What I’ve wanted to happen with this show is finally happening: The Carrie Bradshaw hook, despite winking references here and there, has stopped mattering because the characters are starting to work in their own rights. (And, I can’t say it enough, AnnaSophia Robb is REALLY likable and natural and wonderful.) Oh, and I have to give them this: I dinged them once for having Carrie run away from a problem crying instead of standing up to it, because it didn’t seem very Carrie Bradshaw. Then at the gym watched the Sex and the City episode where Aiden yells at SJP’s Carrie, “YOU BROKE MY HEART,” and her response is… to run away crying. Yes, Carrie Diaries trying to have its cake and eat it too by sourcing itself on the YA books AND the HBO show despite their divergences. But, it was interesting to see. The end. Carry on.