Oscars Fug or Fab Carpet: Jenna Elfman

Skating next, to a version of “Edelweiss” played entirely on the spoons: Jenna Elfman.

And yet I don't hate this. Why?

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  1. BrownEyedBetty

    Stella, no. No, stella. Jenna: no more playdates with Stella. She is not your friend.

  2. Soapstef

    Stella had a Black Swan nightmare! Poor Jenna didn’t realize she was being used to purge!

  3. Anita

    Stella needs to be stopped.

    And that second photo? Before I looked at if full size, I thought it was Heather Locklear.

  4. Bambi Anne Dear

    The black and blue needs length. And more interesting shoes. I much prefer the pink.

    • Dazie

      Exactly. Turtleneck and long sleeves don’t go with miniskirts, no matter how good your legs are.

  5. Kelly

    How great would the Stella be with a pencil skirt and just a little more length?

  6. Sajorina

    I don’t hate it either! I’d like the dress a lot better without the turtleneck! And the braids have got to go! The 2nd outfit only has one thing going for it: color!

  7. Elizabeth

    It needs a neckline-ectomy, then we can talk.

  8. Erin B

    Maybe Stella’s just testing the waters for the 2014 Winter Olympics. The first one is perfect: SOCHI 2014, y’all!

  9. TonyG

    This seems like it would be really fun to wear. It’s got a bit of sass in the cut of the skirt, and I love the design of the quasi-paisley leaf embroidery and its different coloring on the top, the bottom and the sleeves. I’ll forgive the mock turtle neck because it’s kind of needed to balance the symmetry of the coloring which is important to the design.

  10. Robin

    I never realized how much she and Rachel Zoe look alike in the face until this post.

    Turn the white embroidery trim to cobalt like on the sleeves or black like on the skirt, and I actually kinda like the Stella McCartney dress (that’s a first).

  11. steen

    Can I just mention how much I LOATHE seeing that ridiculous, fake-porn shot of Kim Kardashian, EVERY SINGLE TIME I WANT TO COMMENT?? I hate it so much, it deserves more than mere caps lock to say it. She is vile and that photo is vile.

    Please, I beg you, make it go away.

    • Jessica

      We have literally zero control over that. It should be gone soon, though, as those change out regularly.

    • One of the Leahs

      Yes, Kimye is gross enough without that photo. You’d think Kim would steer clear of any porny association (given her history although not taste level)…

      In any event, I think the featured photo changes weekly, so it will be gone soon. Thank heaven. :)

  12. Edith

    You have gone mental, but we forgive you because NO ONE COULD STAY SANE after this many posts in three days.

    The first dress isn’t objectively irredeemable, it’s got an Athleta/Title Nine vibe to it, as if it’s a cute dress to change into after yoga with matching zip-up jacket to toss on as you run errands around town. However, in NO UNIVERSE is this a dress you wear to a party where most people are in gowns and tuxes!

    The pink dress would be darling on Quvenzhané Wallis.

  13. Rachel

    You don’t hate it because she is giving SUCH GOOD FACE!

  14. snevhead

    OMG, THAT BAG!!!

  15. Sanne

    No, I think this is BAAAD!!

    The first dress is absolutely awful, it’s the ugly turtleneck, the silly skirt and the awful colors. Without the turtleneck, the blue and the white and preferably a straight skirt this might have been nice, but then there’s still the Heidi-hair and her make up is way too heavy.

    The second dress is nice, in theory, but doesn’t seem to fit her well at all. The hair and make up are better and the purse is NICE, but it’s still fug to me.

  16. Ailatan

    I wear my hair like that sometimes, it’s an improvement to the fake Heidi braid, IMHO. And it’s nice to have the hair out of your face. What I’m saying is I like it.

    The first dress is awful, the second I like. I would like it better if the stupid translucent bit weren’t there. The clutch is AMAZING.

  17. Birgin

    The dresses and styling are much to young for her. Either that, or Jenna is under the impression that she is actually 19 years old.

    • andrea

      I agree with Birgin; it’s too young. Imagine this getup on Hailee Steinfeld–it would be perfect. And it needs better shoes. I never think plain pumps work with short dresses– too much leg, badly proportioned, gets shown.

  18. Chrissy Cunningham

    And yet, I would totally wear the pink dress

  19. Dazie

    Is that pink one… linen?


  20. Jen

    I’m not seeing a figure skater… I’m seeing a platter full of maggots. Sorry, that’s super gross, but that’s all I can see when I look at the first dress!

  21. anna s.

    Perhaps the Fug Girls should take a two week break to recalibrate after awards season, because if Heather is at the point where she’s unsure whether that first dress is terrible or not, then we have a problem. Figure-skater cut, unflattering neckline, pancaked mime makeup, Heidi braid, bad colours, AND it’s neither age nor event appropriate. If the combination of all these things is inspiring “is it or isn’t it bad” thoughts…. Hmm. I think the combination of wacky fashions from the various Fashion Weeks and the confluence of awards season is skewing y’all’s judgment. First someone questions whether jumpsuits can be appropriate, then this? Oh my.

  22. glee

    Maybe she is trying out for Skating with the Stars? I hope so. She deserves it.

  23. Stray Bullet

    Why is she even AT the Oscars? Do they need to fill seats so badly that they even take washed up scientologists? She’s a terrible actor, and funny looking to boot. Who invited her?

  24. Jane

    The Bermuda Triangle. Stella McCartney’s success. Hard to say which is the bigger mystery…

  25. One of the Leahs

    Marching-band glockenspeil player?