Royally Played, Wills and Kate (in McQueen) Welcome the President of Singapore

WELCOME BACK, KATE. (We may see her again later today, as well, as she’s due to go to another event this evening [Not tonight's state dinner. A whole other thing.] I think it’s possible she may not feel up to two events in one day, but I guess we’ll find out.) We’re obviously thrilled she’s back, and we’re also delighted that it appears their baby is officially making its debut in the same month that our royal baby (the new book) is making its debut. We will have so much to talk about. Babies are like books in that sometimes working on creating them makes you want to barf, and you hope everyone loves them when they finally emerge.

Back to the business at hand. Wills and Kate have met today’s visiting dignitaries (the president of Singapore, Tony Tan, and his wife) before, when they were on their Far East tour and swung through Singapore (that blast back to 2012 delights me, as it’s the post in which William appears to be living inside a potted plant.  And not for the last time). This time around, no one has been forced to take shelter in shrubbery. NOT YET. But it appears a new McQueen has been procured, to add to the List of McQueens That I Want. Come take a look.

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Fugs and Fabs of the Elle Women in Hollywood Awards: Part Two

And now, things take a turn for the more colorful. [Photos: Getty, Splash]


Fugs and Fabs of the Elle Women in Hollywood Awards: Part One

This dress on Jennifer is Oscar de la Renta, and given that she does usually have to sail on the S.S. Dior, I choose to believe it was a last-second tribute. Sniffle.

There were pictures of her smiling, and she seemed very cheery at the event, but this was the best view — at least at the time of this writing — of her whole outfit. And so I envision her standing there, posing, dreading the inevitable raised eyebrows and questions about her new relationship. “I thought you’d be wearing yellow,” someone might say. Or, “What time is it? Has anyone checked the clocks?” Or, “Holy crap you’re dating Chris Martin what is THAT like does he burn macrobiotic cookbooks every night and post anti-health food comments on websites all day TELL ME EVERYTHING.”

And, at the end, a special episode of We Need To Talk About Renee.

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Oscar de la Renta: A Retrospective


As you may have seen, Oscar de la Renta has died.  We couldn’t let a titan of all things gorgeous pass without remembering some of our favorite pieces this extraordinary person put into the world. It’s not a comprehensive list — it could be a hundred slides and it wouldn’t be enough — but we picked out some of our favorite runway and red-carpet looks from the years we both wrote about his work on GFY, and were lucky to cover his runway shows.

For more in-depth tributes, I encourage you to look at the wonderful and more wide-reaching retrospectives from WWD, and from our colleagues at The Cut, who also wrote a lovely piece called Oscar de la Renta Loved Powerful Women. Finally, I recommend this wonderful piece from Robin Givhan, who I hope keeps writing forever. A small excerpt, but you should read the entire thing: “…de la Renta represented a kind of old-school fashion with its emphasis on propriety, elegance and good taste. And while he helped to democratize fashion, he held on to a fundamental belief in an almost civic responsibility to be appropriately attired. It was good manners, after all. But even in retaining a certain decorum, he never allowed his vision to grow old or irrelevant. He could wow an audience with his draping technique. He could dazzle with his sense of color. But mostly, his aesthetic sensibility was predicated on the simple notion that women — all women — want to look pretty.”

On a personal level, Oscar is always one of the highlights, if not the highlight, of Fashion Week for us. It’s the kind of visual feast where your heart is in your throat the whole time, because whenever that last dress comes down the runway it will always feel too soon. In fact, some of my most wonderful Fashion Week moments happened at OdlR — the time I was late, and ended up watching the show standing in the photo pit on a sandbag next to Andre Leon Talley (also tardy); the time Anna Wintour brought Roger Federer, the day after he won the US Open, and the crowd gave him a standing ovation; the time I found myself, to my delight, sitting right behind Mr. Valentino; and, most of all, the first Oscar show I ever went to, where my seat was well in the back, but from which I had a perfect view of Mr. de la Renta himself,  giving every single model a look-over before they walked onto the runway. I must have watched more of him than I did of the show, and I felt incredibly, deeply lucky to do it. This is the end of an era, and as I said on Twitter when the news broke, the world is forever less elegant for this loss.

So, tremendous condolences from the GFY family to the OdlR one – and from what we’ve witnessed, it is indeed a family (“At the last runway show in September, they all seemed to be holding back emotions — but when Mr. de la Renta came out for his bow, they were all wiping their wet eyes. They must have known, and how heart-rending it must have been to watch him effectively say goodbye” — H). Their graciousness and class extends from the New York HQ right on through to the Oscar de la Renta store here in Los Angeles, where the women were beyond lovely when I accompanied a friend as she shopped for her wedding dress several years ago. My friend did end up wearing Oscar on her wedding day, and she looked perfect. In that way, for woman all over the world, Mr. de la Renta will be here for eternity.

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Your Afternoon Man: Prince Harry

Two Afternoon Men in a Row! But I could not resist bringing you Prince Harry Takes Part in Sport With Children and Then Visits Some Firemen, with attendant Thumbs Up and Taking of Time Out and FOREARMS.

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Fug In Love: Beyonce

Well, I can’t argue with her legs.


But if that romper were any shorter, it would be a swimsuit — which is a shame, because the top part of it is really cute. Unless your waxer’s number is written on your upper thigh in exchange for a free treatment, one’s shorts do not have to be the same length as one’s bangs. That rumor is a lie.

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