Oscars Fug or Fab: Amanda Seyfried


Is there any woman who seems spacier in red carpet interviews? She always just acts totally wacked out — very “my boobs are capable of predicting the weather,” except in real life. On one hand, I love it when actors don’t seem too media-trained. On the other hand, sometimes it makes me nervous.

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  1. Anita

    I would have liked the Oscar dress in a color, and fitted better. I don’t like all the strappy nonsense on the red dress at all. I love her space cadet, stream of consciousness red carpet interviews.

    • Tiffany

      I feel kind of bad for her. In the Seacrest interview, she said this was built just for her. Why didn’t they fit it properly if it was known she was going to wear that! I don’t think she failed at this, I think they failed her. It is custom McQueen, and she said that she felt her guts were being squished! She couldnt’ sit down! IMO, She was robbed.

      • Sandala

        And this tiny tiny creature had BACK FAT in that dress. Someone didn’t measure properly!

        • Christine

          I noticed that but could not possibly wrap my brain around it. What SIZE is that dress that that tiny peanut has BACKFAT??? Do the laws of physics not apply in Hollywood? She’s so delicate and tiny and gorgeous! I love her makeup, even though it’s a bit heavy I think it suits her eyes perfectly.

      • Kate

        Yes yes yes! I heard this was custom made for her, and it doesn’t fit! How? And the color really isn’t interesting or great on her either. Boring, doesn’t fit right, meh. At least the red was interesting despite maybe being a wee bit choke-y looking around the neck.

  2. Tiffany

    It reminds me of the old ghost story where the lady is always wearing a scarf, saying you’d be sorry if she ever took it off. Then the kids do and her head rolls off while saying, ” I told you you’d be sorry!”…

    • Ms Poopy Von Pants

      Hahaha! Yes!

      maybe the lady in the ghost story is an ice skater? That’s all I can see in her dress/eyeshadow…

      • Morris

        Agreed! I really love her and I want to love her dress (es) but the necklines are a prob. Not flattering at all…

    • Shanti

      Hah! I was hoping someone would mention that story!

  3. Bottle Ginger

    The red-carpet halter dress was very unflatltering. It made her look bobble-headed and shapeless… and flat-chested!

    She’s got a lovely figure, why does she want to wear something that makes her look like she’s all head and no boobs?

  4. Gine

    This looked musty and dated to me, like she found it at an 80s country singer’s estate sale.

  5. Kit

    I thought she looked great – this was a lovely colour with her eyes.

  6. Sarah

    I wonder if she was hiding a hickey all night…The Oscars dress is starting to grow on me. Unfortunately it doesn’t compare to her Golden Globes dress. I wish she had worn that one to the Oscars.

  7. Lola

    The halter top on her dress, and all similar dresses, makes me think of the dress that Molly Ringwald’s character crafted in Pretty in Pink. Amanda’s dress was too tight, causing the halter part to squoosh up (a technical term) on her chest. The lower half of the dress was so pretty, especially when she walked along, it’s a shame they couldn’t fit it right, and/or remove the halter. On the plus side, I really liked her hair and makeup.

  8. Sajorina

    I love how real she is, no b.s.! My girl crush on her has no limits! I love the red carpet dress and think she looks gorgeous in it! Her hair, makeup and accessories complement it beautifully! And, somehow the metallic appliqué on the dress makes her green eyes pop! I love it! I love the red dress as well… She looked great on stage! This is an overall WIN for me! FAB!!!

  9. Sandra

    Maybe she’s spacey on the red carpet because no oxygen can get to her brain. Damn, those things look tight and uncomfortable around her neck. Though I do have to give her a little “Stars, they’re just like us!” love because my hair does that exact frizzy nonsense when I put it up.

  10. Jane

    The red dress made me dance on the ceiling. Her Oscar RC dress didn’t make her look like three times a lady on the other hand…

  11. Sarah

    She looks so much like Michelle Pfeiffer to me, especially in the 2nd photo. That is all. I think she is extremely lovely.

  12. Abby

    Did you see her Letterman interview where she admitted that she’s almost always drunk when she does live interviews? I’m assuming that may extend to awards shows too.


    That said, I love this dress on her, but would love it just that much more if it just FIT up top!

    • Kara

      You can tell. I’m always like “Is she high?” and last night it was really in full force.

      Loathed the red. It looked like it hurt.

  13. Caity

    This is supposedly the dress that caused Anne Hathaway’s last minute change, as it was too similar to the Valentino she planned to wear.

    I still think Anne should have sucked it up and worn the planned dress. She was obviously going to be more talked about anyways, as everyone knew she was going to win

  14. Helen

    My bet is Seyfried put on a few pounds (and I do mean a few, no more) since the final fitting – she’s been working very hard and has only recently had a chance to catch her breath a little. So she may have been a little underweight when this was made. Pity it wasn’t let out just a tad up top before the awards.

    But, she’s one of the few who can pull off this kind of non-color. She just looks fresh and pretty and glowing in it, and I love the design. So, I’m still counting it in the Win column, though it’s a near thing.

  15. Maura

    I really wish she’d at least taped the front of this down. I think it might have been okay if it wasn’t constantly wrinkling and pulling away from her chest. I have a feeling that it was fine as long as she stood perfectly still, which she probably did during the fitting process, but then she started walking and slouching and it got a little tragic.

  16. gin_in_teacups

    I’m not crazy about the halter top but otherwise the dress is so gorgeous and she looks so good in it that I think this is a win.

  17. Meri

    I like both dresses… but I’d LOVE the red carpet one if it were in a color. Like that blue color color she was in a few weeks ago, or a strong purple or something.

  18. rebecca

    My seven year old daughter loves to tell a ‘spooky’ story in which the denouement is “and then her head fell off!”

    It’s called “The Green Ribbon”. Amanda has clearly bought the movie rights….

  19. Soapstef

    I love both dresses. My problem is her hair! She should have gone goddess with that fabulous hair…like those ladies on Spartacus!

    • Esme

      Her hair looks like Prom circa 1973; and I don’t understand her fascination with being choked.

  20. Rayna

    In this case, distance DOES lend enchantment. Pull back a little and the dress looks great. Up close and personal, though, not so much.

    I would rather see her in a color, too, but that red thing is obnoxious. Lola is right – it looks like Molly at the prom in Pretty in Pink.

    BTW, I thought she should have worn that dress as is. Before her “modifications” it was DA BOMB.

  21. anne p.

    My “quite delicate and lovely” trophy on the night goes to Alicia Vikander.

  22. Christina

    It would have been wonderful had the halter/bodice fit correctly. It was about an inch too long, so it caused bunching in her boob region. For something that was tailored to her, that’s a disappointment.

  23. TaraMisu

    I only got a quick look at this during the show, so I was waiting for this post Annnnnnnnnnnnndddddddddd I’m disappointed :(

  24. Elle

    That’s because she drinks before she does any appearances. The terrible social anxiety forces her to take shots, so she can relax a bit. (Or so I have been told, by people who know her well.)

  25. Olga

    I love how she admitted she felt like “her organs were getting squished out of her” on the red carpet! Somehow it looks pretty from afar, though. And I really dislike the red dress, it looks like the brightly-colored, extremely high-fashion version of a toilet-paper bride dress I used to make at birthday parties.

  26. PocoRabbit

    The dress is okay, but what’s with this pouffy bouffant fluffy up do, it seems to be the style of the night? Are the flyaways intentional to make it look less “done”? Or just not enough hairspray? It’s so aging and unflattering on everyone.

  27. Ali

    The dress is meh, but her hair and makeup are gorgeous, probably the best I’ve seen her look.

  28. CakesOnAPlane

    I’m just here to give you full props on the Lionel Richie reference.

  29. Hima

    Actually, I needed to “complain” about the excellent Lionel Richie reference. I had no choice but to pick D, and I didn’t even really LIKE the red dress.

  30. Aurora

    You can tell in the closeup that either the dress was not finished properly, or ripped (probably because it didn’t fit). The edge of the halter that should be folded and sewn under is poking out. It’s probably what she’s trying to adjust in the next picture. Either way, she should be mad at whoever tailored this.

  31. Vandalfan

    Jimminey Crickets, that red thing is an abomination. The silver doesn’t fit, but her hair and makeup are flawless.

  32. mepe

    I’m getting worried that she has a crazy vampire bite on her neck that must be covered in public. Maybe that would also explain her spacy demeanor on the red carpet?