I Fug Radio: Rita Ora in Viktor & Rolf

This reminds me of that scene in Pretty Woman where  Julia Roberts drapes herself in nothing but a necktie and sits waiting for Richard Gere. Except replace “necktie” with “suit fabric remnant” and “Richard Gere” with “Santa.”

Rita Ora I Heart Radio Jingle Ball

I can just see her waiting in his sleigh, feet propped up, sipping a glass of bubbly. However: As ridiculous as that thing is, it DOES l0ok extremely comfortable AND forgiving of Holiday Cheese Consumption (of which mine will be storied), so I can’t say I’d kick it out of my house, either. Maybe it’ll be my new wine cardigan/Downton caftan/bathrobe.

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Well Played Cover: Sienna Miller on Vogue, January 2015

Did anyone have Sienna Miller in the Vogue predictor post? My GUESS is not, because I’m not sure anyone saw her big push at the end of this year coming. (Having said that, although I’ve heard she’s great in American Sniper, her role in Foxcatcher is blink-and-you’ll-miss-it — in the final cut of the film I think she had three lines, as if all her scenes were casualties of the extra year they took to edit that film, which is not something I blame HER for; it’s just The Way It Goes Sometimes. That whole movie is… curious.) At least she’s a fresh choice, although I would’ve loved to see Emily Blunt. Wearing Prada. Naturally.

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Royally Played: The Duchess of Cambridge and a Bunch of Beaver Scouts

Kate always goes very casual for these Scouting events — a couple of years ago, they even made her go out into the WOODS and sit on a LOG or something, so it makes sense (addendum: that link goes to a corker of a post that also involves William literally kissing a puppy AND Harry adjusting the royal junk) — but the fact that she’s in a branded hoodie and jeans for this one makes me laugh. It’s very, “I’m tired, you guys. I just got back from New York, I’m gestating, George ate Harry’s beloved yellow waistcoat last night and Harry won’t stop crying about it, and I haven’t finished my Christmas shopping yet. Let’s be realistic here. I cannot put on a real shirt today. I was wearing yoga pants fifteen minutes ago.”

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Recent WTFs of Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay has recently said that she loves living in London and she’s never leaving. London, we are sorry. Can we accept someone you’re trying to get rid of in a trade?

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Well Played, Kirsten Dunst in Vivienne Westwood


These two make a fetching couple.

Kirsten Dunst Unbroken premiere

And Kirsten looks fab — slick, lovely, totally professional, like the frustratingly foxy but awesome wife of the best-looking dude at your office, who always makes you feel so grubby at the office Christmas party because your dress NEVER fits that well and whatever you’ll just be over there by the spinach dip.

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Fugs and Fabs: The American Country Countdown Awards (?!?)

I need someone to rank these suckers for me. I assume the CMAs are the big dog, and then the… ACMs? But what of the BMIs, CMTs, ACAs, and this one, and whatever else lies in wait? I need a hierarchy.

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