater to lounge around the house.

  5. Janie

    The party dress in slide 14 is what Scarlett O’Hara would make out of her curtains if she were a teen today.

  6. Art Eclectic

    Vile. All of it.

  7. mwk

    Wooo, more fancy sacks.

  8. rowynn

    I think the only explanation is that designers are just screwing with us.

  9. Helen

    I kinda liked the ’90s grunge stuff, though it doesn’t look very good, just because it was familiar and thus recognizable as clothing.

  10. Kristen

    Not only is fug in this season, so is très misérables.

  11. McLisa

    Effing gaucho pants are the required uniform in hell.

  12. lola

    When I see a show like this I think the designer is just empty. Bored – jaded- past it.
    And they have just decided to blow sh*& up.
    Turning fashion on its head and making ugly pretty … because they are YSL- erm, Saint Laurent- so we are supposed to feel lacking the sophistication to understand it…….But you know- smug is just old and tired to me.

    That first one- is just ” what in the He77!! ” OJ simpson gloves and a short set designed by 5th grade home-ec for Obese people to wear to the beach. One of those see-and-sew jobbies that has 2 seams and a rope for a waist band. Which begs the point of why they needed the jeans type zipper detailing if it has a frigging rope holding it up?

  13. witjunkie

    Gag Bag part 3

  14. yep

    Hedi Slimane is to YSL what Lindsay Lohan was to Ungaro.

  15. Bambi Anne Dear

    Hmmm, pretty ugly. But I rather like the dress in pic 2 and possibly the Swinton one.

  16. Claire

    Still giggling uncontrollably over the first slide alone. I love that of all the appalling things about that outfit, it was the pant length that made the caption. Probably because there are simply no words to describe what’s going on in that crotch area.

  17. Sajorina

    That gold jacket belongs in my closet! WUT?!

  18. Kate

    Oh I miss vintage Yves Saint Laurent SO BAD right now. Back when old Yves was designing really pretty (or at the very least, interesting) clothing…instead of this mess.

    Hedi, go away.

  19. Callie

    Wow YSL is very H&M right now.

    • Sarah

      Yes. If the fug girls hadn’t reminded me of the name change, I would have thought “Saint Laurent” was YSL’s lower-priced line aimed at the younger market.

  20. Edith

    I will say I covet the Saint Laurent hosiery. Not the fishnets, I have those. The shot-through-with-gold-ones. But they can keep the icky Kinderporn Babydolls.

    • understateddiva

      yes! I was coveting those tights as well. Please let that filter through to Hue.

  21. Kathy

    Until Saint Laurent decides to go back to making beautiful, high-fashion clothes, they don’t deserve the right to include Yves.

  22. Sherrod

    I wore baby doll dresses back in high school – on senior skip days. It was a joke, as is this collection….

  23. ErinE

    Sometimes I think I like/understand/know fashion, and then these three slideshows prove me completely wrong. The Gaultier mullets were the worst!!

  24. Liz985

    Why do designers hate women? In addition to the god-awful makeup and hair, these clothes are so aggressively unflattering to the female form that it must be some kind of misogyny. Where are the Coco Chanels and Hubert de Givenchy of this generation? You know, designers who thought about allowing the woman to shine instead of being a coat rack for ridiculousness such as this.

  25. Agent Sculder

    I’m showing my age here but it looks like Saint Laurent just exhumed the stuff I wore in middle school and threw it out on the runway instead of actually DESIGNING anything. I have no problem with babydolls coming back (they are comfy and cute) but showing almost literal copies of stuff from 20 years ago seems WRONG. I would expect that Saint Laurent would be better than that.

  26. Christine

    Am I clutching my pearls so tightly that my oxygen is being cut off or do a couple of these models appear to be about 13?? They look like babies dressed as 90′s grunge sluts and it’s making my ovaries sad.

  27. philippa

    The Saint Laurent collection looks based on the fantasies of a bunch of very perverted suburban Men of a Certain Age.

  28. kess

    Depressed aren’t they.

    So depressed they can’t be stuffed, they just trotted out Tilda’s wardrobe, then Miley’s.

    So I will look the height of fashion if I grab an old dress from thrift/op shop, target boots & look depressed; or wrangle some weird square cardboard pants.