Well Played, Helen Mirren


We were cracking Leslie Knope compliments in the comments on the recap for the How to Get Away With Murder finale, which is probably why, when I saw this, I thought, “Helen Mirren, you beautiful tropical fish:”

Roundabout Theatre Company's 2015 Spring Gala - Arrivals

TEACH ME OF YOUR WAYS. Sincerely, should Helen Mirren get bored or want a little extra cash, I feel like she could give a Skype Seminar called Aging Awesomely: Being An Amazing Broad Until The Day You Dramatically Drop Dead, and WE’D ALL SHELL OUT FOR THAT.

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Fug the Show: Hart of Dixie recap, season 4, episode 7

First of all, a breakthrough in our current investigation: CODE ORANGE: What’s Happening On the Faces of BlueBell? If you look closely on this cheery mail-carrier — and, later, on AB — you can actually see the line where the bronzer ends and her unmolested skin begins, up by her hair. WHY this is happening — a bad batch of makeup, a weird reaction between normal makeup and new lighting, whatever — I do not know, but yes I am obsessed with it and once you see it IT CANNOT BE UNSEEN:


Even if the show attempts to distract us with Shirtless Wade:


Here’s Wade’s plot for the week, and it’s actually very charming and well-done: He is an inveterate flirt and Zoe wants him to cut it out. Not because she’s jealous, but because she thinks it’s going to set a bad example for their son. We get a lot of montages of Wade flirting, all of which are amusing, and we also learn that he has a $4300 tab at the Butter Stick because he’s literally never paid for a pastry there. (Which also reminds me: Wade must work out A LOT or have the metabolism of a thirteen year old marathon runner, because he apparently gets treats at the Butter Stick [which also seems to be spelled The Butterstick, and eff that noise, I am NOT doing that. That's the one that broke me, finally] constantly AND we know Lavon’s house provides an unending stream of Kitchen Pastries.) He gets Lavon to help him break the habit, which consists mostly of Lavon whacking him upside the head whenever he flirts with someone, and that goes well UNTIL they decide he needs to gather The Ladies With Whom He Flirts Most together and tell them that they have NO SHOT of getting into his Levis, so the flirting will STOP! Everyone obviously wigs at this and storms out — all, “who do you think you are?!” and “I am MARRIED!” and “I am NEVER delivering your beer on time AGAIN!” — and Wade then has to give them ANOTHER speech, later, in which he thanks all of them for being so good to him over the years (for making sure he was fed, and had a haircut after his mother died, for example) but that he has to be a man now, and THAT smooths things over because everyone who lives in BlueBell is basically a nice human being.

I didn’t mean to cover that in one fell swoop, but. Here we are. Anyway, it was charming and very well done and a nice light antidote to the heavier plotline this week, which is The Return of Alice, Lemon’s Mother. As you can imagine, Lemon has all kinds of feelings about this, and they’re all tied up in her topknot:

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High Fugshion: Missoni Fall 2015 at Milan Fashion Week

Some of these knit items look SOOOOO COZY.


Your Afternoon Chat: Fug Madness Nominations

First, in case you aren’t familiar with our annual Fug Madness competition, here’s a quick summary: Aligned with the March Madness basketball tournament, we fill an empty bracket with 64 celebrities — ranked, or “seeded,” by how tough we expect them to make it for their competitors — and let them face off in an elimination-style tournament, with reader votes determining the winners of each round. Here is a special FAQ page with more detailed explanations of the Hows and Whys, and here is our Wall of Fame, with every winner, celebratory video, and filled-out bracket since the contest’s inception in 2008.

Last year’s winner, for example — defeating Kim Kardashian — was this fetching young go-getter:

miley cyrus fug madness winner

And GFY regulars may know that IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN. Soon, the GFY Selection Committee — me, Jessica, some royal mugs, and a loquacious, opinionated bag of potato chips — will convene, and we’d love to know which people you think are most deserving of a berth in this year’s Fug Madness. Remember, we are only judging ONE single year in fug, so if you hated what someone wore to the Oscars last year, it doesn’t count, because that factored into last year’s Fug Madness. This year, the only eligible outfits are those worn or posted about between March 7, 2014, and Feb. 28, 2015.

Please chat it up in the comments, and we’ll take all that into consideration when we make our picks. Nominations should be announced on Friday, March 13. Oh, and to get you in the mood, here is last season’s “One Fugging Moment” video, set to the stirringly cheesy strains of the NCAA Tournament’s theme song.

Get ready to tip that ball, y’all.


High Fugshion: Versace Fall 2015 at Milan Fashion Week

Donatella is super into logo-wear right now.

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Fugs and Fabs: The Cinderella Premiere

Cate is in custom Celine, and my question is, do you really need to go to all the trouble for a sweatshirt and a long black skirt?

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