Unfug or Fab: Priyanka Chopra at the Time 100 Gala


I’m on board with this in the abstract.

Priyanka Chopra

But does it seem like the devil is in the details here? The front of the blazer looks… fine? … but the cut of the sleeves, namely the one on the right, is Janky Supreme. The pants aren’t much better. They’re bunchy and creased and imprecise, like it’s the first time the designer had ever even TRIED to understand how trousers work. Priyanka Chopra’s first Time 100 Gala doesn’t seem like a place where you want a suit virgin to have a First Time.

And speaking of the devil, and details, can we talk about how bad Quantico is? The first half of the season was pretty weak — like, why didn’t they make the present-day stuff five years in the future instead of just nine months, so that they had more TIME for all these Where Are They Now scenarios to play out? Why was all the hair on that one actor’s face — including stubble — EXACTLY the same length? Why does that one character wear SO MUCH MAKEUP and HUGE FALSE EYELASHES for all her training? Why did no one have chemistry? But it got even worse at the midseason break. What school suddenly has a new class that’s ONE MONTH ahead of the new recruits (especially when Wikipedia can tell you they do classes in ten-week bursts only four times a year)? Worse, a class our idiot-heroes had never heard of, with people none of them had ever seen or spoken to before? And what show goes to that lengths of absurdity to introduce new characters, only to make those characters THE WORST and so boring and terrible? Why is Alex ACTUALLY DOING A TERRORIST’S BIDDING? What the hell is even happening on it anymore?

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Fug the Show: Outlander recaps, “Not in Scotland Anymore” and “Useful Occupations and Deceptions” (S2 E2 and E3)

This is long, I know — it’s two episodes rolled together — but there is LOTS of eye candy thanks to the costuming. Not just That Red Dress, but also the nippletastic gown an extra wears at Versailles, a wet wig, and a great robe. Also, there are dildos. They appear on slide nine, and they’re not in USE or anything, but they are there — so blow past… er, shoot past… oh, never mind. Skip it if you need. They are intricate dildos, and we appreciate intricacy in all its forms, but I understand that not everyone’s workplaces will value an artistic sexual aid.

You should know that Terry Dresbach has been posting some amazing content pertaining to her Outlander work, beginning with this analysis of what they did in episode one (our recap lives here) and an extensive Mood Board for the whole season. Her piece about these episodes links a particular costume to a Christian Dior design of the 1940s, with this nifty analysis: “In season two Claire has made the choice not to go back to the 1940s. [...] There is a commitment to a time a place and a marriage. She is committing to remaining in a time that is not hers. But the heart of the story is still Claire, and how she maintains that heart in another century. This is not the story of the woman who gives up her identity easily. So it seemed essential that once again we look back to the 1940s for our inspiration.” This stuff really appeals to the side of me that did so much historical research for our alternate Royal We family tree.

As usual: If you’ve read the books, please refrain from discussing events that are coming. Events that have already transpired, and the differences in how they’re portrayed, are totally fair game as long as they don’t tip what’s coming. Thank you!


Jane the Fuggin: Gina Rodriguez in Bibhu Mohapatra at the Time 100 Gala


I wish this were on backwards.

Gina Rodriguez

That way, her poor chest wouldn’t be so compromised by the black leather honeycomb sitting above it – which is a very cool, geometric piece of flair that belongs on the rear side of a gown so that I don’t have to gripe about its lack of mammarial respect. Please nobody tell me what the back is actually doing. I want to ride this illusion that flipping it around will solve everything. It’s a Hump Day miracle, etc.

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Fugs or Fabs: Emily Vancamp at various premieres of Captain America: Civil War

And the Captain America: Civil War premieres continue full-force.

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Kardly Played: Nicki Minaj in Givenchy at the Time 100

I understand that this photo does not mean what I want it to mean. I do. It’s just a moment in time, taken out of context.

Nicki Minaj

But I don’t care. I will go to my grave swearing Nicki Minaj is glaring up at the heavens and saying, “This is NOT THE REWARD I EXPECT FROM ALL THAT PRAYING.”

check out her date


Fug the Show: Nashville recap, S4 E16, “Didn’t Expect It To Go Down Like This”

Surprise! My jet lag is not bad, so I was able to bang out this recap in advance of tomorrow’s new episode. Juliette Barnes’s hair has never looked better; Layla Grant’s has never looked worse. If Avery judges by that, then this love triangle will be over before it starts. (That’s not a spoiler, by the way. The love triangle is still speculative.)


Your Afternoon Man: Bantamweight Crinkleyes

If I know Fug Nation — and I think I do! — I know you will want to see Benedict Cumberbatch in his Sherlock costume accessorized with a serious-looking dog.

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