Fugs and Fabs: Jada Pinkett Smith

She’s been ALL OVER Paris Fashion Week, and I have to wonder what she’s selling. (Generally, celebs don’t go to THIS many shows out of a pure love of fashion, just because running all over town and changing four times a day is exhausting.) Perhaps just herself; she doesn’t have anything on the docket right now, that IMDb is aware of. After having left Gotham (on which she was easily my favorite part) and getting such good notices for Magic Mike XXL, maybe she and Team Pinkett Smith have decided the time has come to go full-throttle with her press. There are worse ways.

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Fug Men: Christina Hendricks

Okay. In fairness, I wouldn’t know what to wear to an opening night party for a Restoration Hardware, either. (That is literally what this event is.)

Restoration Hardware Celebrates The Opening Of RH Chicago - The Gallery At The Three Arts Club

But going full Newsies is bold.


Fugs and Fabs: The Rest of the New York City Ballet Fall Gala

We already discussed SJP; now let’s eyeball everyone else.

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Recent Fugs: Kendall Jenner

I once said of Kendall that her misfires these days at least seem well-intentioned, and klassier than your average kard. But that side of her DNA is really starting to show right now.

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High Fugshion: Gucci, Armani, Marni, and DSquared at Milan Fashion Week

For boring inside-baseball reasons, we only have accessories at Armani and close-ups at Gucci, et cetera, so let’s just do a few Milan grab bags and call it a day. For the whole shows: Armani, Gucci, Marni, DSquared.

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Mostly Well Played: Sarah Jessica Parker in Zuhair Murad


This is appropriately starry and elegant for opening night at the ballet:

sarah jessica parker new york city ballet

I’m assuming the shoes are the SJP Collection, given that she’s expertly poking her foot through there. But I like how festive this is, without being overly childish on her. What gets me is the hair and makeup, I think. I watched some final-season Sex and the City reruns on the plane home from New York, and I really miss that SJP, with the voluminous hair and minus the Michelin tire’s worth of liner around each eye. Because that, plus the very severe updo that’s pulling her cheek skin back to her ears, gives her a squinty severity that is at odds with her general genial demeanor. Even Kate Middleton has relaxed on the kohl pencil. YOU CAN TOO.

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Fug or Fab the Covers: Various Elle Magazines, October and November 2015

It’s always risky to make your cover subject turn fully away from the camera, but in this case, I think it works.

[Photos: Elle]