Fugs and Fabs: Various Paleyfests

We need to discuss Gotham. I’ve seen three of the five episodes, I think, and I can’t say I particularly enjoy it. But Jada seems to be having fun? My primary objection is that, at its heart, it’s exhausting to watch a show about how Jim Gordon will turn out to be a totally ineffectual detective because Gotham is so jacked up on crime — with villains that, per this show, have been around in various forms for like twenty years — that a man actually decides to turn into a rubberized bat to fix it. So that makes it hard to watch. It’s like Ziggy: The Show. We know Jim Gordon will never truly win.

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Unimaginatively Played, Olivia Munn

I have run through a hundred potential angles on this thing, and all I keep coming back to is that showing up at a ballet opening as the black swan is SO lazy and boring.

Olivia Munn

Wear this to the VMAs if you want. Wear it to the premiere of the third season of The Newsroom that somehow exists even though nobody was clamoring for it. Wear it to a Natalie Portman-themed Halloween party, and then wear it to bed in the hopes that you will win an Oscar by osmosis. Whatever you need to do. But this is the ballet. Old ladies will be there in, like, Carolina Herrera suits and ball gowns. Blow it out with something big and dramatic, if you want, but it’s just weird to me to dress for the ballet as if you’re in a ballet. Which, in this case, is a little like Swan Lake mated with Clan of the Cave Bear.


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Fugs and Fabs: The GQ Gentleman’s Ball.

I accidentally titled this post, “The GQ Gentleman’s Balls,” which is not gentlemanly at all. That said, as promised, this DOES bring you gentlemen, from Pacey to Riggins. Wait, quick: someone write a think piece called From Pacey to Riggins, about the secondary hot dude that everyone falls in love with on TV shows set in high schools.

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Fug the Show: The Good Wife Power Suit Ranking, season 6, episode 5

I never thought I would say this in a Good Wife recap, but: Stay tuned for the penguin in a top hat. (Scandal, though… I mean, aren’t we ALL just waiting for one to turn up there?)

14. Cary and Taye Diggs

Presumably they’re resting Matt Czurchy because of all the criminal trial stuff he has coming up, so to make up for all that future frowning, they let Kalinda spend a lot of time on-camera worshiping his male form with her mouth.


The only other thing he does is get suspicious of her commitment to him, which is correct. As for Taye:


He is Alicia’s co-counsel, and I think he’s JUST bored enough that he’s messing with us by wearing the grey suit with a black vest and a yellow tie, like a bumblebee in a winter coat.


But then he serves up some soothing lavender. It’s probably overkill, frankly — we are already looking, I promise; our eyes don’t need HELP moving toward him, and that’s a lot of Stuff. But on the other hand, if you aren’t giving Taye Diggs anything interesting to do, then I’m not going to get mad at the show for essentially highlighting him and then circling him in red pen and drawing arrows at his chest.

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Well Played Waxwork, Benedict Cumberbatch

I looked at these photos of the girls meeting this waxwork and said, aloud to the empty room, “I love people.” In their defense, this waxwork is good enough that they might be able to pass it off as the real thing in a dark room to a person who’s forgotten their glasses.

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Fugson’s Creek: Katie Holmes

Well, her lipstick is fun? Her hair might be good? She seems happy? The book she writes in sixty years about how perfectly she was extracted from Scientology/Tom Cruise is going to be AMAZING? And now that I’d led with the good:

The 2014 Skin Cancer Foundation Gala

I should tell you that I’ve become so inured to The Jumpsuit that I literally just thought to myself, “huh, this might need different shoes.” I’m going to take to my bed now.

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